GoAnime Review

Atish Ranjan
Updated on 2021-01-30
GoGoAnime.io is a prime anime site & offers you excellent service on GoGoAnime app & other services. Check GoGoAnime features in this complete review.

If you are an animation fan, you will find that the GoGoAnime is one of the exciting choices for most of your expectations. A very high-quality online streaming site, it primarily focuses on the Japanese animation genre. But, the anime site is surrounded by several controversies and doubts as well. We thought of coming up with the complete information on the best features offered by GoGoAnime.io and how effective it can be. 

What is GoGoAnime? 

GoGoAnime is a high-quality online streaming service and helps you achieve the best results in terms of the Japanese Animes. The service does provide you access to a great degree of entertainment in different resolutions. 

One of the huge advantages offered by the tool lies in the fact that it does support almost all browsers that support HTML5. You will find that the shows are dubbed into English which further makes it a great option. 

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A Few Prime Features Offered by GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime.io does provide you access to a perfect set of features that make it one of the excellent options for animation lovers. Some of the exciting features offered by GoGoAnime can include 

  • Multiple genres are supported on the platform. Some of the genres supported on the animation site can include action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game to name a few

  • You can access the English subtitles for the animes. Most of the anime shows, however, come with English dubbing

  • You can even download or purchase the desired episodes as per your preferences. You can even pay for shows and watch your favorite shows. 

  • The content library of the service is regularly updated on a daily basis. 

  • You can get access to a powerful search compatibility that lets you find the new releases and new seasons. 

  • You can even contact them if needed through the contact link. 

GoGoAnime Mobile Application – How Does it Work?

GoGoAnime.io does provide access to a mobile application for those of you who are looking for watching the animation movies on the official site. You have access to the application on mobiles. The simple to use application can be something you would find one of the excellent options for getting access to an enhanced performance. 

In sharp contrast to the official website, the animations arranged on the app are arranged on the mobile application. That would let you access to the different animes as per your preferences. The search option to find the videos of your preferences is quite easy and simple. 

You can even add up the anime movies to your favorites list so that you can watch them any time you want to. Looking for your favorite animation show on your app can be quite easy and simple. The option to choose the appropriate video quality can be one of the excellent options. 

Is it safe to use GoGoAnime?

It is quite common to find GoGoAnime which is what would make it one of the excellent options. As long as you work with it in the right manner, it can be quite safer. Using the GoGoAnime app can be easy and safe unless you do not click on an ad. That can end up you getting redirected to unwanted websites. Yet another reason it can be unsafe can be when you download animes without the permission of the owners. Though it may not be unsafe, it can be illegal.

But, that is about the illegality and similar other nature of the software. If you are looking at it from the point of view of safety with respect to the malware or virus, it can be considered 100 percent safer. 

Why GoGoAnime.io stands out among all the anime sites?

Animes have been one of the most popular content and are viewed by almost everyone across the world. Most of us – irrespective of age – are addicted to animes. In fact, animes are more popular among the children and modern youth. 

The popularity of the animes is growing consistently. In essence, the animes have been popular when it comes to the Japanese origin. GoGoAnime.io has been one of the excellent options for changing the mood and excitement to a better extent. 

What makes GoGoAnime so popular? There are several reasons that make GoGoAnime so popular. Some of the traits that make GoGoAnime stand out from the rest of the anime sites are the creative stories that they offer, impactful characters in the shows, and a wide range of features offered on the platform. You can even find the different books with respect to the books in different categories of anime which further enhances your experience with animes. 

In essence, watching the animes on the GogGoAnime can help you get access to a high degree of imagination to achieve the best standards in terms on an enhanced imagination skills. The different characters available on the platform should definitely make it one of the most preferred options ever when you look at the features available on it and then compare it to the features offered by GoGoAnime.io. 

10 Best GoGoAnime Alternative Sites to Watch Anime Free Online

While GoGoAnime has been one of the most practical options for an improved experience in terms of an improved anime watching ever, it is quite possible that you would want to check out the best alternatives to GoGoAnime. Here are a few good GoGoAnime.io alternatives you would want to check out. 

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1. Chia-Anime

The design and interface may appear dated, but Chia-Anime does provide you access to a very high degree of efficiency in terms of an improved collection of animes of Asian origin. One of the excellent options you would find impressive can be that most of the Asian and Dorama anime shows on the site can be downloaded in the MP4 format. In fact, you would be to watch them on a smartphone, TV, or even on a gaming console.gogoanime alternativeThe app does have an active Facebook page, and you can share feedback on the website. You would also find it offering a great deal of new websites that are added to the site. You may also request for new shows to be added on the website. 

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is yet another excellent project that has been known to be one of the excellent options. It has been one of the most powerful websites and a great streaming service ever. A mobile-friendly site, it has been rated to be a perfect option for almost all your Anime shows. The touch-optimized option of the Anime site should further make it one of the perfect options ever. 

kissanime-alternatives to gogoanime

The efficient forum section on the app should be one of the thoughtful options and lets you discuss everything related to anime, dorama, and Japanese culture. If you love an exciting online community, KissAnime should be one of the excellent options ever. 

3. AnimeShow

AnimeShow is one of the most advanced options for the well-designed anime streaming sites that provides you access to animes in multiple genres. A few of the genres can include action, adventure, comedy, drama, ecchi, fantasy, horror, mecha, mystery, romance, school, seinen, shoujo, slice of life, space, and vampire. 

Anime show-gogoanime alternative

The option to watch a random anime show is what would enhance your experience. Each of the anime show on the service does come with a description and that should make it a great choice to find more information on the animes before you can begin watching it. You can even leave comments about the show.

4. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima brings all the anime shows to you without any limitation. The site does not need you to register yourself on the service which is one of the most positive aspects of the streaming service that further makes it a great service ever. However, creating an account would help you get access to extra features. 

anime ultima-gogoanime alternative

Registered users can get access to a huge number of notifications. You can even leave comments on different episodes. The service also comes with its own Discord channel and you can use it for talking about everything about animes and even ask for recommendations. 

5. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the excellent options for the best GoGoAnime alternatives. One of the best options with the cleanest and user-friendly interface. It does source animes from different sources. Of course, it does not have as many streaming shows as on the other platforms, but you will find it offering a great deal of options. 


The shows are not dubbed into English, but you can get subtitles which is one of the added advantages. The search feature does work more positively, but the service provides you access to a limited collection of individual episodes. While it can be a good alternative to GoGoAnime, it may not be the right choice for the prime anime source. 

6. DubbedAnime

The DubbedAnime is not an anime streaming service per se, but an online community of the Anime lovers. In addition to the anime shows, it allows you to get access to several shows that provide you access to a lot of shows with English subtitles. It offers you access to kid-oriented shows. 

DubbedAnime does have its own release schedule and always provides you something that you can keep looking ahead to. You can even pick any of your favorite shows based on your binge-watching mood. The shows are available with different links and that is exactly what makes it a great choice for an assured link. 

7. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy is yet another exciting application for watching your favorite animes. The Dark Mode can be one of the best features on it along with the standalone Android app. With a slicker interface and an easy switching option between the dubbed movies and those with subtitles further makes it a great option. 

AnimeFrenzy also has an Android app that improves your mobile experience. The app comes with ads, but you can opt for the pro version to get rid of ads. 

8. Anime-Planet

Among the GoGoAnime alternatives, Anime-Planet does follow a different route and focusses only on the industry specified content. You can be assured of only that content that is completely legal in nature. It works with the partnership with the anime industry. It has over 45000 anime episodes The content is completely free. 

If you have registered with the service, you can get access to your own personalized recommendations. You can even build your own library as well. 

9. Animeland

Animeland is a great source for the dubbed movies and anime shows. It can provide you access to a better option for watching your shows without any registration. The site has a lot of popular anime shows and provides access to such classics as Naruto, One Piece, and Sword Art Online.

It also has a chat widget that lets you discuss animes. You will also be notified of new animes as and when they are added. You may also recommend great shows to one another. 

10. AnimeStreams

It is one of the excellent options for the best options for the perfect performance in terms of anime movies. It is a simple website with a surprising content. It has a growing archive set of animes that can work as a great choice for the best GoGoAnime alternative. 

The site offers both dubbed shows and those with subtitles. There are multiple streams for each of the animes. That ensures that you would never miss out on your favorite animes at all. 


How to Download GoGoAnime.io?

Downloading GoGoAnime is much simple and easy. You just need to visit the official website and follow the instructions to download it. 

The steps involved in how to download GoGoAnime include 

  • Visit the official website 
  • Choose the episode you want to download
  • Click on the download link on the video 
  • You should find the download link generated
  • Click on it and you will be able to download the GoGoAnime show. 

GoGoAnime.io Applications 

Apart from the official website, you will also have access to a host of services and apps specifically designed for varied application areas. 

GoGoAnime TV Application 

GoGoAnime TV application should be one of the excellent options to stream the content online. You can download it from Microsoft Store and watch your favorite animes with English subtitles. The simple interface makes it easy to use. It has the episodes that are consistently updated. You will also be able to add animes to your favorites list. 

GoGoAnime Android/iOS application

Availability of mobile apps is what would make it a great option in the long run for an on the go functionality. You can download it from the respective Android and iOS app stores. The latest updates to the app have made it one of the most reliable anime apps you can opt for. 


How to Play GoGoAnime on Laptop or TV: DVDFab Player 6

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