What is Cleverget Free Version Restriction? Includes 4 possible ways to remove it!

Updated on 2023-10-17
Since "Cleverget" is an expensive software, many people would like to use it for free all the time if possible. Therefore, this article explains how you can remove the free version limitation of Cleverget.

Cleverget Downloader is a handy tool for downloading video and audio content from various streaming services on the Internet. With this powerful software, you can enjoy your favorite movies, dramas, music, or other content offline.

However, since "Cleverget" is an expensive software, many people would like to use it for free all the time if possible.

Therefore, this article explains how you can remove the free version limitation of Cleverget.

About Cleverget Free Version Restrictions

CleverGet is a paid software, but we offer a free trial version even if you have not purchased the software.

The free version of CleverGet allows you to download videos from YouTube, Amazon Prime, U-NEXT, Netflix, and other video distribution sites.

If you have any problems, you can also contact support.

However, there is a limit of at most 3 times per each application.

4 ways to remove the Cleverget Free version limitation

Method 1: Use a cracked version of Cleverget

There may be websites on the Internet that claim to have a Cleverget Crack version. However, Cleverget Crack does not actually exist. Therefore, these sites are pirated and should be treated with caution.

Using the Cleverget Crack version may involve various risks.


For example,

  1. Possibility of viruses infecting your computer.
  2. The possibility of malware being installed
  3. Possible identity theft or other damages.

In addition, you will not receive any support or updates from Cleverget officials, and the software may not work properly or be incompatible with other software programs.

We recommend a cheap alternative to the Cleverget Crack version!

Cheap alternative: recommend StreamGaGa!

As an alternative, we recommend StreamGaGa for downloading videos in a safe and legal way.

StreamGaGa official website

Here are the advantages of StreamGaGa

Cleverget vs. StreamGaGa




Types of sites supported

More than 500

More than 1000

Download Formats

MP4, MP3, etc.

MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.

Download Speed

2-hour movie (31 min.)

13 episodes drama (12min42s)

2-hour movie download (9min18s)

13-episode drama (6min)

Fee Plans

Annual, perpetual license

Multiple plans including monthly, annual, and lifetime


Perpetual license: 32824 yen


Perpetual license: $199.99 (Approx. 29800 yen)


High image quality support

Up to 1080p (some 720p) Up to 8K (depending on distributor)

Limit number of times

Up to 3 films

Up to 3 films

User registration required


Free trial without registration

Method 2: Downgrade Version

The method of downgrading the version and installing a new version older than "Cleverget" on a new PC to renew the free trial period is a common and indeed effective method of canceling the expiration of the free trial period on the Internet.

Downloading an older version from a source other than the official Cleverget website will not renew your trial period. Please be aware of this.

There are several ways to download older versions of Cleverget from non-official locations. This will allow you to renew your free trial period.



Before using this method, however, you must uninstall any Cleverget already installed beforehand.

The link to download older versions of Cleverget is:


Method 3: Delete the registry and reinstall Cleverget

You can use the same version by deleting all registry related to Cleverget.



Just be very careful when changing or deleting the registry. Incorrect changes may affect the stability and proper operation of your system! It is also highly recommended that you make a backup of the registry beforehand, as any modification or deletion of the registry can cause serious problems with your system!

To modify or delete the registry

  1. Open the Registry Editor: Press "Windows key + R" to open the "Run" dialog, type "regedit" and press Enter.
  2. Make a backup: Before working with the Registry Editor, make a backup of the current state. To create a backup, select "File" on the menu bar, then "Export" and specify a location and name for the backup file.
  3. Find the registry key you wish to change or delete: locate the Cleverget registry key you wish to remove. This process depends on your specific software and configuration, and the specific steps may vary.
  4. Modify or delete the registry key: Right-click on the selected registry key and select the appropriate option (modify, delete, etc.). To modify, edit the value. To delete, follow the confirmation message to perform the deletion.
  5. Save Changes: When you are done making changes, select File > Exit from the menu bar to exit the Registry Editor.


Method 4: Get a Cleverget Free License

To use Cleverget, you must first obtain a Cleverget license key, which is given when you purchase the paid version of Cleverget; in effect, you are also paying for the license key. Occasionally, a license key is given away for free on Cleverget's official Twitter account, but not often.

Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CleverGet_More


In this article, we have discussed how to use Cleverget even after the Cleverget trial period has expired.

  • Using the software as an alternative to Cleverget
  • Delete the registry and reinstall Cleverget (not recommended )
  • Get a Cleverget free license

We have explained how you can remove the Cleverget free version limitation by doing the following

If we find other ways to remove the Cleverget expiration date, we will replenish the list, so please stay tuned.