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By SophiaBolton

In this article, I will give you the recap of season 1 of the Netflix show Selena the series. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Daydream | Selena The Series S1E1


Selena gives a concert in front of thousands of admirers in Chicago in 1994, which serves as the opening prologue. After hearing Selena sing, the episode shifts to Selena's youth in Texas, where her musically oriented father, Abraham, plans to start a family band. Selena and her siblings, Suzette and AB, establish Southern Pearl, a cover band that sings golden oldies with the help of Abraham's management and Marcella's backing. The family battles an economic downturn and little gigs until they have a great performance at a family friend's wedding, which inspires them to keep going. Abraham meets a prominent Tejano band at a fair and finds that Tejano's music has evolved since he was a group member. He resurrects the family band and renames it Selena Y Los Dinos, focusing on Spanish-language songs.

Dame Un Beso | Selena The Series S1E2


Selena Y Los Dinos enjoyed some success in 1986, but they were still struggling financially. While Abraham secures a new record deal for them, AB is encouraged to take leadership of the band, recruit new members, and acquire new material. AB tracks out songwriter Luis Silva, only to be upset when he refuses to write a song for them. AB begins composing new songs with its new keyboardist, Rick, with Abraham's support. They record an album, and AB is ecstatic when their song Dame un Beso gets broadcast on the radio. Selena, on the other hand, is forced to drop out of school and, while she is delighted to design the band's outfits, she believes she is losing out on normal adolescent experiences.

And the Winner is... | Selena The Series S1E3


When Selena Y Los Dinos is nominated for Best Song and Female Vocalist of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards, the family is ecstatic; they lose the former, but Selena wins the latter. Selena encounters Laura Canales at the awards event, urging her to be herself rather than the person others want her to be. Abraham arranges for Selena to sing at Johnny Canales' concert, which will be her first time in Mexico, and she is keen to perfect her Spanish before then. The event gets off to a shaky start as Selena sings an English song, but it picks up when they transition to La Bamba. Suzette, who believes her contribution to the band is insignificant, moves when she meets a young Mexican fan who aspires to be a female drummer like her.

Opening Act | Selena The Series S1E4


Abraham purchased a bus in 1988 so that the band could go on tour. Selena's voice begins to weaken after traveling through hot and cold temperatures in several places. When they get to Laredo, they discover that a local venue is attempting to disrupt their performance. They bring in an opening act, Los Bad Boys, to help Selena regulate her voice. The show is well-attended, and a CBS record producer visits Abraham and offers him his business card. When Abraham hears that their landlord intends to sell their property, he buys it and two nearby properties for the band in the hopes of landing a record deal.

Dulce Amor | Selena The Series S1E5


Negotiations with CBS are still ongoing, but Selena is approached by an EMI record producer, José Behar, at the Tejano Music Awards. Abraham encounters José, who is prepared to commit to a multilingual album for less money than CBS. Abraham chooses to sign the band to EMI, but only under "Selena," rather than the full name. AB and Vangie are expecting a child, and AB is concerned about how traveling will affect his family, especially since Roger has left the band owing to personal obligations. While AB tries to recruit a new guitarist, Chris Perez, who initially rejects him, Abraham invites Joe and Pete from Los Bad Boys to join their band.

My Love | Selena The Series S1E6


With EMI, the band begins production on their debut album. The music is created by AB and Rick, with AB pushing himself since he is afraid that the record company would keep Selena but dump the band if the album fails. EMI's stylists force Selena and Suzette to design clothes for the album cover but into an "exotic" look that the band hates. The band accepts the label's artistic decisions and channels their dissatisfaction into a Spanish version of Sukiyaki. Selena chooses to start her clothing brand after receiving positive comments at a listening party. As the band's new guitarist, Chris Perez, flames flare between him and Selena right away.

Fideo | Selena The Series S1E7


The year is 1989, and the band is off on a new tour with their newly renovated bus. AB is under constant pressure to write new songs for the forthcoming album, Baila Esta Cumbia. Selena wins Female Vocalist of the Year for the third year in a row at the Tejano Music Awards, although she is disappointed that her band did not win. Suzette is concerned that Selena and Chris may get into trouble with Abraham since they spend time together and get close. After a concert, Selena and Chris kiss, but they agree to stay friends the next day since Selena doesn't want to lie to her father or risk Chris's band's dismissal.

Gold Rush | Selena The Series S1E8


Selena had her hair cut very short the day before her photoshoot for the cover of her second album, Ven Conmigo since she is bored with Chris. Selena films her debut music video with lvaro Torres for Buenos Amigos in 1991. EMI delays Selena's English-language album until she can earn Platinum with a Spanish-language album. However, Ven Conmigo gets Gold status, and Buenos Amigos reaches number one on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs. Selena and Chris have another kiss and resolve to keep seeing one other in secret during quiet time. Selena asks Marcella when she realized Abraham was "the one," and she tells her about taking a bet on him.

Qué Creías | Selena The Series S1E9


A brawl breaks out in the audience during a concert in Eagle Pass, and a fan grabs Selena. Marcella requests that Abraham investigate security alternatives, and Abraham employs a buddy to serve as a bodyguard. José urges Abraham to create a fan club to manage Selena's fan mail, products, and activities as her fame grows; Abraham has Suzette call Yolanda Saldivar, a fan who has volunteered to run the fan club for free. Pete prepares to quit the band for a solo career, but he assists AB in writing Como la Flor before he does. Suzette discovers Selena and Chris are dating and is furious with them until she enters a long-distance relationship and sees how stressful the situation is for them. Abraham accidentally sees Selena and Chris privately and immediately kicks him off the bus despite Selena's protests.

So that's all for season 1 of the show. What are your thoughts on it? 

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