How to Download Movies and Shows from BET
By Kaya

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If you haven’t understood that you can download videos and shows from any platform at all, then you’re really missing out. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is an American TV channel that focuses on African-American audiences. The company is owned by the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks division of ViacomCBS.

On the BET channel, there are lots of entertaining contents to catch up with, including original series. You can stream the BET TV channel live using a Live TV streaming service, or you can download the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Either way, BET airs intriguing shows and entertaining content.

Can I Download BET Videos?

Did you find some good celebrity videos, or an exciting show on BET and wish to download them to your device or PC? Yeah, actually, it is possible to download videos from the BET network, but this requires the use of a 3rd-party app or program.

But unlike most other networks like Hulu + Live TV, Vimeo, etc., there are not too many apps and programs for downloading videos from BET. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of apps and tools you can use to download BET shows and videos on mobile or PC.

Ways to Download from BET

The two possible ways to download BET videos are either by recording the show as it plays (using a screen recording program) or using a BET downloader. There are majorly two types of BET downloaders; software-based programs and online web apps. Usually, the web apps are free to use, but they are well limited. Let's get down to the details.

Download BET Shows on Mobile

1. DoVideo BET Downloader

This is practically the best web app for downloading online videos. DoVideo Downloader supports virtually all the video-sharing networks you could think of; it has a super-clean interface, and that's one of the main reasons to choose the app.

The DoVideo BET Downloader lets you paste BET video/show links and grab the content to your mobile. Yes, it works on both iOS and Android smartphones and can run smoothly on any mobile web browser. This downloader is free forever, and it's pretty fast.

2. Fetch File Downloader

The Fetch File Downloader is another good tool to use on mobile phones for downloading videos from the BET network. It is an intuitive BET video downloader that loads pretty fast on any mobile browser. You won’t pay a dime to keep using this downloader.

Fetch File Downloader runs on both iPhones and Android smartphones. It is easy to understand and use; all you need is to paste the BET show URL into the address bar and hit the “Download” button. You can also choose from different resolution options.

3. YouTube4KDownloader

Regardless of the name, this downloader also works for downloading videos from BET and many other video hosting websites. It is equally a free app that runs through web browsers, so you can use this downloader on any mobile device that has a web browser installed.

YouTube4KDownloader has a clean interface, no annoying ads or pop-up obstructions. You get to use the downloader easily without any distractions. It is also fast, and the quality of the BET video downloaded is quite decent.

Download BET Shows on PC/MacBook

here are few software programs that allow you to download BET videos and shows on PC. They are pretty intuitive to use and have can download content from other sites too.

4. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Undoubtedly, Y2Mate DRM Downloader is one of the most complete online video downloader software for PC users. It supports downloading videos and shows from over 1000 websites, which includes video hosting platforms and streaming networks.

Apparently, you can download BET videos and shows using, Y2Mate DRM Downloader, and you can download them in bulk. This downloader support Batch Mode, which allows you to download multiple BET shows and videos at the same time.

More so, Y2Mate DRM Downloader comes with several adjustable parameters to personalize your download. It also saves subtitles and metadata information. You'd find this downloader to be an all-rounder for downloading videos from your favorite websites and streaming services.

5. KeepStream

KeepStream is a video downloader program that helps its users to grab movies, shows, and video clips from various platforms and websites. It is a professional downloader, and it supports premium services like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, and many others.

With the KeepStream downloader program, you can download content from the BET network, and save it on your PC hard drive. This downloader also supports Batch Mode for downloading multiple videos at the same time.

6. MyStream

With FLVTO MyStream downloader, you can download videos from over 1000 websites. The interface is intuitive, clean, and easy to navigate. This downloader can download multiple videos from BET at the same time, and the download speed is decent.

FLVTO MyStream is equally a professional program; hence, it supports premium streaming services too. This downloader can download 4K videos and it saves audio tracks in high quality.

7. iTube HD Video Downloader

If you’re looking for a BET downloader you can use on your MacBook, here’s an ideal choice. iTube HD Video Downloader runs smoothly on Windows OS and macOS. It is a professional videos downloader program, capable of downloading videos from quite many websites and streaming platforms.

Interestingly, this downloader integrates a recorder feature- just in case you want to record videos as they play on your PC. It is a handy tool for streaming video lovers, and it lets you choose from a wide range of video resolutions. iTube HD Video Downloader is one of the best BET video downloaders out there.


If you’re looking for the best BET downloader software or app, these ones mentioned above are what you should look out for. Well, the Y2Mate DRM Downloader is practically the best choice because it is faster in downloading videos, and it supports more websites.

To use these downloaders, you need to copy the BET video link and paste it on the provided address bar on any of the downloaders you choose to use; then tap/click on the download icon.