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Updated on 2023-06-29
Psychonauts 2 released in 2021. It's a really popular game with the movie style. Highly recommend!!

Review of Psychonauts 2 

Psychonauts 2 is a classic platformer and one of my favourite games in the last five Psychonauts 2. Are you excited for the sequel to the original game from 2005? Were you alive at the time it came out, let's jump into the time travel and unravel and machine for a second 2005 on the original Xbox saw psychonauts, a classic platforming game that started the story of Raz. A psychic acrobat runs away from the circus to join a summer camp for kids with gifted abilities. Psychonauts were lauded for their excellent platforming characterization and stunningly long SQL development time, even though it didn't sell very well. That brings us to psychonauts two, and this review 2021 is finally here on August 25th. 

For the Xbox, pc, os x and Linux, hit the subscribe button. I would love for you to subscribe, give it a thumbs up. This is what Edward Scissorhands Beetlejuice, and a 1990s cartoon would look like if somehow three groups could make a delightfully freakish baby, it's not ugly. It's not dog win or ward level but remembering that psychonauts, so-called humans, are led by a character that looks like she put a football in her mouth sideways and just left it there, you should be prepared for this game offers I like it. I think the designs are fantastic. Scott Campbell's original character designs filtered through Tim Schaefer's factory of ideas has resulted in a game that looks gorgeous even when it's sort of not and has you staring at the bit. In a skewed shape of a single painting on the wall of a doctor in a shower cap. However, I think the facial animations and the weird life-like emotions that the characters display all the time that is so instantly noticeable in psychonauts 2. like Raz's open-eyed stairs. He peeks over this dirty counter and discusses someone cooking the rocks pancake cheat meal. It starts pretty enough with replacement ingredients from random animals, expired foodstuffs, and growing horror, but the levels continue. 

Better Color made Better Game

It gets downright gorgeous, and it's not like ratchet and clank and that over the top graphical sheen. It's like a unique animation, something that doesn't look like anything else. And even the side characters that aren't the shining star of a scene are indelibly marked on my memory. While psychonauts two doesn't start with that blistering biosphere of, let's say, mutant and its massive draw distances and that marvellous colourwork. And it's not like that fur bristling and high technology that send a thousand furries into their bunks like a ratchet and clank. It's not a power. Instantly what it does do is it offers this bent world that isn't just contained in the warp mines of the people that razz can leap into but also the psychonauts main base the landscape around it. It's esoteric weirdly. It's always surprising you with this mysterious squid creature that kicks you out of the water when you fall into it. Or the crazy design of the boss is made out of the outside of a 1970s cranked up cephalopod technical wizardry may exist in psychonauts, but that's not the game's graphical aim, and it's never in your face. Long draw distances are noticed, but only because the very peak of the horizon is some floating tongue with warped teeth like it chewed its way out of a wren and Stimpy cartoon artistically this game speaks to me the character's incredibly pronounced designs, and the game's use of flatter textures may not talk to everybody else.

Also, it lacks ray tracing and those kinds of lighting color effects it's going to rub some people the wrong way. The first area, in particular, doesn't do the game any favours, but after you move out of the first, maybe 15 minutes, if you like misfits the odd, the deeply warped Psychonauts 2 is going to appeal to you on a fundamental level. Also, while the boss designs are fantastic, the enemy designs themselves are a little bit more hit and miss. Some are incredible. Others almost rely on an in-joke from the story versus a profound graphical design that makes them appealing or memorable. However, as a package, the entire game's overall look and performance was excellent. 

The fps was locked pretty much all the time frame. Counting moments and using software indicated a lock 60. there are various versions of this game.  I'm going to pop up the display here so you can see there was a drop or two on a couple of loading screens, but an excellent image throughout.

One of The Best Sound System

Oh, what are you doing? Three days ago, Truman Zagato, the grand head of the psychonauts, was kidnapped yesterday. The psychonauts rescued Truman from the underwater lair of Dr Lobot. Whenever you get a game like this, that's so unique looking, and you always want that audio to match it and impressively enough. It does, for the most part, through stellar voice work for a stunning number of characters. It comes through in the delivery razz whose voice by Richard Horvitz is both comically childlike or at least adolescent. But at the same time, courageous, like when he admits that he deeply failed everyone around him. 

Richards has always been an excellent voice actor but backed up by writing like this, that takes its time. I'll get to that in a moment that work comes through, and it's allowed to shine by all the conversations you can have in psychonauts 2. It's a little bit mind-blowing, and it plays almost more like an RPG. At times when you spend this much time in the discussions backed up by an excellent side cast. 

Psychonauts 2 delivers in every level of the vocals well, and the sound work only matches this; it's phenomenal. This is where when the game opens up, and you notice a lot of work put in the wide-open, far-field sounds of reversed flowing rivers. Or the open-air echo that the first classroom you go into, its subtle but comical effects back it up. As well as expected ones for the various special powers that razz and his team have cribbed and adjusted from sci-fi expectant sound effects like mind control warbles this all works incredibly well. 

There's a lot of atmospherics going on that you can hear when you play the game. Lastly the music, it's downright fantastic. It goes from this light-hearted elevator music pumping into the huge auditorium centre of that main base to banjos. It jumps into larger orchestral pieces without really missing a beat and fading and melding perfectly into those sound effects as well. It creates this excellent sonic layer, and it's patterned enough that you don't notice any switching. Each track delicately reflects a place and a bit of the game world or a boss's central theme. 

While at the same time never goes so far as to sound out of place, even the old 1970s James bond spy movie tracks that you hear there's something to say about a game. That has a stellar thumping soundtrack that gets your blood pumping psychonauts 2. The soundtrack is far more akin to something like a motion picture. And it fits the gameplay, which we're going to talk about right now using a false identity we've secured a high roller suite to use as our base of operations razz. This team just came back from the rhombus of ruin that was the game. 

Why Psychonauts 2 is a Good Game?

That was on the PSVR and is returning after having saved their comrade and also capturing their enemy. It's only to find the possibility of a spy within their group. Razna has to prove himself again to this group and has to help them find out who it is that masterminded. The whole last adventure that plays out here reminded me a bit of Harry Potter. In theme, and I can't spoil anything, the plotline delves into enemies of the past possibly remade, and the secrets and truths and laypeople tell each other after tumultuous events. 

Psychonauts 2 is very platform-centric as a game. Bear that in mind it is not a shooter and platformer 5050. In a way, that says ratchet is or even most other games combat occurs. It has a place to shine on some levels, but many psychonauts are based on platforming and exploration. Even some of the powers of which Raz can unlock while exploring and finding collectables or furthering. 

In the story, almost all of them have to do with exploration. And then have a side impact on the combat. Since Raz's power is the ability to jump into people's minds, you can do that. And those levels are strange reflections of the history and the decisions. People have made it, but it's also still a platformer in there. For example, you may be able to change someone's mind by finding the connection to some event in their past and making them think, oh hey, I want to change it and by doing. So you grapple onto their thoughts or leap across electrified bad memories or sail over nightmares. Almost everything, though, is in service of the platforming or fiction of service of the platform. 

And thank god, because this is what platforming needed for me 15 plus hours of probably the most confident in itself game I've seen in a long time. And with things like a crash bandicoot, the platform genre is wide in presentation. It's usually in the game's pacing, though, that I identify with a crash bandicoot's insanely high difficulty level and defunct mountain dew extreme attitude or is almost combo rhythm-based exploration. 

Psychonauts 2's pacing is much more like older classic 3d platformers with story moments elevated to something. You would expect to see in big-budget titles like uncharted now. I don't mean that massive budget we'll talk about in a second. But indeed, more than you see, in most other games of this kind, psychonauts deals with all sorts of very adult fare. As well, its fancy is directly attached to its wisdom and how it tackles them, though. You may leap into a level where you're helping someone deal with horrible decisions in their life. And these fantastic comedic moments come out both visually and audibly in the banter or the one-liners. Then the game settles down and brings it all back around with this lengthy cut scene. At every turn, psychonauts add some new way in which to interact with the world.

In the gameplay, not in just the case of taking a rat's mind and seeing what humans look like to them. But crazy mini-games within the levels themselves are technical levels inside of another level. At the same time, you have the expected moves for platforming, like double jumps and gliding, to explore climbing rail sliding and psychic mind attacks, and basic activities combat is not the strong point. And you can tell while battles play out, you get better as you get more powers. 

The controls are not unique. You can attach your powers to the bumpers and triggers, which is excellent. Also, changing them out by pushing up on the digital pad is pretty quick. However, in particular moments like grabbing items worldwide to use your psychic telekinesis, the enemies and moving and attacking them is not very smooth. It's a consequence of both having a large number of available powers. As well as the lack of natural gun style systems to rely on good aiming, you can go into the targeting system and turn it on or off in the accessibility section, which might make this a little smoother for people, but it never felt good. 

You can power up Raz's abilities like adding distance to an attacker, making a PSI power ability radius massive. Some badges are small, boy scout field badge designs, and they can be added to powers and Raz himself to adjust things like how an ability looks graphically. Or if you can interact with some creatures in the game world. Otherwise, there's many those in keeping with Raz. Though being his person and that bit of individuality, especially as the story does involve his entry into another group, he has to prove himself. 

I like that feeling of being a new person in an already established team. And just changing the color of some actual PSY effects worked well. Later on, more expensive pins can dramatically change the gameplay if you want to do or exist. In the n plus game, there's a cerebral catharsis in a play that takes its time and does it well. In a platformer or genre that you're not quite expecting that momentary diversion of time and desire to go into the action and more of a desire to watch and experience. The story is something I was not expecting. 

In a platformer Psychonauts 2 nails, I was interested in what these characters were doing and what they were thinking. This does tie back into Psychonauts 1 a couple of times, and they're lucky enough is a what happened last time kind of trailer that you can see that does explain a lot of it. But there are many stories here, so be prepared for a couple of times, where you're like, who was that and maybe having to look it up. I didn't know what I was going to get with psychonauts too. 

It's had a bit of troubled development. It had the fig. And then they ended up paying those guys back. Microsoft bought them. You never quite know what you're getting whenever a game takes this long to be made. However, what I got damn this is a more sedate platformer than most other titles.

Psychonauts 2 hits a spot that reminds me of those older 3d platformers, which is why it is fun to me. The characters are incredible platforming is great exploration's always engaging combat. I didn't love it, and I don't hate it; I don't think it ruins anything. It's certainly nowhere near the drop that we saw in bio-mutant. But it is not necessarily the game's absolute strong point. It does get better in the later part of the game, though you get a lot of those different powers without spoilering everything. 

In Conclusion

I can say this game has a friggin plethora of pure pleasure when it comes to characters. The voice is the acting, and the highlights are the goddamned game with excellent writing like this.