What is Sonolus? How to put it in and how not to risk it!

By momoka

Sonolus is an application that allows multiple music games to be played on one platform, and also allows anyone to freely reproduce and distribute music games.

Also, it seems that the popular music game "Proseka" can be played on Sonolus, but what is it really like?

In this article, we would like to explain how to install Sonolus and the servers of music games you can play.

What is Sonolus? Are there any dangers?

What are some of the dangers of SONOLUS? We will also explain why you need to check the dangers before using SONOLUS, so please check the dangers first before installing SONOLUS.

If you check how to install SONOLUS before checking the dangers of SONOLUS, you will end up with an application on your phone without knowing the dangers of SONOLUS.

What are the dangers of SONOLUS?

The danger of SONOLUS is that it can go bad, and we will explain the causes and why this happens. Some of the causes and other factors will be explained.

One of the dangers of Sonorus is that it can affect the server.

One of the dangers of sonorous is that it can affect the server. There is a possibility that the sound is out of order due to a problem with the server. In such cases, there is only so much that can be done, so if there is something wrong with the server, take action, such as starting sonolus after some time has passed.

If the server is malfunctioning after starting sonolus, we recommend that you wait until the server is restored.

A problem with sonolus is a problem with the phone itself

It is possible that after launching sonolus, the server is not working properly and the sound is out of sync, but there is another possibility that the glitch rarely occurs with sonolus.

If a glitch occurs when using sonolus, it is necessary to determine whether the glitch is in the sonolus or in the device.

There could be a problem with the way sonolus is installed.

There could be a problem with the way sonolus is installed. If you downloaded and installed sonolus from other sites instead of installing it from the official store, this may cause problems.

Please be very careful not to make a mistake in how you put in sonolus. As with any application, if you install it incorrectly, the probability of problems occurring increases, so please do so carefully.

How to install Sonolus?

Let us quickly explain how to download this Sonolus that you are interested in.

Since this is not an application provided by an official music game company, the download procedure is a bit complicated.

For iOS

First, we will show you how to download the app on devices called iOS, such as the iPhone and iPad.

1. Download the Sonolus app itself

2. Sign (sideload) the app

In the case of Windows

1.Search for "AltStore" on the website

2. Tap "Windows" at the bottom of the official AltStore website to download the application.

3. Extract the downloaded folder, and double-click one of the extracted files.

4. Launch "Altserver" from the Windows button.

5. Connect your iOS (iPhone or iPad) to the PC (tap "Trust" when prompted "Do you trust this computer?)

6. Select your device in the "install Altstore" from the "∧" icon in the lower right corner of the PC.

7. Enter your AppleID and password.

8. A message will appear, press "OK" and wait for a while to complete the installation.

  For Mac】 【For Mac】, click "Install".

In case of Mac

1. Search for "AltStore" on the website.

2. Tap "Mac OS" at the bottom of the official AltStore website to download the file.

3. Double-click the downloaded file and move the file to the "Applications" folder.

4. Launch "Altserver" from the Applications folder and select "install mail plugin" from the top of the PC.

5. Enter your Mac password.

6. Open "Preferences" from "File" of your mail software in your PC, check "Altplugin.mailbundle" in "Manage Plug-ins" and press "Allow Access", then restart your mail

7. Connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to the PC (tap "Trust" when prompted "Do you trust this computer?") 8. Tap "install" from the icon at the top of the PC screen and select your device

9. Enter your AppleID and password.

10. When asked to install, press the blue button and enter your Mac password to complete the installation.

Sonolus Settings for Windows and Mac (iPhone/iPad operation)

1. After installation is complete, go to "General" in "Settings" and select "VPN and Device Management".

2. Select the gear marked "Settings" and choose "Trust" from the message.

3. Open the first downloaded Sonolus and you will be able to click on "Open in AltStore" to launch Sonolus.

For Android

To download Sonolus on Android, you will need to follow a different procedure than on iOS.

1. access the official Sonolus website

Click the link below to enter the official website.

>> Official Sonolus website

2. Download the file from the official site.

Tap the word "Android" at the top of the site to download the file.

3. Allow installation of unknown apps

When you open the file, a message from Chrome will appear saying, " For security reasons, we are unable to install unknown apps. and from there open the settings.

Open the settings and toggle the switch next to the text " Allow apps from this source" to on to complete the installation.

4. Install the app.

After the permission is complete, return to the previous screen and you will be able to tap Install.

After installation, press "Open" to launch the application and complete the download.

Sonolus Server Settings

The second point of the server setting for smooth play of Sonolus is to add a server and complete the server setup. Add a server and you are done. Add a server and you are done, so you can now play the rhythm game.


We have introduced some frequently asked questions about Sonolus, so please check them out before downloading and playing the game.