Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones Review: Solid Connectivity
By Yvonne

Ausdom Wireless Headphones M06 Review: Strong Connectivity. The Ausdom Wireless Headphones M06 provide stable wireless connectivity with a warm and balanced sound, at an affordable price. However, the build quality is a little disappointing.

Ausdom M06 Wireless headphones

Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones
We like this
  • Comfortable earcups and light weight design

  • Secure Bluetooth connectivity with long range

  • Affordable price

The Things We Hate
  • Fit loose

  • Low noise isolation

  • Sound is not clear enough

TheAusdom M06 Wireless headphones meet your expectations when it comes to budget wireless headphones. The Bluetooth connectivity is stable and comfortable. However, the sound quality and design are not great.

This article explains
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Wireless Controls
  • Battery life
  • Prices
  • Concurrence
  • Final Verdict
  • Specifications

Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones were purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

Wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology have become very popular with the advent of smartphones without headphonejacks. However, if you desire high quality sound you will need to invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This can prove costly. The Ausdom M06 wireless headset is $40, and offers reliable Bluetooth connectivity. Although there are some shortcomings in design, the light body and soft earcups ensure that they provide comfort.

These budget headphones were tested for their wireless connectivity, comfort, sound quality, basic features and cost effectiveness. We also evaluated whether the quality is worth it.

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Design: Simple and simple

The Ausdom M06 Wireless headphones aren't for those who want style and fashion. The Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones are made of black plastic with a metal skull and earcups covered in artificial leather. Although it won't offend aesthetic sensibilities, it isn't pretty. The plastic frame and hinges can withstand wear and tear, and the outer ears are made of plastic with a black brushed metal finish.

Ausdom M06Wireless Headphones

The headphones do fold in and can rotate 180 degrees for easier storage — though there is no included carrying case. They weigh in at 8.3 oz and measure 7.8x7.0x1.2 inches (HWD).

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Comfort: A long-lasting, loose fitting garment.

The Ausdom headphones, despite being made of a cheaper material are comfortable to wear over long periods. Ear cushions with an oval shape are covered in soft layers of synthetic leather and a black center. Although the ear cups are well-fitted, they may be too small to fit a full-sized pair of headphones. This is something that larger ears need to be aware of.

The treble was not harsh, and we were happy with it.

They are not suitable for gym use due to their insubstantial clamping power. The headphones can be used for commutes because they are lightweight.

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Sound Quality: A lower price means a higher-quality sound

The Ausdom M06 Wireless headphones are a great value for money. These headphones aren't noise cancelling, but the isolation of sound is adequate. The closed-back earcups can be used to reduce some audio noise, but they won't help you if your goal is to block out the world around you. The earcups can also leak in the opposite direction, which means that people around you will hear your music. However, it's possible to hear the traffic sounds around you if you are walking or riding a bicycle.

Bluetooth worked well and I was able to move about 30ft from my phone. It never stopped working when I was within range.

We found the audio quality average to best. We listened to Anderson Paak’s single Tints for music. It had a great mix of soulful and hip-hop vocals as well as complex instrumentals. Although the bass had some punch to the rap, the midrange was clear and warm. However, it was lacking detail for more melodic vocals. The treble was not harsh and we were happy with it. As for podcasts, we listened to Pod Save America and found the voices flat — almost like they were underwater. Although the dialogue was easy to understand, it wasn't clear and crisp.

Controls and Wireless: Unforgettable Buttons, Solid Connectivity

All controls can be found at the bottom of your earcups. Play/Pause; Skip; Rewind; Volume. The Power button is directly adjacent to the microphone, where you can use it to make a call. We had a hard time remembering the location of each button while we were wearing them on our heads. It was easier to use our smartphone to control our headphones.

Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones

It is very easy to connect the Ausdom with your smartphone's Bluetooth, despite the difficulty in controlling it. Simply hold the power button at the right earcup and wait for the LED light to alternately blink between red and blue. You can then pair it over Bluetooth with your smartphone or another media device. When it is connected, you will hear a prompt. I was able to use Bluetooth for 30ft away from my phone without it disconnecting.

Battery life: more than enough

We were able to use the Ausdom M06 Wireless headphones for 3 days with no charge, despite their 20 hour music playback time and 250 hours standby.

These over-the-ear headphones are a great option if you want to reduce the cost of your cord but not break the bank.

The micro-USB cables are included with the device. It takes approximately 2 hours for it to fully charge.

Prices are solid value

The Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones for $39.99 are an incredible deal. Nope, you're not getting over-the-top sound quality, and the noise isolation is almost non-existent, but it is a capable product with a stable Bluetooth connection — something you usually have to spend a lot more money for.

Ausdom M06 Wireless Headphones

The Mpow 029 headphones, which are similar in price to the Mpow 039 headphones, have rich bass and come equipped with a bag. The Anker Soundcore Vortex wireless headphones is a more affordable option that still has the same brand and quality, but it costs a lot more.

Ausdom M06 Wireless headphones vs. Mpow 029 Bluetooth headsets

The Ausdom M06 Wireless Headset as well the Mpow 029 Bluetooth Headphones can be used in a wireless setting. There is no significant difference in sound quality or features. Mpow headphones, on the other hand, are more lightweight and have a stronger build. Mpow has seven colors and a bag. You'll need to pay more for anything else.

Check out our reviews on the top headphones for under $50, and check out our recommendations for the best in-ear headphones.

Final Verdict

Get balanced sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity for a small budget.

Ausdom's M06 Wireless Headphones are affordable. These over-the-ear headphones are a great option if you want to reduce the cost of your cord but not break the bank. You might want to spend more on a premium product if you are looking for better audio quality and noise cancellation.


  • Product name M06 Wireless Headphones
  • Produktmark Ausdom
  • Prices starting at $39.99
  • Weight 13.6 oz.
  • Color Black
  • Type over-ear
  • Wireless and wired
  • Yes. Included.
  • On-ear controls
  • Active Noise Cancellation No
  • Mic Yes
  • Bluetooth Connection 4.0

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