7 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2022
By SophiaBolton

In a year where you could absolutely. Forgive any studio for needing to take a minute and resume scheduled programming in 2022, it's not like half baked or unfinished releases went away altogether. No publisher mandated release windows and financial quarters remain unchanged, and that means if something was agreed on from the last few years with the 2022 release days for the most part, it's coming out no matter what.

Indeed, nothing is free from desperation in one of the most passionate mediums of them all. Though there are far more positives than negatives when taking stock of where we're at. Some titles managed to drop the ball quite spectacularly.

And these are the seven most disappointing video games of 2022.



Number seven of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Cyberpunk: 2077 on Ps4 and Xbox One. This is essentially an honorable mention. As obviously Cyberpunk 2077 came out in 2020, but then again did it.


The PC version certainly released and what you could play on Series X or Ps5 was something I sank over 100 hours into, but for Ps4 and Xbox One: Well, they were told to wait until 2021, for things to get a whole lot more stable.


With these versions of the game by far, the worst-affected CDPR quickly started putting together hotfixes and long-form patches. Honestly though these are iterations of the game that still struggle to hold a stable frame rate or avoid crashes.


There are endless patch notes for smaller issues that have been tightened up, but it's clear that the Ps4 and Xbox one versions of Cyberpunk should have either been canceled, or made into notably different editions of the game.

Almost like how Unisoft once rolled out absolutely different iterations of Splinter cell double agent when making the leap between Xbox and Xbox 360.


Regardless, cd Projekt red had to draw a line under these versions of the game eventually, and with them saying they think that what players have is satisfactory. It's clear that this is as good as it's going to get.



Number 6 of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Magic: Legends. Ambition should always be championed but the final product it can be something else entirely.


Step forward magic legends, an attempt to take the classic beloved and multifaceted world of Magic, the Gathering, the Card Game and turn it into a top down MMO RPG.


Immediately you can see what developers cryptic studios were going for. Their magic, the gathering law is rich with powerful characters creativity and spells. The way we've all played magic has largely remained the same, especially in video game form 2. There haven't been any over-shoulder action games or anything other than digitally replicating card-battling itself.


In the end, though, magic legends fell at the first hurdle and just could not get back up. Publisher Wizards of the Coast don't have the best reputation when it comes to over monetizing a fan base in the first place, but here we had notably aggressive microtransactions and threadbare gameplay.


Fans sadly expected the former but cryptic tried to simplify jewels with cooldowns instead of accurate resource management leading to an all-out backlash from fans, against what was clearly a very exploitative framework.


At the time of writing Magic Legends is scheduled to shut down in October 2021, after living a tiny life entirely in early access that started back in March. Cryptic Studios have noted that they missed the mark and refunds are available for everyone who still bought in, but what a staggering missed opportunity.



Number 5 of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Hitman 3. OK, obviously a disclaimer. Hitman 3's gameplay was far from disappointed, Io Interactive continued to single handedly give every other developer on the planet a run for their money when it comes to detailed interactive playspaces, and they're one of the best developers in the medium.


That out the way, Hitman 3 totally squandered what was five years of surprisingly effective storytelling and world building, ending on a level that didn't feel like Hit Man at all. In a way that felt as though the entire project was cut short.


Not to dig the knife in too deeply, this is still one of the most recommended and best games overall of 2021, but we have a final level that ditches all the repeat playthrough encouraging charms of a hitman game.


Instead, Io opted for something entirely linear with zero cool kills to actually pull off and a final encounter that was notably flat. Going up against the head of the illuminati style providence group after so long just leads to a choice of whether 47 wants to become a mindless killer or a #real human being.


And then we're done no memorable kill animation, no big send off as we hit credits, nothing. All of this comes after Hitler 2's ending teased the idea of Diana going up against 47 as the latter killed her parents on a mission, but that too is solved way too quickly when the game needs both characters to unite against this common enemy.


As for Agent 47's makeshift Brother Lucas Grey, the nearest thing the character has had to a family member in over 20 years in the franchise, he just gets killed in a cutscene at the beginning.


It's all just a bit flat for a series of otherwise immaculate games and DLC packs that truly did create a handcrafted world of assassination to get lost in.



Number 4 of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Mario Golf Super Rush. Mario Golf's debut on switch is a totally fine simpler golf game that will tick all boxes if you've never played any previous entries in the franchise for everyone else, though, especially those who dabbled in toadstool tour on the gamecube.


It's a market step down coming with less depth than your swing options recycled animations, a less informative herd, a threadbare, a number of things to actually do and a boring story mode that amounts to running from A to B while reading a lot of pointless text.


Again, if you're new to the whole thing, there's a lot to like. The story mode itself has some neat enough boss battles towards the end and competitive modes have up to four golfers all playing at the same time.


You'll be scoring holes first or competing for standard scores while barging each other out the way, maybe saving a special shot to knock your opponent's winning ball into the water at the last second.


When paired against the legacy of either the Mario Sports titles or Mario Golf in particular though, Super Rush is a classic case of a sequel being paired down for a wider audience. 



Number three of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. if you're going to invoke the name of Dark Alliance and name that for thousands of us conjure some of the best RSPG memories on the entirety of the Playstation 2's Library, you better do right with whatever comes out.


Clearly publishers wizards of the coast wanted to directly channel such a glorious game, too, as Baldur's gate, dark alliance got a neat HD re-release just one month before the reimagining, that became dungeons and dragons.


Sadly, just about everything that could be soulless and cobbled together was the case in this new release. A four person squad setup is the order of the day because of course it is. And alongside an terrestrial loot, grind and waves of forgettable enemies are oodles upon noodles of bugs, glitches and a general lack of polish.


It's getting to the point where you can practically guess the behind-the-scenes machinations that resulted in such a corporately stitched together vision for this ip revival as there's not a single idea here that isn't completely worn out in 2021.



Number Two of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Destruction All starts. Another title that when it was announced. looked to be channeling one of the greats of yesteryear destruction, AllStars could have carried forward the Playstation associating delights of Destruction darby.


An enjoyable physics model fun excuses to mash vehicles into each other and something you can have a quick local game on. We'll just make that, add the processing power of the newest hardware couldless online matchmaking and it would have been brilliant.


Sadly, and it's baffling that the reality of the project did start as a revival of. Destruction derby in the first place, Destruction all-stars tried to emphasize damage as a focal point and ended up not focusing on anything.


Where bug bear entertainment's request is every bit the modern day destruction Dobby, you actually want, and I totally recommend it. All star's combat is barely reliant on a physics model at all. Cars feel as though they're bolted to the track. you're stuck sideswiping or charging foes in canned animations and across the board, nothing feels remotely resolving about connecting with another vehicle.


Characters are either overpowered or forgettable and the game's idea of treating cars as weapons, I. e you'd hop into different ones for finite amounts of time, falls apart when none of them are differentiable.


Tack on some microtransactions that ask you to pay for cutscenes that are masquerading as a single-player campaign, and for a Playstation 5 exclusive, there's an astonishing lack of anything done right.



And number one of the most disappointing games of 2022 is Biomutant. Biomutant is the strangest title to fully analyze. It's far from a bad title you should avoid, far from something where creatives we're denied the opportunity to fulfill a vision or where a project got sliced to ribbons to make a release date.


Instead, there's just something off about the whole feel of the gameplay itself, and the various gameplay loops that it wants you to engage with.


Combat while on paper having range spells, firearms, slow motion, dungeons, and martial arts feels far too aimless and worse in any tactile feedback. Exploration and world building boils down to arbitrarily wandering in whichever direction you like, until hopefully you stumble upon a character or loot item worth your time.


Even the main story that has a nice thematic underpinning of conservationism. And looking after our planet is largely undone by a tonally misplaced narrator and a set of creatures who speak in banjo-kazooie-style sound bites.


Biomutant absolutely looks the part and a June patch did tweak loot drops while adding a combat lock-on, but it's unable to fully ditch the feeling that it underwhelms in every key area. Thus, it can be regarded as the top 1 of the most disappointing games of 2022.



As what is mentioned above, Cyberpunk 2077, Magic: Legends, Hitman 3, Mario Golf Super Rush, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, Destruction Allstars and Biomutant are my picks for the most disappointing games of 2022. Even though some of them are actually kinda good games overall, there are still many points that make me disappointing. What's your opinion?