How to Download Pluto TV Shows with a Video Downloader?

Updated on 2024-07-12
3 Pluto TV downloaders mentioned in this article can help you download Pluto TV shows on either a Windows or macOS computer with ease.

Do you know that it's possible to download Pluto TV shows for offline viewing? This article will review some of the best options to download Pluto TV shows on either a Windows or macOS computer, and then tell you how to download Pluto TV shows with them. 

Can You Download Pluto TV Shows on Pluto TV App?

Can You Download Pluto TV Shows on the Pluto TV app? The answer is sadly NO. As a free streaming service, you cannot directly download the Pluto TV videos. This is not strange among the free streaming TV platforms, such as you cannot download from Tubi TV.

Therefore, what you need is a third-party Pluto TV downloader. You can easily grab any show from Pluto TV and save it as local files, whether to your PC or mobile device.

Download Pluto TV Shows with Video Downloader

In this brief step-by-step guide, I will show you how to download Pluto TV shows with an example of StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader.

 Download for Win    Download for Mac  

Step 1. Install the Pluto TV downloader on your computer and launch it. Click the Pluto TV icon or paste the URL of Pluto TV website to open a separate window. 

Step 2. Play a video on the inbuilt window. Select your preferred download options on the pop-up window.
Step 3. Start downloading the video. Once it is finished, you can watch the Pluto TV show offline.

Recommended Downloaders to Download Pluto TV Shows

The programs listed below enable you to download or record Pluto TV shows and save them to your computer. 

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

 Built-in Pluto TV website.
 Support multiple languages.
 Remove inserted ads.
 Download metadata information.
 Support batch download.
 Software on Android work as not good as on PC

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader is a professional software as the article has used it for instance. Its overall performance is the best after comparison among many online and offline video downloaders for Pluto TV.

It allows you to download any show you come across on Pluto TV. This downloader saves shows in clear MP4 or MKV format in 720p quality, along with AAC 2.0 audio tracks. Additionally, if the shows have subtitles, StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader also enables you to save the subtitles either as SRT files or remux them into the video.

You are welcome to learn more in StreamFab review.

KeepStreams for Pluto TV

KeepStreams Downloader

 Offers MP4 and MKV formats.
 Keep audio tracks and subtitles.
 Download Pluto TV videos without ads.
 Support many streaming platforms but need to buy separately.
 No mobile version.

The KeepStreams for Pluto TV Downloader is for Windows and macOS users. It can grab videos on Pluto TV and skip the ads. KeepStreams is incredibly user-friendly, with plenty of customizable parameters to help you personalize your downloads and get the possible best quality. 

Here is a KeepStreams review for your information.

CleverGet TV Downloader

cleverget Pluto TV Downloader

 Offers high quality
 Supports batch download videos
 Support MP4/MKV files
 Can only download the first several minutes for free
 Low download speed

CleverGet Pluto TV Downloader has an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and adjust the provided parameters. Additionally, this downloader supports Batch-download mode, which means it can download multiple Pluto TV shows simultaneously.

It's worth noting that CleverGet Pluto TV Downloader is available for both Windows OS and macOS computers. It also allows you to save subtitles separately and preserve metadata information. In short, it can meet the basic needs of downloading Pluto TV shows.

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Using any of the three Pluto TV Downloaders mentioned above, you can easily download any interesting show from Pluto TV. To get started, simply download and install any of the programs listed above.

Now you know how to download Pluto TV shows even though Pluto TV itself does not have download feature. Feel free to start downloading your favorite videos and watch them offline.