Is Duolingo at risk? Alternative apps are also available.

By momoka

There is an app called Duolingo that allows you to learn English and other languages. Is this app free to use? If so, find out how much it costs, how much English you can learn, and if there is any risk.

Duolingo Features

There are many language learning apps for learning English. That is Duolingo.

We will explain what Duolingo can do for you later, so check out Duolingo's features. Check it out.

Can Duolingo help me learn English completely free of charge?

There are other apps to learn English besides Duolingo, but for those who want to know about other English apps besides Duolingo, here are some other apps to learn English besides Duolingo.

However, there is a danger that some apps that claim to be free but actually require payment to proceed may be paid apps. To identify such dangers, let's take a look at the reviews.

Duolingo has paid and free courses

Duolingo offers free English courses and paid courses. Other apps do not mention that you can learn for a fee, and there is a risk that you may unknowingly pay to use the app.

Check the reviews to see if that risk exists. The reviews will describe whether you can learn for a fee and the risk of paying for the course without knowing it, so check to see if there is any risk.

Are there any dangers in the Duolingo app?

Duolingo should also be looked for dangers before you install it; Duolingo is a low-risk app, but apps similar to Duolingo can be dangerous.

When installing an app similar to Duolingo, check word of mouth for any dangers. There is a risk of money, but there is also a risk of having your personal information extracted. Install with caution.

Bad reputation of Duolingo

Correct answers are marked as "incorrect".
The example sentences are unnatural and uncomfortable.
The program often freezes or fails to operate smoothly.
The audio is unnatural and difficult to understand.
The level of English conversation is low and insufficient.

I lost my motivation because I got frustrated by the number of "incorrect" answers that were given even though they were clearly not wrong.

■There are many example sentences that are unnatural as Japanese and situations that would never happen in the real world. For example, "A dog robbed a bank. I think the recent update of the app has made it even worse. Even though it is free, it is a waste of time.

■The app has many glitches. It often freezes.

The synthesized voice is very difficult to understand, and I don't like the voice quality, which stresses me out. The selling point was that I could learn the pronunciation of a native speaker, but now the part that used to be recorded by a native speaker has been replaced by a synthetic voice. I am disappointed.

There are better English conversation apps out there!

HiNative Trek is an English learning service that is different from online English conversation services in that it helps you learn the English output that Japanese people lack. You can use it from either a browser or an app.

Recommended for this person

People who can read English with a dictionary, but when they try to speak, the words don't come out. People who want an American teacher to teach them, but don't want to go to an English conversation class. People who want to use their free time efficiently. People who want to be able to use English for their work.

Advantages of HiNative Trek

Teachers are Americans with business experience

Feedback is polite and high quality

Clearly states that it is actually tried for 1 week~1 month

The content is convincing even for those who have tried various English learning methods.

Text and audio are kept as data, so it is easy to review

You can submit the work you couldn't do on that day later, so you don't lose anything.

Output material for those who have already done input by studying for TOEIC, etc.