Twitter video save ranking! Twitter video storage ranking site summary!

Updated on 2022-10-24
Are you curious about Twitter's video save rankings for 24 hours, 1 week, and 1 month? If so, this article may help you. This article introduces Twitter video saving ranking sites and how to save Twitter videos.

Twitter has a lot of interesting information. People share and share their lives. Who are the popular accounts with the most followers in Japan? What is the momentum of retweeting trending tweets and popular tweets? What sites are there for Twitter's video save rankings? Are you curious about Twitter's video save rankings for 24 hours, 1 week, and 1 month? If so, this article may help you. This article introduces Twitter video saving ranking sites and how to save Twitter videos.

Twitter ranking! Twitter video saving ranking site

First, I will explain the Twitter ranking site and the Twitter video storage ranking site. Click the site below to see details.


nurumayu-twi-douga is a video saving site that allows you to save Twitter videos for free.
nurumayu-twi-douga collects popular videos on Twitter. You can check the storage ranking of Twitter videos for 24 hours, a week, and a month. Not only that, you can also view Instagram image rankings and video save rankings. Not only Twitter videos, but also Facebook videos, Instagram images/videos, Ameba videos/images, Line blog videos, etc. It's a very useful site. Moreover, it is compatible with PC as well as iPhone and Android.

Official website: nurumayu-twi-douga


TWIVIDEO is a free online tool "Twitter Video Downloader" to download and save videos and GIFs from Twitter. Twitter video save ranking, Twitter video save real time, Twitter video save list can be selected.

Official site: Twivideo


monstics is a Twitter video compilation site where you can freely post funny videos on Twitter. Just click on the video thumbnail to play the video. You can also easily save the video to your PC by right-clicking on the playing video and clicking "Save this video". Just click on the name in the lower left corner of the thumbnail to see the Twitter destination of the video.

Using the search function on the monstics homepage, you can search for ``Kurokawa High School'', ``White pig'', ``Past'', ``Chanmana'', ``Train'', ``Similar'', ``Amichi'', ``Baseball girl'', etc. You can view related content just by entering a keyword.

Official website: monstics


TWIIGLE is a free Twitter video search engine that introduces the most downloaded videos in Japan in a ranking format.

twiigle itself does not collect, store or upload videos. Like other sites, twiigle offers 24H, 3-day, 1-week, trending, and real-time tweet video rankings. The twiigle page is similar to Twivideo, and I think it's a simple, very good tweet video storage ranking site.

Official site: twigle


TwiHub introduces the Twitter video save ranking. The videos that became popular in the Twitter save ranking are summarized.

Like other Twitter video storage rankings, TwiHub introduces Twitter hit videos automatically picked up by the program. The screen of twidou is vertical and suitable for mobile viewing.

Official website: twihub

twidou !

twidou "Tsuido" introduces Twitter video storage rankings. The videos that became popular in the Twitter save ranking are summarized.

The twidou screen looks a lot like Twihub and should be made by the same owner. The content of the site is suitable for viewing on smartphones, and the content is almost the same.

Official website: twidou


Video Save Kun is a Twitter video download service that supports Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and all devices. You can check the most saved videos from 1st to 20th for 24 hours, 1 week and 1 month on the official website of Video Save.

Official site: hozonv


Twiflix is ​​a service for saving videos on Twitter. The usage is almost the same as "hozonv-Douga-save-kun". Supported operating systems are Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. There is a Twitter save ranking, and you can check the ranking of popular videos and new videos. It's convenient because you can play Twitter videos directly on your Twiflix page.

Official website: Twiflix


erozine is a site that carefully selects interesting images and videos from the Internet and puts them together. You can check the videos that became a hot topic on Twitter in the ranking format. In addition to Twitter's funny images and silly videos, we provide your favorite information in categories such as image bulletins, funny images, comments, save history, rankings, bulletin boards, random, tag lists, erotic comics, erotic videos, and article searches. .

Official site: erozine-twitter

Nikkan beauty girl

Nikkan beauty girl is an erotic log that summarizes selfie images and selfie videos of naughty accounts on Twitter. You can check all erotic dirt ranking, back dirt ranking, gravure dirt ranking, AV actress dirt ranking, "huge breasts" dirt ranking, "big butt" dirt ranking, "beautiful woman" dirt ranking, "beautiful girl" dirt ranking. You can also check new images by ranking and category.

Official website: Nikkan Bi Girl

Back dirt summary dot

Back dirt summary dot com is a curation site that collects tweets of erotic videos and erotic images on Twitter. You can browse this site, Twitter back dirt tweets, and Twitter video storage rankings.

Official site: Back dirt summary dot com


Tabtter is an information site that summarizes Japan's top tweets, hot tweets, video rankings, and trends. More than 18+ erotic videos and hidden information are already filtered and will not be displayed.

Official site: Tabtter-Twitter Ranking

Weekly Video RANKING!

Weekly Video RANKING! is a column and ranking information site about Internet videos distributed by Breaker Inc. Using the analysis tool "Tubular", we acquire data such as the number of video views and the number of spreads on SNS from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and rank them.

Official website: Weekly Video RANKING!


meyouThis is a Twitter ranking site that allows you to create and refer to comprehensive rankings limited to Twitter Japanese users, excluding overseas users. Information such as Twitter trends, overall rankings, account summary, and popular accounts are all ranked and displayed. Entertainers/celebrities, authors/manga artists, voice actors, gravure idols/models, students, engineers, professionals, sports, authors/manga artists, politicians/legislators, local governments/public institutions/NPOs, YouTubers, etc. This is a very good Twitter ranking site if you plan to follow other accounts recently.

Official site: meyou


togetter is a site that collects and distributes interesting tweets. With the ranking category, you can check the events, trends, and hot topics on Twitter and the Internet in an easy-to-understand manner faster than anywhere else. No adult content.

Official site: togetter


TwTimez is a site that creates a ranking of popular tweets on Twitter. Trending tweets and popular tweets are ranked in order of retweet momentum and popularity. TwTimez creates and displays a ranking of the most retweeted tweets in an hour. In addition, it is a mechanism to notify the ranking by sending a reply directly to the tweet that enters the retweet ranking. Ranking information is updated every 5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night, so you can grasp real-time trends. There are "past" and "search" functions, so you can examine data for any period of time.

Official site: TwTimez

You can save Twitter videos!

Images can be downloaded from Twitter, but videos cannot be saved .

So external tools like twi-douga are used.

And the method of saving videos with twi-douga is different for PC, iPhone, and android .

Each save method is as follows.

●For PC

  1. Access the twi-douga video save page.
  2. Enter the URL in the "Paste URL here" field and click the "Extract" button.
  3. Since the video and URL are displayed, right-click and save one of them.


  1. Access the video save page of twi-douga in Safari . (Other search engines are not available.)
  2. Enter the URL in the "Paste URL here" field and tap the "Extract" button.
  3. Press and hold the thumbnail of the video and tap "Download Linked File".
  4. When the download is complete, a pop-up will appear, tap it.
  5. Tap the activity mark (up arrow mark) at the bottom left of the video screen and save the video from "Save video" (you can also save to Dropbox from the activity).


  1. Access the twi-douga video save page .
  2. Enter the URL in the "Paste URL here" field and click the "Extract" button.
  3. Long press the URL to save the link.
  4. In the Clipbox app, go to "Clip" → "URL" and paste the URL. 

You can also see the ranking of videos with a large number of saves!

In addition to being a video saving tool, twi-douga can also be used to view the ranking of videos with a large number of saves .

Twitter video saving rankings from 1st to 20th are displayed for each period of real time, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month .

What kind of videos do you save the most?

Most of the contents are erotic videos, but not all .

In fact, as of July 2022, there were many videos of the shooting incident of former Prime Minister Abe in the monthly rankings .

It can be used instead of Twitter video storage ranking!

There used to be a site called " Twitter Video Storage Ranking ", but it doesn't exist anymore .

As an alternative to the Twitter video storage ranking, ranking sites such as twi-douga spread .

 apps that can save Twitter videos!

Finally, I will introduce four alternatives to twi-douga.

In both cases, it has been confirmed that the other party will not be notified when you save, so you can use it with more peace of mind than twi-douga.

App 1: Twip

The app is available for both iPhone and android.

Membership registration is not required and there is no connection with Twitter.

Just paste the URL of the tweet and you can download the video immediately .

However, since only tweets that are open to the public are eligible , you cannot save videos from DMs or Kagura tweets.

Download here ↓

Application ②: TwiDropper

This is strictly a website, not an app.

Therefore, it is available for both iPhone and android.

You don't need to link your account, you can download the video by pasting the URL.

The big feature is that you can also download videos sent by DM .

Also, you can conditionally save videos of key scales .

In order to save, the follow request from Kayak must first be approved.

In that state, if you link TwiDropper and Twitter account, you can save it like other videos.

App ③: TwiClip

Twi Clip is an iPhone-only app .

Follow the steps below to use it.

  1. Open the share menu of the tweet and select Twitch Clip.
  2. Tap "Import video" in Twiclip and select the image quality.
  3. When the video is displayed, press and hold it and tap "Save" to download it.

Only videos of Tweets that are public to the public can be saved .

Download here ↓

App ④: Twitter Video Saver

Twitter Video Saver is an android-only app .

Usage is almost the same as Twi Clip.

You can save it by selecting "Twitake" from the share menu of the tweet and selecting the image quality.

Only videos of tweets that are public to the public can be saved .