Neko Atsume: How to Collect Rare Cats! Goods and strategies!

Updated on 2023-06-29
This time, we describe a list of rare cats that appear in Neko Atsume.

It is a Neko Atsume, a cat that is very happy to come to you.
Rare Cats

This time, we will list the rare cats that appear in Neko Atsume.

What are Neko Atsume's rare cats?

Neko Atsume" is a very popular and relaxing smartphone game that cat lovers can't get enough of. In Neko Atsume, all you have to do is collect snacks, buy goods and food that cats enjoy, place them in your garden, and wait for the cats to visit you.

In "Neko Atsume," various types of cats appear in the garden, but the most difficult to capture are the rare cats. In this article, I list the names of the rare cats that I have successfully captured, the conditions under which they appear, and the items that can be obtained from them.

I also teach you how to find rare cats that you can rarely find in Neko Atsume. I hope you will collect many rare cats with Neko Atsume.

How to collect all rare cats and conditions for rare cat appearance

Mr. Tatejima

Condition: Baseball (90 Niboshi)

Long boots


Condition: Rats (140 stars)


Mr. Plinth

グッズ紹介します~ざぶとん・クッション編-「ねこあつめ」9猫目 | ピリサワブログ

Condition: High-grade cushion (20 gold stars)

  Mr. Plinth

Mr. Nabeko

Condition: Earthen pot (20 gold stars)



Condition: Crape cushion (20 gold stars)


Mr. Koi Koi

Condition: House deluxe (40 gold stars)


Mr. Yamaneko

ねこあつめ レア やまねこさんの入手方法とたからもの | ねこあつめ攻略大全

Condition: Athletic EX (50 gold stars)


Mr. Ekichiro

  Mr. Ekicho

Condition: Rail Here and There (20 gold stars) or Locomotive Deluxe (60 gold stars)


Mr. Manzoku

Condition: Food other than "virtuous karikari" or "big cushion" (25 gold or silver stars)

It rarely appears when you set up food that needs to be purchased with a gold or silver star other than the virtuous Karikari. However, when they appear, they eat all the food, so you need to replenish the food.

    The food is not available in the market.

Mr. Osamurai

Condition: High-grade log nail clippers (30 gold stars) or Sakura cushions (220 gold stars)

Osamurai-san's condition is to install either a high-grade log nail clipper or a Sakura cushion. Either of them will make Osamurai-san appear. Osamurai-san's pose differs depending on the goods you have installed. In the case of the high-grade log nail clippers, he is posing as if he is about to cut a log with his sword, and in the case of the Sakura cushion, he is sitting on his seat.

Mr. Amesho

Requirements: A high-grade hammock (35 gold stars) and cat food (more than a can of cat food).

This rare cat is said to be the most difficult of all rare cats to meet.

  Mr. Amesho

Mr. Viscuitoro

Conditions: A stove (600 Niboshi) or a glass vase (750 Niboshi)

Like Mr. Samurai, Mr. Bistro also has two goods with the same conditions for appearance. There are also two patterns of poses. The stove cooks a pizza, and the glass vase makes a parfait.



ねこあつめ攻略・レア猫まろまゆさんお椀で来ない?えさはこれだ! | ねこあつめ・初心者の部屋

Condition: Mari (25 gold stars)

(Added in version 1.2)

  Mari (25 gold stars)

Mr. Sufin

Condition: Tent and pyramid (190 gold or silver stars)

(Added in version 1.3)


Mr. Kafu

Condition: Cafe Deluxe (50 gold stars) and more than cat food

(Added in version 1.3)


Mr. Kiddo

Condition: Western Hat (400 gold stars)

(Added in version 1.4.5)

  Mr. Kiddo

Mr. Yukineko

Condition: Shirayuki cushion (220 Niboshi)

Japanese chests with pots, crape cushions, extra-thick chilly mats, cat cushions, and tent blizzards also appear, but the Shirayuki cushion has the highest rate of appearance.

The Japanese chest with a jar makes them appear as if they are popping out of a chest of drawers. If the goods are placed outside, they will appear in a bulky pose.

(Added in version 1.5)


sahua & sebasu

Conditions: Menhel Parasol (55 gold stars) or Big Sweets Tower (900 gold stars) and cat food of at least a can of cat food.

The best bait is a high quality tuna cat food.

Also, Saffire and Sesubusan always appear as a set.

(Added in version 1.6)

  A cat's name is a name of a cat.

Mr. Roja

Condition: Jewel Box (20 gold stars)

(Added in version 1.7)

  Mr. Rozyar


ねこあつめ しのぶさん グッズ えさ 来る条件 偵察任務と隠密行動の違い | ねこあつめ攻略大全

Condition: Cat cans or more

Not specific goods, but they appear somewhere in the room.

In the "Top 3 Goods Played by Shinobu-san" column, the name of the goods will not be mentioned, but "Covert Action" and "Reconnaissance Mission" will be written.

There are two poses.

(Added in version 1.9)

  "Covert action" and "Reconnaissance mission" are written in the top 3 column.


ねこあつめ・新ねこみかづきさんが来ない!?えさとグッズをチェックしよう! | ねこあつめ・初心者の部屋

Condition: Egg bed (night) (38 golden orbs)

(Added in version 1.10)


Mr. Nyaton

ktabikaeru7 on Twitter: やっと出会えた!「にゃーとんさん」 #ねこあつめ #ねこあつめプラス

Condition: Red apple ball (80 gold or silver stars)

Neko Atsume" goods are important!

1,Expand the garden area


As explained in other pages
In Neko Atsume, let's expand the garden area first!

  1, Expand the garden area

  1, Expanding the garden area

If you expand the garden, the space where cats can gather will be doubled.
In other words, they will gather at twice the speed of gold nibbles.


The expansion of the garden is by far the first priority.


2,Athletic tower EX is installed.

  Athletic Tower EX is an item that allows up to 5 cats to gather together.

Athletic Tower EX is an item that can gather up to 5 cats...

  2, Athletic Tower EX

It can only be placed in two places, either in the middle of the garden or in the middle of a room.
But there is no other goods that can gather more cats than this, so be sure to set it up.


3、Install the House Deluxe.

  3、House Deluxe

House Deluxe (Cafe Deluxe ) is an item that can gather up to 3 cats.

 3、House Deluxe (Cafe Deluxe)

Next to the Athletic Tower EX, this is the item that can gather a lot of cats, so I recommend it!

  House Deluxe

4,Set up a big cushion.

  4、Place a big cushion.

The Big Cushion is an item that can gather up to two cats.

  4, Big Cushion

Athletic Tower EX and House Deluxe require L size space, but
Big Cushion is S size, so it does not take up much space.
We also recommend the Big Cushion as a countermeasure against mange.

  Athletic Tower EX and House Deluxe require a large space.

5,Use cat food

  5, using a cat food can

Cat food is a bait that costs 3 gold nibbles, but it increases the cat collecting power drastically and earns a lot more gold nibbles than it costs.
It makes a lot of gold dots more than that.

 Cat cans are used to collect gold nibbles.

If you want to collect golden nibbles efficiently, please give it a try!
(*) Since the last update, you can get 1 cat can for entering today's greeting 5 times, so be sure to enter today's greeting often!