Acer Liquid Metal review
By Yvonne

Acer's follow up to the Stream upgrades to Android 2.2, but dials back the specs slightly.

Acer Liquid Metal review

Although the Acer Liquid Metal is promising, it falls short a bit too often for us to give it our full endorsement.

The pros

  • +

    Fantastic screen

  • +

    Dolby Mobile's excellent sound quality is thanks to its high-quality audio output

  • +

    High quality web surfing

  • +

    Battery life is excellent


  • -

    An annoying curved backplate

  • -

    Camera that is not working

  • -

    Flash is not installed before installation

  • -

    Breeze user interface fiddly

  • -

    SocialJogger Facebook and Twitter app fail to meet the mark

Acer used the same UI for the Acer Liquid Metal as the Acer Stream, so if it didn't work out, it won't matter. But the Liquid Metal costs £299 SIM free, while the Stream costs £329 as we write.

The relatively low price puts the Stream on a par with the likes of the Motorola Defy, or, if you look outside the Android arena, the Nokia C7 which will set you back a little, but not a huge amount more than £299 SIM free.

The Liquid Metal, unlike the Android-2.1-toting stream, runs Android 2.2.2. Also, the processor's speed has dropped to 800MHz from 1GHz in the Stream.

While the Stream's screen is 3.7 inches, Liquid Metal has a 3.6 inch one. Both offer 800 x 480 pixels. Each have b-, g, and n WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, and HSDPA. However, the Stream downloads at 7.2Mbps while the Liquid Metal is only 14.4Mbps.

Liquid Metal is a completely different product from the Stream. The Stream was all about metal, buttons, sleek lines and media buttons, but the Liquid Steel is mostly made of plastic and chrome.

Acer liquid metal

Except for a small amount of stainless steel at the back. This stainless steel gives the chassis some strength and has a beautiful etched finish. We like the deep chocolate brown colour.

It does look a little out of place compared to the front and sides of the chassis. The front is black and the sides are chrome-coloured. The result is a mix of many things.

The chassis is also curved in several different ways. It has an obvious curvature on the back so it sits more comfortably in your hand.

The point is not obvious. The Liquid Metal feels great in your hand. However, when the Liquid Metal is placed on top of a desk it will rock annoyingly to one side or the other.

However, the other curve serves a useful purpose. You won't even notice the front bowing outwards of this chassis. The curvature makes the screen 3.6 inches larger and more bright than it is. This is a clever trick.

Acer liquid metal

The screen is actually quite nice. It's quite small at only 3.6 inches but its 800x480 pixels allow it to display lots of detail. The screen is bright and vivid.

The Liquid Metal's front and sides are almost as conventional, but it is not completely. There are four buttons under the screen for Android Search, Search, Back, and Menu.

The 3.5mm headset connector is located on the upper edge. On/off buttons can be found at the bottom. Clear is on the left, while the right edge houses the volume rocker, camera button and micro-USB port. It's all very normal.

Acer liquid metal

On the upper edge are three lights that illuminate white when there is a message, missed call, or when the battery is charging. These lights are visible even in darkness, so you may not notice them.

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