Squid Game Ending Explained

By Theodora

The Korean drama has been one of an excellent means of enjoying a perfect rollercoaster ride of emotions. The Squid Game is perhaps one such great series in this context. The gory yet nerve-wracking series was one of the much preferred on Netflix. The show had a lot of great things to talk about it, and perhaps that is why the series needs no introduction of any nature. So, what about the Quid Game ending. We thought of having Squid Game ending explained in detail and checking out if anything new is coming up.

Squid Game Ending Explained – What is it all about?

The end of Squid Game has a lot of things happening. The battle Royale thriller on Netflix provides you a sort of cross between Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning film Parasite and Saw. The series is all about body horror trojan and includes class conflict, stratification, and predation.

Squid Game Ending Explained

The game of the series has several players pitted against one another in a multi-day survival game. The players are sent to an island and are forced to compete in playground games. Here, the winners move to the next level, while the losers are shot, stabbed, plummeted, or killed in many ways. The creative and gruesome manner in which the losers are killed is definitely heart-wrenching.

After around six games, the winner is entitled to an amount that is pitted against each of the other players killed. The final prize is around 45 billion Wons.

By the end of the series, we tend to learn a lot of things about the game and the series. We are given to understand that the game has been running for several decades. We are also given to find out that the show or the game has featured thousands of participants. We also understand that one of the participants is Front Man, who is the brother of the detective Hwang Jun-ho. Jun Ho is shot and falls off the cliff. We also find that the game was founded by Oh Il-Nam, who got bored with the fortunes that he and his friends have and decided to have some fun by making the participants play the game and, of course, get killed.

We also find during the Squid game ending that the next year's game is in full swing and has one of the participants, Seong gi-hun Gi-hun leaving for the airport and trying to stop the organization from holding next year's game.

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Who wins Squid Game?

The actual nature of the game lets you have multiple winners in the game. The final game is likely to have the players play against each other in teams. If you are looking to move into Squid game ending explained completely, it is a good idea to check who won the game.

Squid Game Ending Explained

However, at the end of the Squid game, we found only Seong gi-hun who won the game. He won all six games and emerged a winner. He is the only winner left in the Squid game ending.

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What does the Squid game ending mean?

The Squid game ending is quite unique in a way. At the end of the game, Seong gi-hun meets Oh, the old man who started the game, and learns from him that he is the main man behind the games. They play one final game, and that is the crux of the game or the series.

The game showcases as the battle between egoism and some sort of collaboration or altruism. You would also notice the inner conflict of each of the players. Before the death of Oh at the hands of Seong gi-hun, we learn that it was the VIPs that gambled on the fate or life of the players. The winner Seong gi-hun tells the organization that people cannot be treated as horses, and this is one of the worst games ever.

Having fought with his own egoism and altruism all through the series, Seong gi-hun finally becomes certain that what the organization is doing is wrong and it should be destroyed.

Will there be the Squid game Season?

The Squid Game season 2 has not yet been confirmed. However, there seems to be a possibility. The series has become one of the most viewed non-English language TV series. Given the success of the other international hits on Netflix, such as Lupin and Money Heist, this should definitely tell us something.

Squid Game Ending Explained

In all probability, the series is likely to be the most successful series of all time on Netflix. That sort of viewership should definitely be one of the excellent options for renewing the series for season 2.

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Can you watch Squid Game offline?

Well, just like most of the streaming services do, you will find that Netflix does let you download the shows on its platform. If you are looking to watch the Squid Game offline, you can indeed make use of the option to download all the episodes of the series. However, the default download capability on Netflix comes with a few limitations. Your downloads come with an expiry date, and you cannot watch the titles forever. That apart, you cannot share the downloaded titles with anyone or transfer them to your devices. This is where you are expected to use a third-party Netflix downloader.

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In Conclusion

The Netflix series Squid Game is definitely one of the unique options for enjoying a full-fledged and unique entertainment option. The series based on a game show is definitely gory and quite annoying, but it has become extremely popular enough. The Squid game ending explained in the above discussion should definitely help you get access to one of the most unique experiences ever.

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