Can I Watch Rio and Rio 2 on Disney Plus? Know Where to View Your Favorite Blu Again

Updated on 2023-06-29
Are your favorite Rio and Rio2 on Disney Plus? The good news is you can catch your favorite Blu adventuring away from the comforts of your home now

In a recent announcement, Disney has declared that going forward, streaming will be on its list of priorities and prime focus. The decision has been made primarily in view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. In keeping with this report, the firm has already added the much-awaited animated film Rio 2 on Disney Plus. 

Rio is an animated musical comedy that has been produced by Blue Sky Studios, the erstwhile 20th Century Fox. The Carlos Saldanha directorial had been released back in 2014. The film is a sequel to the 2011 released popular film Rio which was also later released for streaming on Disney Plus. However, if you are wondering is Rio on Disney Plus? Well, the answer is, it is not. 

Is Rio on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately for enthusiasts of the Blue Sky Studios animated film Rio, it has already been taken off the list of streaming videos on Disney Plus in the United States of America. The film is however available for streaming in several other countries.

Disney is compelled to take some of its old content, including certain films, off its streaming service at the beginning of each month. This is primarily because of previous contracts they have been involved in even before the launch of Disney Plus. Rio Disney Plus is one such content which had to be removed and without any advance advertisements for the benefit of its audiences. Such prior notifications can be seen on other streaming platforms like Netflix, but not on Disney Plus. 

Is Rio a Disney movie?

In the year 2019 Disney had acquired the Blu Sky Studios, the former 21st Century Fox Inc., which had produced Rio, in a $71 million deal. The company however, later was forced to shut down the Oscar winning animated studio Blu Sky responsible for huge hits like ‘Ice Age’ and the Rio franchise, due to economic constraints in the Covid-19 pandemic scenario. 

Disney is also the proud owner of other large production houses like Pixar and Disney Animation Studios and they continued to retain the library of Blue Sky as a part of Disney. 

Is Rio 2 Disney Plus movie?

You now have a chance to watch the much loved character Blu along with Jewel and their three children as they have quite an adventure awaiting them in the wilds of the Amazon after they had to flee their comfortable life in Rio de Janeiro. With Rio 2 on Disney Plus, fans can watch their favorite characters from the comfort of their homes, anytime. It is also now possible to download this Disney Plus movie and save it for offline viewing as per your convenience.

With the help of a Disney Plus downloader tool, you easily get a copy of Rio 2 Disney Plus as well as other favorites from the Disney Plus house to stream on bigger screens like a PC or TV. Download Disney Rio or the entire Disney catalog with no downloading limit, on your PC and save them of your local PC storage by following one of nine different methods. There are a plethora of Latest Disney Plus Downloader tools that may be utilized for the purpose talked about in the previous lines.

Is Rio Disney the movie a Disney Animations production?

Rio is a Blue Sky Studios animated movie which has been acquired by the Disney house and later added to its content library for streaming in its OTT platform Disney Plus. While the original release Rio, is no longer available for viewing on Disney Plus by audiences in America, the sequel released in 2014 can be viewed on Disney Plus. 

Disney Plus also offers a host of other renowned animated and non-animated films, shows, documentaries, series, etc., which make it a household name among OTT enthusiasts today. 

It is great to watch any type of Disney Plus content from the comforts of your home as long as everything goes well and you have an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience. However, if you happen to encounter error codes, which may pop up on your screen in the midst of an intriguing episode of your favorite show, what would you do? Error Code 39 and Error Code 83, for instance, are two very common Disney Plus error codes which happen to form a wall between you and your viewing experience of the Rio Disney or any other Disney Plus movies/shows. Better fix the errors and message codes and keep continue your watch on disney plus.

What are the best softwares for watching Disney Plus movies/shows like Rio and Rio2?

Any entertainment enthusiast today would vouch for the power of OTT platforms and streaming services like Disney Plus have made a paradigm shift if consumer viewing preferences. Streaming services also give you the option of watching movies offline by downloading them.  

There are however certain drawbacks in downloading videos directly from the Disney Plus portal.

  • Inferior quality audio and video 
  • Does not allow you to share downloaded content with other devices
  • Content gets automatically eliminated after a time period

The best alternatives

You can easily watch your favorite movies, TV shows and series from Disney Plus offline with the help of the Y2Mate Disney downloader and MyStream Disney Plus downloader

They offer high quality video downloading that supports different resolutions allowing a seamless downloading and streaming experience.

You also get-

  • Fast downloading speed
  • Allows content sharing with other devices 
  • There is no date of expiry which entails that you can watch them for as long as you want.

The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader

This is an extremely efficient streaming video downloader and the right choice if you are looking at downloading TV shows, movies or any other content on Disney Plus. Moreover, with the help of this downloading software, you can access a variety of shows from several regional websites like Germany, France, Japan, etc., apart from the United States. It is the best option if you are not available for online viewing with short downloading time in top notch quality. 

Main Features

  • Provides comprehensive country specific service
  • Videos are downloaded in 720p
  • Features bulk downloading at fast speed
  • Features ad-free downloading
  • Saves videos in MP4 format
  • Subtitles and meta description is saved in SRT format
  • Features a built-in browser

Benefits of Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader

  • You can enjoy Disney Plus content anywhere as Y2Mate allows downloading from different regional websites
  • High quality video downloading
  • Service is high speed and stable
  • You can enjoy your shows without irritating ads
  • You can play our content on a wide variety of devices
  • You can remux your subtitles directly into MP4 files
  • Enjoy a simplified process of selecting videos

Step by step guide to download movies/shows with the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader:

Step 1:

Click on streaming services.

Step 2:

Log in to your Disney plus account.

Step 3:

Start playing your videos.

Step 4:

Click on Download now

The MyStream Disney Plus downloader

You can employ this extremely high-end and sophisticated program to download Disney Plus movies offline in 720p/1080p and in 5.1 audio channels. You thus have assured high quality video downloading and state of the art technology that keeps the software updated regularly.

Main Features

  • You get a comprehensive country specific service
  • Up to 720p viewing experience
  • Batch downloading feature included
  • Features various tracks for audiophiles, between EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels
  • Ad removal feature
  • Built-in browser
  • High speed download in MP4
  • Video manager
  • Features easy transfer of movies to various devices

Benefits of MyStream Disney Plus downloader

  • You can easily explore whatever you want
  • Highly compatible and ensures fast downloading
  • Easily manage your downloads and transfer them to various devices
  • Allows you to build a multimedia library by saving meta data
  • No ads
  • Easy software updates
  • Access entire series with all episodes of shows and movies by downloading in bulk
  • Enjoy top quality picture
  • Download content to enjoy anywhere

Step by step guide to download movies/shows with the MyStream Disney Plus downloader:

Step 1:

Go to VIP Services and select Disney Plus

Step 2:

Look for the video that you wish to download

Step 3:

Tap on Download Now



What is the best way to start streaming Disney Plus? 

All you need to do is visit the website and procure signing in rights by entering your email id and payment information. You will be charged $6.99 per month for the subscription and $69.99 if you go for an annual subscription. 

What can I watch on Disney Plus?

This is the only platform to legally stream any Disney movie that gets a theatre release. You can watch movies from the Avengers franchise, the Star Wars bouquet of movies, Pixar Animations presentations, etc. Disney also makes original content for the channel that are streamed only on Disney Plus like The Mandalorian, yet another live-action Star Wars series, a prequel to Rogue One, etc.


An all-time favorite animation, the Rio franchise have become household names especially after their release on various streaming platforms. While Rio Disney Plus is no longer a possibility in the US, Rio 2 Disney Plus can be easily accessed by viewers not only in the United States but in several other countries across the world. There are various ways to easily download and view the best that Disney Plus has to offer.