To talk about online streaming services the first name that strikes your mind is the Amazon prime video platform. Being one of the largest online streaming platforms, Amazon prime is always at your service with unlimited online entertaining content for different age groups. To meet up audience satisfaction this platform has also come up with country-specific content and services. The main motto of this platform is to provide entertainment services that live up to the unique expectations of each of their subscribers. 

So, from flexible subscription plans to diversified content, Amazon prime has been exceeding its widest extension in every aspect of its services, so that each subscriber would get customizable service from this platform according to their needs, niches, and preferences while exploring the endless ocean of entertainment. 

Now, since Amazon prime video is one online video streaming platform that has millions of subscribers all over the world, this platform has developed its support and services in such a way that benefits each subscriber in such a manner that they don't need any other professional or expert support to meet up their specific recreation requirement. So, to make the most out of this platform according to your terms and conditions, all you have to do is just go through the most impressive, effective, and customizable Amazon prime video settings options and you will be good to go with your customized online streaming service of the amazon prime. 

From Amazon prime video parent restriction to video quality enhancement option in different devices, the Amazon video setting is all set to serve your specifications while going through simple steps and clicks from prime video settings. Here, with this article, you would get the top 6 Amazon video setting options that would change the entire game of your Amazon prime online streaming experience.

1) Parent control setting option

Being a responsible parent if you want to enable the Amazon prime parental controls option from amazon video settings then here you go with the steps.

To activate the Amazon prime parental control you have to set a PIN in your registered account to bypass your existing viewing restrictions.

Steps to change the PIN on the prime video website: 

Select 'Your Account and Setting'>parental control via top menu> 'Change' shown under 'Prime video pin'>update PIN>save.

Steps to change the PIN on the Prime Video app (Android or iOS): 

Open app>setting from menu>parental control>prime video PIN>go by on-screen instructions to change the PIN.

Steps to set viewing restrictions on websites and apps: 

Select 'Your account & Setting'>parental controls via top menu>viewing restrictions>rating category to restrict by using slide bar>device to apply restrictions.

Once you are done with your restrictions, a 'Lock' sign would appear if you want to watch any of your restricted category content, here you have to put your prime video PIN to continue your watching.

You can also go for another Amazon video setting called Amazon Maturity Rating to select your viewing restrictions based on their recommended given below category

1. Kids (All Audiences)

2. Older Kids (aged 7+)

3. Teens (aged 13+)

4. Young Adults (16+)

5. Adults (18+)

2) Visual Quality improvement setting option 

If you want to change the existing viewing quality of your Amazon prime streaming then follow the simple steps of Amazon prime video settings to customize the visual quality of your watching on your Desktop, Android TV, Smart TV, Android, or iOS mobile platform.

Steps for desktop:

Log in to '' via window browser or MAC computer>Account and Setting option>playback option setting>Good(0.38GB/hr)/ Better(1.40GB/hr)/Best(6.84GB/hr)>select any of these options OR while watching any video go to 'Video Quality Gear icon' shown in the top right>select Good/Better/Best option.

Steps for the Mobile app:

If you are using your Amazon prime video app in any of your Android or iOS phones while using a mobile network then there would be a chance that your video quality would be restricted to SD quality. However, you can improve the visual quality of your watching on your mobile using a Wi-Fi connection. With the wi-fi support, you go to the 'My Stuff' option>gear setting icon shown top right corner>stream and download>streaming quality setting>Good/Better/Best/Data Saver>select option. 

Steps for Android TV or SmartTV:

Long into the router D-Link or TP-Link>traffic control panel>profile and network setting>network connection>note down IP address>put IP or MAC address on traffic control panel>put bandwidth limitation depending on your demand quality. Now if you set up your video quality on 3MBps then your visual quality will be sifted to HD from Full HD1080p. 

This is how you can customize the video quality of any Amazon Prime video content on any of your devices. 

3) Language selecting a setting option

You want to change the language of your Amazon prime video online streaming service on the mobile app, smart tv, or any other device then here you go with the steps.

Steps on the mobile app:

Open app>'My Stuff'>Gear icon>Language>select your suitable one.

Steps on smart tv and other devices:

Open Prime video app>Prime video setting>Language>choose your preferred language.

4) Country location changing setting option

If you want to change the country location of your existing Amazon Prime video service on any of your devices, here you just follow the steps and set it sorted.

Steps to change country location on PC, mobile, smart tv, or any other devices:

Download & install VPN>register account>connect to the VPN server in the USA or another country>log in to your Amazon prime account> the USA content catalog>click on the 'Watch now button'> select title. Or, you can try another smart trick to watch American content by installing a VPN onto your router. It will help your device to get connected to the router which is already connected to the American server. With this trick, you can watch your favorite American Amazon Prime content through your smart tv, PC, streaming stick, and console.

5) Automatic download setting option

If you want to enjoy any of your favorite Amazon prime video content in your offline watch then the 'Auto Download ' option is one of the best Amazon prime video settings to explore. Here are the steps.

Steps to enable automatic downloading option:

Open the Prime Video app>My stuff>Gear icon>streaming and downloading>auto downloads> a select number of episodes to download between 1 to 5>enable 'Delete watched episodes' to create storage. Here, you are good to go with your download.

6) Content hiding setting option

If you want to hide any Amazon Prime video content that you don't want to watch follow the simple steps given below.

Steps on mobile app and desktop: 

Go to Amazon Prime video> press and hold the thumbnail on the video on the mobile/use the mouse on the desktop instead of the thumbnail>select 'Hide this video' option on mobile/click on 'Hide' icon for desktop. This step doesn't apply to the videos shown on the carousel at the top of the screen because you would end up hiding all the other videos.

So, here you have the best possible ways and options to enhance your Amazon prime video online streaming experience while making the most out of the Amazon video settings options or visiting But what would you do if you got a chance to experience these above-mentioned features, functions, and facilities in your customizable and flexible offline watching while making the most impressive offline watch gallery of the amazon prime videos while cutting down your online subscription expenses? So, without compromising your online recreation realm, this time try to explore the most productive as well as economic offline watching with the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader or KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader.

Download Amazon Prime Video content: with the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Even if you think that why would you need any downloader for your offline watch when you already have the same facility in your online streaming service, let me tell you one thing any of your online streaming facilities have come up with lots of hidden limitations and dependency and therefore you end up compromising with your viewing. So, instead of assuming the advantages of the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader let's analyze every aspect of it to get fully convinced before investing in it.

Feature and Functions

  • Don't forget to pick up the resolution of any of the regional Amazon prime downloads between 720p to 1080p for HD or Full HD clarity with best-suited subtitle, metadata, and audio channel without any botheration of commercial ads.
  • Enjoy group watching of your favorite Amazon prime video downloads with your friends and family while sharing them to any compatible devices with the file format saving option in MP4 and search any of the videos through this downloader while taking built-in services.
  • Easily make a customized offline library of long bulk videos including all its sections by using the automatic and simultaneous downloading option in minimum time.

To have a real-time experience of these benefits you have to go through the given below steps.

Step 1

Through the ' Streaming Services,' you have to pick ' Amazon' via the main interface.

Step 2

Look for the videos to download.

Step 3

'Download Now' is there to be clicked on.

To have the best offline viewing experience with all these facilities with the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader you have to choose the most lenient subscription plan of $19.9 per month and $59.9 per year with nonstop round the clock customer assistance and cashback assurance within 14 days.

Download Amazon Prime Video movies, series, or shows: with the KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader

If you like to go with the flow of technology and advancement in every aspect of your life to make it smooth and balanced with time then you must try the most advanced technologies of the KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader to give a perfect boost to your online entertainment world by shifting your watching manner from online to offline to stay ahead in your entertainment world in your bearable budget. Now, closely scrutinize the functionalities of the downloader with its most impeccable features.  

Features & Functions

  • Germany, Japan, UK, USA, or any other country Amazon prime content could be downloaded easily in optional resolution from 720p to 1080p with your favorite language subtitles, metadata, and audio channel while shipping ads.
  • Custom made an offline library of long hours multiple prime videos having all their parts will be ready within a few minutes with the help of high-speed batch downloading option.
  • You can easily navigate any of your favorite Amazon Prime Video content through this downloader itself by exploring the built-in service option on one hand and the other hand, it is time to celebrate your custom-made offline library with your family and friends while transferring the downloads to any of their devices by using the MP4 file format saving option.

Now, go straight to the downloading steps to make the most out of the KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader after installing it on any of your devices.

Step 1

Through the 'VIP Services' of this downloader, you can select the ' Amazon' via the primary interface.

Step 2

Start navigating your videos to download with all the metadata and subtitles.

Step 3

Get ready to tap on the final option of 'Download Now.

So, to reach your final destination of offline watch you have to take the first step of selecting a suitable subscription plan of the KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader that begins at $19.99 per month and $59.99 each year with a full free consistent updated version of the software along with 14 days cash back promise. You can also take their 24×7 customer support for any of your professional help.

So, while exploring the most effective and high on demand Amazon prime video setting with its step by step instructions to make your online streaming experience more flexible, customizable and relaxing, don't forget to give a try to any of the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader or KeepStreams for Prime Video downloader to stay hooked to your complete satisfaction without internet or expensive subscription dependency. From amazon prime parental controls to other prime video settings, your Amazon prime video streaming experience would exceed all of your expectations of excellence while exploring the top 6 best amazon video settings according to your specifications.