Growth of Hololive Anime and How It is Helping VTubers

By Atish Ranjan

The Virtual YouTubing or VTubing can be one of the unique concepts that have grown decently over the years. The next generation of the online streaming, it can definitely be seen as the best option for the future of online entertainment. 

What is VTubing? 

VTubing or Virtual YouTubing is a concept that has a lot to do with vlogging and the use of virtual avatars for representing your own character. Of course, it has been in existent since quite a long time. The first VTuber was perhaps UK-based Japanese vlogger Ami Yamato. After Yamato, the concept was taken ahead by the toy company Mattel which used a virtual barbie Doll as a VTubing client. 

Kizuna AI was in fact, a pioneer in the realm of Virtual YouTubing. Hailed as the very first virtual YouTuber, she has the number of viewers extending beyond the human users. With more than 2.8 million users, she has one of her videos garnering as many as 13 million users globally. 

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What is Hololive Production? 

While it was the virtual YouTubers like Kizuna AI who took the concept of VTubing to greater heights, Hololive Productions is what brought this further ahead and improved the concept of VTubing. In fact, Hololive provides the Virtual YouTubers a better means to work on its Hololive anime platform. 

Hololive anime


Hololive Productions is a VTuber talent agency and provides you access to growing your audience. Owned and managed by the Japanese company Cover Corp, the platform was created back in December 2019. The platform today has over 52 active VTubers and manages them in handling their virtual platforms. 


The Hololive anime platform boasts of a few huge names such as Gawr Gura, Inugami Korone, Shirakami Fubuki, Usada Pekora, and Mori Calliope to name a few. The growth of the Hololive Anime platform has been one of the excellent ones and has been able to bring forth advanced functionality with more than 10 million active subscribers on YouTube and Bilibili which is a popular Chinese video sharing platform. One of the huge strengths that we would want to attribute to Hololive Anime is the fact that it has assisted the VTubers to achieve a huge success in just under a short time span. That should stand a proof of its credibility and efficacy. This is in sharp contrast to the over two years that Kizuna AI took to gain a global recognition. The Hololive anime schedule should be one of the excellent options in achieving the best standards in a great performance enhancement ever. 

How Does Hololive Anime Platform Work? 

Hololive anime is not a single content creator. It does work as a talent agency. That would mean, Hololive will promote the virtual YouTubers on its platform and make them popular. In fact, the VTubers on Hololive tends to get more exposure than the regular breed of YouTubers. You can, of course, make an optimum use of the VTubing software for an enhanced experience.

If you want to be a part of the Hololive team, you are expected to go for the auditions, and interviews. You need to be of the top-tier personality with both your art and voice to become a part of the Hololive platform. The content creators on Hololive tend to get a huge exposure, especially in the form of sponsorship deals. You can get into a huge set of opportunities for the best commercial deals. That apart, collaborations with the celebrities should be yet another great opportunity offered by the Hololive platform. 

Hololive does provide you access to the popular anime industry where you can have a regular voice based interaction with the celebrities. Since the virtual YouTubers have been considered to be a huge celebrity in Japan, these celebrity interactions make them even more popular. 

Hololive English and The Further Growth 

The recent launch of Hololive English has been yet another huge development that further enhanced the growth of Hololive as a platform and the VTubers who have been a part of the Hololive platform. The Japanese culture has always fascinated the western world, and the launch of Hololive EN has been an important milestone in that direction. 

hololive anime

The western world which hitherto was quite unaware of the VTubers in Japan has now been able to find interacting with them. In fact, one of the huge strengths that sets Hololive apart from the similar players is the kind of the interaction that the Hololive VTubers have with the English audience. The players like Hololive Fubuki and other Hololive characters interact with the English audience. You have as many as five VTubers interacting with the English audience which should be seen a yet another huge advantage. 

The launch of Hololive EN is a part of the plan developed for the internationalization of the platform. The Hololive English was launched in September 2020 and it does come with the five different English Language VTubers. Hololive EN is specifically marketed with a focus on the US market and it offers you access to a far more greater degree of exposure with its Hololive schedule. 

How Does Hololive Anime Compare with Nijisanji?

Nijisanji and Hololive have been two different companies. However, you would find the collaborators working on both the platforms. However, the two platforms come with a different way of working and cater to two different scenarios. 

Hololive as a platform is focused on creating an idol group category of VTubers and tends to provide them with an enhanced degree of gaining popularity. Nijisanji is more focused on YouTube personalities with an avatar. Hololive initially used to restrict the interaction of the users on other platforms. However, these restrictions were removed in September 2019. Nijisanji was never known to put any restrictions on the members in interacting with the other groups. 

Yet another difference between Hololive and Nijisanji lies in the frequency that they broadcast their videos. Hololive VTubers get a better salary when compared to those on Nijisanji, but they are expected to post the content quite regularly. The VTubers on Nijisanji do not have any of such compulsions and can stream their videos at their own discretion. 

The Nijisanji had no presence in the English speaking region. While it has been one of the strongest and popular VTuber groups in Japan, it was yet to come up with its own presence in the western region. There have been several VTubers on the platform such as Nijisanji India and Nijisanji Indonesia who have been regularly broadcasting in English, but now the platform has been making all efforts at expanding into the English speaking region. The platform is looking ahead to get access to an enhanced experience in view of the launch of the Hololive English platform. 

The Future Plans of Hololive Anime Platform 

Hololive has gone on record stating that they want to strengthen the VTuber management and improve it further. The platform will also focus on investing in the extended reality-based services. Hololive has launched the VTuber management training programs for Chinese and Indonesian regions. 

With the launch of Hololive English, it has also made a beginning in the realm of offering auditions for the English speaking countries. We do foresee a huge growth for the platform in the days to come. The focus on Hololive English is set to offer you an enhanced experience in terms of an improved global level of experience and a perfect performance in terms of top 30 best dubbed anime experience ever. 

The Bottom Line 

Hololive anime has been one of the excellent options and provides you access to a huge degree of efficiency by almost every count in achieving the best VTube content. The platform is set to provide you access to improving your access to the best possible content in terms of an enhanced popularity. 

The growth of the company is indeed quite rewarding and we definitely look ahead to a huge growth in the days ahead. The launch of Hololive EN is definitely the right step in the right direction.