Shows Like Money Heist That Can Be Watched

Updated on 2021-09-16
Money Heist is a Spanish crime series that was initially called "La Casa De Papel." It is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

Money Heist is a Spanish crime series that was initially called "La Casa De Papel." It is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It centers on a heist, and it is packed with action and twists. The show was immediately popular and quickly reached millions of viewers. It's about a heist led by a criminally-minded man who goes by the name "The Professor." He is supported by a group who have nothing to lose and are extraordinary in their efforts throughout the entire plan. There are a few shows that have similar plots and are very similar to this one. Let's take a look at some of these shows if we are talking about the genre. To make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to the channel by hitting the bell icon. If you like Money Heist, please let us know by selecting it. Okay, let's take the show on the road.

7. Narcos


Netflix Original Series Narcos, an American crime drama series, is based on a true story. It is very similar to Money Heist. It aired in 2015, and it is still loved today by those interested in this genre. Narcos tells the story of Pablo Escobar, a drug dealer who made millions selling cocaine. The show becomes more entertaining as drug lords fight against kingpins with law enforcement to stop the drug trade as the episodes progress. It aired for three seasons, and the show enthralled people. The production was excellent, and the story was well told. The shows have some differences. Because narcos is a similar genre, Money Heist fans will enjoy it. Although Narcos isn't a heist movie, the clever sequence of events was just as impressive as Money Heist. Viewers crave suspense, twists, and turns. This is what both series strive for. Haven't you seen Money Heist yet? You'll know what your next TV show will be like.

6. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, another show that almost shares the same genre as Money Heist, is also considered one of the most popular. It is often called the best show they have ever seen. It can be rewatched a thousand times. One of the characters in the series is an ex-high school teacher who was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. He turns to his former student, who is into drug dealing, for financial support. He is involved in the sale and production of crystallized methamphetamine. The show and money heists share a few similarities. This includes the large cast of characters as well as other thefts. Another community is that the professor hides his identity in Money Heist just like Walter White in Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad had five seasons, yet the audience was still interested. The show's direction is flawless, no matter how many episodes it contains. No loop was left that could cause any problems later. It was even more interesting than Money Heist because of the violence and mastermind criminal activities. The genius moves of the professor kept the audience interested and glued to every episode.

5. El Ministerio Del Tiempo

El Ministerio Del Tiempo

If you notice, you'll find out that there are many shows on Netflix that are Spanish original series. One of those shows is 'El Ministerio Del Tiempo,' which instantly makes it similar to Money Heist, also Spanish. The same language helps you to find similarities. Although this show is more sci-fi than heist, it's still very similar to Money Heist. El Ministerio has outlined a plot about three people working for a secret agency. The agents use time travel to stop crimes from occurring worldwide. The performances of the actors have been outstanding in both shows. This is also a commonality. The genre has been a topic of discussion since its inception. If we bring it up, we will see that there is still action and crime, although the show is not about heists. Money Heist is relatable, so if you like one show, you might also enjoy the other.

4. Prison Break

Prison Break

When we talk about Prison Break, we should note that it is an American serial drama, not Money Heist, which revolves around the idea of a heist. The show is different from Money Heist, but it has an element of crime thriller and action thriller that makes it easy to recommend to someone who's a Money Heist. We can see how these shows are similar in another aspect: the personal relationships and bonds they highlight. Raquel and the professor form a strong bond that grows over time. This is similar to Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows–Micheal Scofield but in a different setting. This series is about two brothers. One of them is accused of murder. The other brother, an engineer who helped design the prison, guides the accused brother from jail. People were on the edge of their seats as the show featured serious action, similar to Money Heist.

3. Bodyguard


Bodyguard is an American political police thriller television program. It is highly recommended to action-oriented people who enjoy thrillers and action movies. This is why it is compared to Money Heist. The show was a huge success, but there was only one more season, which disappointed viewers. The story centers on David Budd, a British army officer who had PTSD. He is part of the British Royalty Security Branch and assigned to protect the Home Secretary. He doesn't like her politics, which is the twist. This results in a series of events that see people biting their nails out of curiosity. People can also be seen doing Money Heist while watching. These two series share a commonality when they introduce the concept of government issues. Let's take a look at Bodyguard. In that example, you'll see the tension between the government and the individual, just like the professor in the other show.

2. el SENOR de lo CILOS

el SENOR de lo CILOS

This is an American telenovela. The show's title in English means "The Lord Of The Skies." The story is about Aurelio Casillas. It's just like other shows. It centers around transporting and delivering drugs from Colombia to Mexico, the United States, and Colombia. Because the plot revolves around drug trafficking, one can predict there will be action. Money Heist is a bit more dramatic than this show. Both shows share the same style of action and thrill. They are both recommended for viewers who enjoy drama and crime. It has a compelling storyline retold seven times, but it still managed to keep the viewers' interest. Money Heist and Money Heist are not the same. They are, however, similar in some places, which leads them to be on the same list.

1. Evil Genius

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is an American bank heist story. This crime documentary tells the story of Brian Wells' murder in what is known as the "Pizza Bomber." Both shows share a commonality: they are both based on heists, but Money Heist's story may not be accurate. They are nearly identical in their genres, and viewers love both. The evil genius is a true story, as we've said before. It can be challenging to create a legitimate account when it is based on facts. The producers and directors have done a fantastic job building the story and telling the entire incident in just one season and four episodes. Just like Money Heist, the actors did an outstanding job. It's now even more entertaining to watch. Anyone who has seen Money Heist will enjoy this show. These shows can be an alternative to Money Heist, and viewers can also try them until the following season.