Introducing the solution to OnlineVideoConverter's failure to download!

Updated on 2023-11-16
This article details the usage and precautions for OnlineVideoConverter, a useful tool for converting video and audio files. It also introduces the solutions to the problem of not being able to download the files, so if you want to know how to use the software safely, this article is a must-see.

OnlineVideoConverter is an online conversion tool that allows you to convert video files over the Internet and save them in different formats.

It supports a variety of video file formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, and MKV.

It also supports converting audio files to formats such as MP3, WAV, and M4A.

This article explains how to use OnlineVideoConverter, its dangers, and what to do if you cannot download it.

Features of OnlineVideoConverter

  • Advertisements: Yes
  • Price: Free
  • Japanese: Supported
  • Supported video sharing sites: Instagram, vimeo, Facebook,,,,,, etc.

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OnlineVideoConverter Advantages/Disadvantages

Advantages include fast working speed and ease of use. It is also compatible with online video sites, allowing you to download videos for free without registration. Furthermore, it is compatible with modern browsers, so you can use it without any problems. Furthermore, it has a video conversion function that allows you to convert saved videos to MP4/MOV/FLV/MP3/OGG/M4A and other formats.

One disadvantage is that it does not support high-resolution, so it is not suitable for those who are particular about sound quality.

How to use OnlineVideoConverter

This section describes how to use OnlineVideoConverter.

Using OnlineVideoConverter is very simple.

In Step 1, paste the URL of the video you want to convert. This URL can be obtained from a video site. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert and paste it into the conversion site.

In Step 2, choose the format of the file. For example, if you want to convert to a music file, select "mp3". After selecting the format, click the "Start" button to begin conversion.

In Step 3, when the conversion is complete, you will see a "Download" button. Click this button to download the converted video or audio file. You can also scan the QR code to download directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Dangers of OnlineVideoConverter

Risk of Virus Infection

There is a risk of virus infection when using online conversion tools; OnlineVideoConverter can harbor malware and spyware, so be careful when using it.

Risk of personal information leakage

There is a risk of identity theft when using OnlineVideoConverter: files uploaded to OnlineVideoConverter are stored online and can be accessed by outside parties.

Risk of unauthorized advertising

When using OnlineVideoConverter, you may be exposed to unauthorized advertisements. Users should be aware that malicious ads carry the risk of downloading viruses by clicking on them.

What to do if you cannot download OnlineVideoConverter

Check your network environment

If you are unable to download OnlineVideoConverter, your network environment may be the cause.

First, check that your Internet connection is working properly. First, check to see if your Internet connection is working properly. Also, check to see if your firewall or security software is blocking the download of OnlineVideoConverter.

Change the download site

If you are unable to download OnlineVideoConverter, changing the download site may help. You can download from other download sites besides the official site. However, be sure to download from a reliable site.

Alternative download tools to OnlineVideoConverter (100% safe)

If OnlineVideoConverter is not available for download, alternative download tools are available. One of the best examples is the StreamGaGa downloader, which is completely free of virus infection and risk of identity theft. You can use it with peace of mind.

StreamGaGa Downloader

StreamGaGa Downloader is a multifunctional software that allows you to download videos in high quality from over 1000 sites on the web. Below are some of the features and advantages that StreamGaGa Downloader has to offer.

Features of StreamGaGa

Free to use.

Use StreamGaGa Downloader now for free!

StreamGaGa is one of the high-quality video downloaders, but you need to pay to download. However, StreamGaGa downloader is available for free trial without registration. Take this opportunity to use StreamGaGa downloader and enjoy streaming videos even when you are offline.

Wide Range of Supported Sites

StreamGaGa Downloader supports over 1000 websites, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Hulu, and Abema. This allows you to download your favorite videos from a variety of distribution sites.

High Quality Video and Sound

StreamGaGa downloader supports downloading of streaming videos with up to 8K resolution. In terms of sound quality, it also supports up to EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio tracks, so you can enjoy videos with high quality and high sound.

Comfortable viewing without advertisements

You can watch your favorite videos more comfortably without ads. It is a great advantage to be able to watch videos without worrying about ads and without stress.

Batch download function

With the batch download function, you can automatically select the episodes you want to save. This saves you the trouble of downloading manually.

Direct download of subtitles

You can download subtitles directly from the distribution service. This saves you the trouble of having to manually search for subtitles.

These are the main features of the StreamGaGa downloader. With these features in place, you can download a wide variety of videos in high quality and high sound quality, making your viewing experience more pleasant.



OnlineVideoConverter is a useful tool that can easily convert video and audio files. However, there is a risk of virus infection and personal information leakage. In addition, if you are unable to download a file, check your network environment and download site, or use an alternative tool. To ensure safe use, be careful to use the tools correctly and manage risks.