Have you heard of YouTube's premier publication? Thoroughly explain the points and benefits of using it!

Updated on 2022-09-20
How do I use YouTube Premier Publish?" What are the benefits of using Premier Publish?" This section explains basic information you may or may not know about YouTube Premier Publish.

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What is YouTube Premiere?

YouTube Premiere is a feature that allows you to pre-set a date and time to publish your video . Anyone can use it for free, and a thumbnail image will be displayed on YouTube until the video is published.

A "Set Reminder" button will appear in the overview section, and users who have set it up or subscribed to a channel will receive a notification 30 minutes before the video is released.

Differences from YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium and YouTube Premier are often confused because of their similar names; YouTube Premium is a paid service that allows users to play videos without advertisements.

Advantages of YouTube Premier

Chat function allows you to see real-time reactions

When you premiere on YouTube, you can use the chat function to communicate with your audience even before your video is published.

When posting videos on YouTube, as a rule, there is a comment section. The comment section and chat function can only be used for premiere and live streaming. When communicating in the comment section, there is a time lag.

On the other hand, Premier allows users to communicate via chat before and during video playback, and user feedback and questions are displayed in real time.

By answering questions and engaging in conversation about the content of the video, viewers can feel more connected to the video. Chats cannot be written after the initial release, but can be shown/hidden at any time.

The Super Chat feature allows for monetization.

The Super Chat feature, also known as "throw money," allows viewers to send money to the video distributor.

They can send from 100 yen to a maximum of 50,000 yen per day, providing a source of income other than advertising revenue.
Super Chat is not available after the first broadcast.

Can create a special feeling

YouTube channels that normally post videos without Premiere can create a special feel to their videos by setting up Premiere, and expect an increase in the number of users and views.
Videos with Premiere settings are displayed as "Premiere on XXX" and stand out when displayed in related videos and recommended columns on YouTube, thus attracting the interest of more users.

YouTube Premiere Application Cases

In what cases is YouTube Premiere utilized? Here are some examples of utilization from existing cases.

Announcement of new songs and content by artists

The announcement of new music by an artist is a common case where YouTube premiere videos are used.
The point is to create video content that does not disappoint users' expectations, which is often used as an announcement of new content or a new project by YouTubers.

Announcement of a new service or commercial for a company

YouTube Premiere is a good match for corporate PR, allowing a large number of people to watch the video at the same time as the announcement of a new service or a new commercial .
In addition, since you can learn directly from users' reactions, you can use the feedback as a reference for product copy and other marketing purposes.

Points to utilize YouTube Premier


In order to maximize the effectiveness of YouTube Premier, we will explain the key points of utilization by dividing them into "before," "at the time of release," and "after release.

Before Video Release

Focus on the timing and frequency of premieres.

The best timing for premiering is when the distributor of the video can reply to your chat. This is because if your channel has many subscribers, viewers will start responding as soon as a premiere video is uploaded.

If you premiere all your videos, they will not feel special and you may lose user interest. Premiering is just a way to get more people to watch your video, so be sure to organize the purpose of your video and verify if it is really a video that should be premiered.

Announcement on other social networking sites

In order to let people other than channel subscribers know about your video, you should actively announce it on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram stories.

When making announcements, be aware of when, for what purpose, and with what content to be released.

Create a trailer.

When a user clicks on a premier video, they usually see a thumbnail image of the video.
If your channel has more than 1,000 subscribers, you can display a short trailer video instead of a thumbnail image.

The trailer video has the effect of further increasing the user's sense of anticipation, leading to actions such as "set a reminder/subscribe to the channel so you don't miss it".

Trailer videos can be set from 15 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes.

At the time of video release

Interacting via chat
The audience for a premiere screening is typically fans who are particularly interested in that channel or product. Connect with users via chat and make the premiere a special event for those who come to see it.

After Video Release

Continue the Conversation
Even after the premiere is over, you can still chat for a short period of time.
Use this as an opportunity to answer questions or direct viewers to other videos or content.

Even after the chat function is closed, the comment section will still be available, so it is a good idea to make an announcement encouraging people to write in the comment section.

Comments and Likes videos are judged by YouTube's algorithm to be highly engaged videos and are more likely to be displayed on YouTube.

How to set up YouTube Premier

1) Log in to YouTube Studio on your computer.

② Click the "Create" button in the upper right corner and upload your video.

(*) Note that 360-degree videos, VR videos, and videos exceeding 1080p are not supported.

③ Fill in detailed information such as the video title and description.

④ Select "Set schedule" and check "Set as premier public".

Premiere setting

⑤ Specify the date and time to publish the video, and click "Set Schedule" in the lower right corner to finish.


We have explained the benefits of YouTube Premier, how to set it up, and how to use it.
Premiering is an effective way to introduce new products and content.

It is easy to link with channel subscriptions and is free of charge, so it should be utilized proactively.

If you are currently running YouTube for your company or creating marketing videos, please download the "List of SNS Video Standards and Sizes.
We have compiled a list of different video standards for each SNS, including YouTube.