How to watch anime on KissAnime: What to do if it's not available

By Kaya

For anime fans, it is very important not to miss the latest episodes or their favorite anime series. However, it can be difficult to watch anime in a legal way; KissAnime is a pirate site that allows such anime fans to enjoy anime for free. This article provides basic information about KissAnime and what to do if you are unable to use it. Please note, however, that any activity that encourages copyright infringement is illegal and carries risks.

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a website that provides anime fans with free anime. It offers a large selection of anime series and movies, with a variety of options including Japanese and English subtitles. It should be noted, however, that KissAnime is a pirate website and violates copyright laws. This article will explain how to watch anime on KissAnime and what to do if you cannot access it, but we recommend that you choose a legitimate way to watch anime.


How to watch anime on KissAnime

To watch anime on KissAnime, you will need to follow a few steps. Here we will explain how to create an account and log in, use the search function, and select viewing quality and subtitles.

Using the search function to find anime

KissAnime makes it easy to find your favorite anime by using the search function. Enter the title of the anime or a keyword in the search bar at the top of the website and click the search button. Select the desired anime from the search results and proceed to the viewing page.

Selecting Viewing Quality and Subtitles

Once on the viewing page, you can select the video quality and subtitles; KissAnime generally offers a choice of quality from 360p to 1080p. Many of the animations also offer options such as Japanese or English subtitles. After selecting the viewing quality and subtitles, click the play button to watch the anime.

What to do if KissAnime is unavailable

Sometimes you may not be able to access KissAnime. There are several remedies for viewing anime in such situations. This section describes causes and solutions for connection errors, clearing your browser cache and cookies, and using a VPN to bypass access restrictions.

Connection Error Causes and Solutions

If you are unable to access KissAnime, you should first determine the cause of the connection error. Common causes are temporary downtime of the website or problems with your Internet connection. In the case of downtime, try accessing the site again after some time has passed. If the Internet connection is the cause, reboot your router or check your Wi-Fi settings.

Clear your browser cache and cookies

If you are unable to access KissAnime, there may be a problem with your browser's cache or cookies. Clearing your cache and cookies may improve your access to the website. Please delete the cache and cookies from each browser's settings and try accessing the website again.

Using a VPN to bypass access restrictions

In some regions, access to KissAnime may be restricted. In this situation, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass access restrictions; by using a VPN, you can obtain an IP address in a different region and remove access restrictions.

Alternative Sites to KissAnime and Notes

If KissAnime is not available or you are looking for a legitimate way to watch anime, you can consider other alternative sites. Here are some recommended KissAnime alternative sites and a note on the risks and copyrights of pirate sites.

Recommended KissAnime Alternative Sites

Below are five sites that are widely used in Japan as KissAnime alternatives. These sites are legitimate and can be used safely for viewing anime.

1. dAnime Store

dアニメストア | 初めての方は初月無料のアニメ見放題サイト!

This is a subscription service operated by NTT DoCoMo that specializes in anime and offers a wide variety of anime.

2. u-NEXT


U-NEXT is a video delivery service that offers a wide variety of anime as well as movies and dramas.

3. Amazon Prime Video


This video delivery service provided by Amazon has a large lineup of animation works.


ABEMA is an Internet TV station that also offers an anime channel.


5. niconico nico douga

This is a video-sharing site with several official anime channels.

京都アニメーション 3.16よりニコニコ動画にて 京アニ作品17作一挙配信!

On these sites, you can watch anime legally and do not have to worry about the risk of copyright infringement or security issues. Use legal anime viewing services to support the anime industry and respect its creators.

Risks of Pirate Sites and Copyright

There are several risks associated with using pirate sites. First, pirate sites promote copyright infringement, which is illegal. Users may get into legal trouble. In addition, pirate sites often have security problems, increasing the risk of virus infection and leakage of personal information.

Copyright is the right of the creator of a work to have exclusive control over its use. Copyright infringement is the act of using a work without the permission of the rights holder and can be punishable. Therefore, it is important to respect the rights of copyright holders by choosing legal ways to view animation.

The animation industry suffers tremendous economic losses due to copyright infringement. By using legal animation viewing services, we can help animation production companies and creators. This will result in more high-quality anime productions being produced and made available to fans.

In general, we recommend choosing a legitimate service when using KissAnime's alternative sites. To avoid the risk of copyright infringement and security issues, use a legitimate video streaming service.


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In this article, we explained how to watch anime on KissAnime and what to do when KissAnime is unavailable. In addition, we introduced several legitimate KissAnime alternative sites and discussed the risks of pirate sites and copyright considerations. When enjoying anime, it is important to use legal video distribution services to avoid the risk of copyright infringement and to support the anime industry.