4Anime Review

By Atish Ranjan

If you are a fan of Anime shows, you will definitely have access to a huge number of options for the best premium animation shows. However, apart from these premium anime services, you will also get access to a few fans supported anime as well. The 4Anime is one of the excellent options from that perspective. 

What is 4Anime?

4Anime is a free streaming anime platform and is quite unique in its own right for the best high-quality anime shows. Similar to 9Anime, the program does provide you access to a huge range of options for the best anime content without the need for registration. 

One of the strongest features in its favor can include the free to browse functionality on the website. In addition to letting you stream the content, it also lets you download the shows as per your preferences and in any quality, you want to download it in. 

It has been considered to be one of the excellent choices for the perfect experiences in terms of a great deal of faster loading and smaller anime shows. A great looking interface can be what would further enhance your experience beyond any doubt. 

4Anime.to is one of the first websites that people began looking for when KissAnime and a host of the popular anime shows were shut down or began facing issues. It works with secure servers and that should be one of the prime reasons that would make it a huge advantage to browse it without the need to worry about any issues in terms of malware or other issues.

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Is 4Anime a great option to stream and download Anime shows? 

Well, there are several advantages associated with 4Anime.to and how efficient and effective it can be in providing you access to an enhanced experience. 

Here are a few advantages associated with 4Anime. You would definitely find the anime website a great option for almost all your needs in a high-quality anime show. 

An in-depth and detailed release schedule

The site does provide you access to a complete release schedule that extends for a week in many cases. As soon as you click on the schedule section, you would find that the shows are listed in an easy to follow a schedule based on when the shows will be available on the network. 

The shows are regularly updated almost on a daily basis. You will find at least 6 to 7 shows added per day. That would mean you have a show or an episode to watch on the streaming service every day. 

An intuitive user interface

An intuitive and easy to use interface is one of the prime factors that would ideally make it one of the excellent choices. The amazing design of the interface is what would make it one of the strongest factors that enhances your browsing, streaming, and downloading performance. 

Take up any section of the site such as fonts, menus, and categories – you will find everything impressive enough. You can get access to a great streaming experience ever. Finding your content on the website is much simple and easy and that should be one of the sole reasons you would find it making a perfect choice. 

A great design 

The design elements on the software are what would ideally make it one of the enhanced options ever. In fact, the design would be one of the prime elements you would find rather impressive and make you stay on the site for a prolonged period of time. 

The dark theme on the site can further make it one of the high-end options. The dark background and colorful themes would provide the much needed contrast. The logos and layouts on the site make it one of the features that make the site appear quite unique and distinctive. That should perhaps be one of the reasons for achieving the excellent options and may not be something you would witness on most of the other websites. 

An excellent content 

 4Anime is known to provide you access to a great degree of efficiency and performance in terms of a powerful content library. You can get access to over 2000 anime series. You can choose to watch the massive content in either in SD or HD quality. The site does not suffer any sort of buffering when streaming the content. 

You can enjoy the varied list of shows and content that include ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Death Note’, ‘One Piece’, and ‘Naruto Shippuden’. The content library is updated on a regular basis. 

The Mobile and Desktop app experience 

The streaming service does provide you access to an enhanced experience and performance. We used it on a wide range of devices that include Surface 4 or even Pixel devices. We found it offering you a great degree of service quality for a free streaming service. 

On a desktop app, we did not face any severe streaming hiccups, or any other similar issues. Even with respect to the functionality of the service, we found it not coming up with any intrusive ads or even annoying pop-ups. The video player within the streaming service can definitely prove to be one of the excellent choices ever. The 4Anime.to comes with four options on the interface - Report, Focus, Download, and Resize. If you are looking to watch the anime show offline, you can simply opt for the Download option to download the anime show on your device.

The functionality of both mobile and desktop apps is almost similar and the app lets you play with the settings without hiccups. The mobile app of 4Anime.to provides you an amazingly fast streaming service along with the ability to cast the videos onto your TV. 

The mobile app is not available on the official app store, but you can download the content on the other APK hosting services. The high-end customization options offered by the mobile and desktop app should further make it one of the strongest factors that further make it one of the great options ever. 

The Excellent Features Offered by 4Anime.to

Well, having understood what is 4Anime is and how effective it has been providing you access to an outstanding performance, how about checking out a few prime features you would find rather impressive. 

A few of the features offered by 4Anime can include:

  • It offers you access to optional ads. You can turn off the notification ads or even other types of ads without hassles. 
  • The file sizes, if you are planning to download them, can be just around 250 MB which should be yet another prime options 
  • The dark mode on the site further make it one of the excellent options 
  • The extremely mobile friendly design and parameters. 
  • The anime videos are hosted on the Google servers, and that would make it one of the excellent options for a superfast streaming efficiency. 

The Pros and Cons of 4Anime Service 

The 4Anime.to anime streaming service does offer you access to an enhanced service quality. However, just like any other software, you would witness the Pros and Cons of the streaming service. 


  • An excellent and amazing content library 
  • A powerful online community 
  • An excellent streaming efficiency
  • High-end customization options 


  • Compression levels appear to be a little heavy 

Is 4Anime.to a Safer option? 

As with any of the free streaming services, you would come across one of the most common questions – Is 4Anime safe? Well, there are two factors that would decide here – the legality of the site and the safety from malware and other issues. So, we will need to answer the two questions – Is 4Anime legal and in 4Anime safe.

If you look at it from the legal point of view, 4Anime is a pirate site. That means it sources its shows from the other sources and dos not have any license to stream them. If there are any copyrighted shows among the ones hosted on the site, it would be liable to action against you on the basis of the copyright violation. 

Best Options for the Prime 4anime Alternatives

4Anime has been one of the excellent options for the enhanced experience in getting access to a great degree of performance. However, if you are finding it difficult to access 4Anime or looking for the best 4Anime alternatives, the choice of the best options for the prime alternatives to 4Anime can include a few of the following. 


  1. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is one of the high-end options for providing you access to a great deal of performance with the best options for the high-end animes. The lack of need to register your account should be what would make it a great choice. You can even leave comments on the episodes. They also have a Discord channel so that you can keep chatting with your anime fans. 


  1. AnimeTube

One of the unique animation services, AnimeTube can prove to be one of the high-end options. It does provide you access to a huge number of licensed titles as well. Some of the great titles found on the site include o no Exorcist (TV & Movie), Sailor Moon S, Bakemonogatari, and Blood+. 

  1. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the excellent options for the best streaming service ever for the high-end animes and can be a great 4Anime alternatives. It provides you access to the cleanest and user-friendly appearance. The shows on the service are not dubbed into English. 

  1. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy can be considered to be one of the exciting options for watching your favourite anime shows. Just like 4Anime, it provides you access to a greater efficiency with the dark theme and offers you access to work as a great choice for all your needs in best 4Anime alternative. 

Animepahe is yet another good alternative to 4Anime. The smaller file sizes would be what should simplify your experience. It offers you even smaller file sizes when compared to the shows on 4Anime. 

The Recommended Reading – DVDFab Player 6 

If you are checking out the best options available for watching the best anime shows on 4Anime.to or any other similar streaming service, you would find that DVDFab Player 6 should be one of the high-end options playing your favorite animation shows. 

The service has been known to be one of the high end 4K UHD Media player. The media player also supports 4K UHD discs and a wide range of other discs and content. You can also have access to an outstanding video and audio resolutions. Option for a high end professional audio-visual effects and an option for creating custom playlists can prove to be one of the perfect options you would find rather an impressive options. It can be your best for playing and streaming your favorite Anime sites to your heart’s content. 

You can either opt for the standard or ultra versions and you can go with the right options depending on your individual preferences. It also doubles up as one of the high-end options for providing you access to the versatile 4K player compatibility at its best. 

The Bottom Line

4Anime has been rated to be one of the excellent options and has been known to provide you access to a huge degree of advanced experience in enjoying the high-end animation experience ever. The smaller size of the files further makes it one of the best options, while you may opt for Animepahe if you are checking out the average 150 MB of file size. 

In any case, 4Anime.to has been observed to be a great option for a wide range of anime shows. It does not offer dubbed shows and that may be something you may be worried about.