What is TwTimez? Commentary on Twitter operations that make use of ranking!

Updated on 2022-10-24
TwTimez is a site that summarizes the ranking of Twitter retweets. In addition to the current ranking, you can also check the past retweet ranking and trend ranking. Please use TwTimez for Twitter account management in marketing.

TwTimez is a site that summarizes the ranking of Twitter retweets. In addition to the current ranking, you can also check the past retweet ranking and trend ranking. Please use TwTimez for Twitter account management in marketing.

TwTimez is a site that summarizes the number of retweets on Twitter

TwTimez is a service that collects tweets with many retweets on Twitter and publishes them in a ranking format from various angles.

Retweeting is one of the ways to spread your tweets. When you retweet a tweet you like on Twitter, the retweeted tweet will automatically appear on your followers' timelines. Tweets with a large number of retweets are the tweets that are attracting attention at that time, and you can know trends and popularity in real time.

TwTimez for current trends on Twitter

TwTimez aggregates the number of retweets per hour to create a momentum ranking. This allows you to know which tweets spread faster. The fact that it spreads quickly means that many people are suddenly interested and talking about it, so it becomes a popular barometer.

Ranking information is updated every 5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes during the night, making it convenient for grasping real-time trends.

What TwTimez tells us

At TwTimez, we create rankings and other data based on various aggregations of Twitter retweets. Here's what TwTimez can tell you about Twitter.

Ranking of retweets

You can check the ranking of the total number of retweets. The ranking of total number of retweets can be checked by specifying the period up to today, which is convenient.

New list of trending tweets

You can check the list of tweets with a large number of retweets, that is, tweets that have become popular in order of new arrival. If you select the new arrivals menu on the official website, a list of new tweets that are buzzing will be displayed, so you can check it immediately.

Retweet top speed ranking

At TwTimez, the number of retweets per hour is called the maximum speed, and you can check the contents of tweets ranked 1 to 100 in order of maximum speed.

On the official website, you can check the momentum menu. The information distributed by the official Twitter account is this maximum speed ranking.

Daily retweet ranking

The number of retweets per day is called daily retweets at TwTimez. The large number of retweets per day can be said to indicate that many people have been interested in it for a long time.

You can check the daily retweet ranking in the popularity order menu on the official website.

Twitter and Yahoo trend rankings

Yahoo also publishes a list of Twitter trend rankings and popular tweets. In TwTimez, you can check trends including Yahoo trends in ranking format. If you select the trend menu on the official website, you can check the trend rankings of Twitter and Yahoo up to the 54th place.

All-time ranking

You can check the past daily retweet number ranking by specifying the date. The past menu on the official website shows trends from yesterday, the day before yesterday, and last week.

How to use TwTimez

The ranking of retweets created by TwTimez is published on the official website and official Twitter account. Therefore, if you want to use TwTimez information, you can check the official website of TwTimez from your web browser or follow the official Twitter account to check the information. We'll show you how to do that below.

Follow the official Twitter account

The official Twitter account of TwTimez has announced the momentum ranking. Ranking information is basically updated every 5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night. For this reason, you can keep up with the latest Twitter trends by following the official TwTimez Twitter account.

Check from official website

The TwTimez official website also publishes Twitter trend information. Therefore, you can follow the TwTimez official Twitter account and check the trend from the TwTimez official website.
The TwTimez official website has three menus: momentum order, popularity order, new arrival order, trend, past, and search.

You can check the highest speed ranking in the order of momentum menu, and the daily speed tweet ranking in the order of popularity menu. In the trend menu, you can check the ranking up to the 54th place, including Twitter and Yahoo real-time trends.

In the past menu, you can check past trends by specifying a date, or browse tweets that were trending within a specified period.

Notes on using TwTimez

Here are some things to keep in mind when using TwTimez. Since TwTimez does not provide an app, there are points to be aware of when using it on a smartphone, etc.

Possibility of unreadable tweets

Possibility of unblocking even if blocked

If you are using TwTimez with your Twitter account, even if you block it, TwTimez may automatically unblock it by operating it.

This unblocking process occurs each time a block is blocked, so it is necessary to repeat the block operation over and over again, making Twitter operation complicated. Also, unblocking can get in the way and limit your free use of Twitter.

Disturbed timeline display

While following the TwTimez official Twitter account, the display will be updated one by one according to the ranking of the number of retweets.
As a result, the timeline may update very quickly and only display ranking information.

Display updates due to such excessive rankings may be perceived as a hindrance to operations. Also, on the official Twitter account, you can only know the information of the momentum ranking in real time. If you want to know past trends etc., it is inconvenient to re-access the official website with a browser etc.

Since there is no app, browse from the official website with a browser

TwTimez has published retweet ranking information on its official website and Twitter official account, and the app has not yet been provided. Therefore, if you want to browse various ranking information, you will have to access the official website with a browser, which may be inconvenient in terms of operation.

How to use TwTimez

In TwTimez, you can grasp the spread speed by the highest speed ranking and daily ranking, and you can also know the trend in real time.

There is no reason not to use this useful information about Twitter movements in the operation of your Twitter account.

Here, we will explain how to use TwTimez specifically, so please use it as a reference for operating your Twitter account.

Efficient Twitter account management

In order to have a Twitter account, collect followers and likes, and increase the number of followers, proper operation of the account is essential. In order to check trends and popular topics on Twitter, it is necessary to check trends while entering keywords in the search window. However, it is quite a troublesome task, such as how to choose keywords.

With TwTimez, you can quickly see which tweets are going viral, which tweets are trending, and more. This saves you the trouble of searching and considering keywords for narrowing down, and can help improve operational efficiency.

Tips for Posting Tweet Content

With TwTimez, you can also check real-time trends, so you can use it to improve the content of the tweets you create.
For example, TwTimez Trends menu lets you see trending keywords in real time, and see which tweets and stories are trending.

By creating tags and posting tweets based on the tags used in those tweets, or picking up themes of tweets from trends, it is possible to have more people view your tweets. can be increased.

For rankings, even "Yahoo! Real-time search for Twitter search"

What is TwTimez? Commentary on Twitter operations that make use of rankings

March 31, 2022

If it is a ranking of Twitter trend keywords, it is also possible to check it with Yahoo! Real-time search for Twitter search. Yahoo! Real-Time Search for Twitter Search also has the following functions.

  • Display the number of tweets and the number of retweets for trending keywords
  • A watch function that detects and notifies you about information related to the set theme or topic
  • Display of train delay information on registered train lines

Yahoo! Real-Time Search for Twitter Search is useful for finding trending keywords related to news and entertainment.

Let's use TwTimez to manage your Twitter account

At TwTimez, you can find various rankings regarding the number of retweets. In other words, since you can grasp the speed of diffusion, you can know the tweets that are attracting a lot of attention at the moment.

Why not use this for your own tweets? If you go to the trouble of tweeting, you can increase likes and followers by referring to the themes and tags of the tweets being retweeted, and by reflecting the trends at that time.

Also, by referring to trends in events and Twitter operations, it will help you to operate tweets efficiently, and it may be possible to increase awareness by aiming to be in the trend. Hmm.


Twitter spreads by retweeting, but the speed of spreading is also one of the popular barometers. TwTimez is a tool that provides various rankings related to retweeting, such as top speed rankings.

In this article, I have explained the functions and usage of TwTimez. I hope that it will be helpful for you to use Twitter.