How to download and use the [YouTube] mark (logo)

By momoka

You can download and use the YouTube mark (logo).

This article is for those who want to do so.

I want to download the YouTube mark
I want to put the YouTube mark on my website
I want to put the YouTube mark on my flyers and advertisements
You do not have to create your own YouTube Mark, but you can download and use it from the official YouTube website.

In this issue, we will show you how to download and use the YouTube mark (logo).

How to download the YouTube mark (logo)

YouTube marks require permission

First of all, to use the YouTube mark (logo), you need permission from YouTube.

For more information, please refer to YouTube's Brand Guide.

This section describes YouTube's brands and what you need to be aware of when using them. You must have YouTube's permission to use any of the brands listed here.

Official YouTube page :

Before you can use the YouTube mark on your website or flyer, you must obtain YouTube's permission to use it. If you read the help, the license agreement says "in English," so you may want to use a translated version.

As above, you can apply from the brand application page, but please note that you will be prompted to use English if you access the site in a Japanese environment.

Use of YouTube brand elements requires review and approval by YouTube. Please complete and submit the Brand Use Request Form in English. For requests in languages other than English, please contact a YouTube partnership representative YouTube reserves the right to object to improper use of its trademarks and to exercise its rights at any time.

download youtube marks

Once you have permission, you can download and use the YouTube mark (logo)!

Click the link below to open the YouTube logo page.

Official YouTube page :

There are three types of "YouTube logos": a normal logo, a logo with a black background, and a monochrome logo. Click on one of the marks (logos) to start downloading.

The downloaded file is a compressed ZIP file. Please unzip the file and use it.

There are various rules for YouTube logos. Please read the terms and conditions before modifying the logo. If you are unfamiliar with them, it is better to use the official YouTube logo, as reading this will make it difficult to create one from scratch.

Official YouTube page: Use of the YouTube brand

This is how to download and use the YouTube mark (logo).