Monstics is an international video sharing site for Twitter Video Tools. It used to be viewable properly, but monstics is now closed. So, in this article, we will introduce an alternative site to monstics.

A Twitter video saving ranking site that can replace monstics!

If you have been a regular user of monstics, you may be looking for a ranking site for video storage after monstics has closed.

So, here are 10 carefully selected ranking sites.

Twitter Video Ranking] nurumayu-twi-douga

First, we have nurumayu-twi-douga.

nurumayu-twi-douga is a Twitter video saving site titled "Save Twitter videos easily! and is a Twitter video saving site titled

Saving is as simple as

Copy the Twitter URL
Open nurumayu-twi-douga
Paste the copied URL in the "URL field"
Click "Extract"
and you are OK.

The displayed video can be saved by right-clicking.

By the way, for the smartphone version of nurumayu-twi-douga.

Copy the Twitter URL
Open nurumayu-twi-douga.
Paste the copied URL in the "URL field."
Tap "Extract."
Press and hold the video and tap "Download Linked File."
You can save the file by

Twitter Video Ranking] Twivideo

Next is Twivideo.

Twivideo allows you to download and save Twitter videos

24 hours
3 days
1 week
The ranking site is displayed in three statuses

Twitter Video Ranking] hozonv-Movie Preserver
Next is hozonv-Movie Preservation Kun.

hozonv-Movie Preservation Kun is a site for preserving videos posted on Twitter.

and other devices.

Twitter Video Ranking] erozine

Next is erozine.

erozine is a site where videos can be saved by tag, and all videos posted on Twitter are collected.

For example

Female high school students
Male and female teens
Big tits
short black hair
single-family home
and so on, and when you click on each tag, you will see a list of videos with that tag.

By the way, although there are many videos, more than half of them are manga.

Twitter Video Ranking] Fleshy Beauty Girl

Next is "Daily Bishojo.

Daily Bishojo is a site where you can search for erotic accounts existing on Twitter.

You can also search for "bargain" accounts.

Backstreet girls
You can search for all kinds of accounts with Japanese and Korean beautiful girls.

By the way, all ads are related to backstage.

Twitter Video Ranking] Ura-Stain

Next, we have Ura-Stain

As the name suggests, this is a site that summarizes the backstabbing on Twitter.

There are many backstabbers on Twitter, but since there are often limits to what you can find on your own, many people use sites like

The accuracy of the backstabs on this is very high, and if you like backstabs, you will have no problem using only

[Twitter Video Ranking] Tabtter-Twitter Ranking

Next, we have Tabtter-Twitter Ranking.

Tabtter-Twitter Ranking is a site that displays trending information and top tweets on Twitter.

Unlike the previous site, it gives the impression that pornographic content is not displayed very often.

[Twitter Video Ranking] Weekly Video RANKING!

Next, "Weekly Video RANKING!

Weekly Video RANKING! is a site that publishes the latest online video rankings.

This is not only for Twitter.

You can find out the video rankings of many sites.

Weekly Video RANKING! also includes Chinese version of SNS information.

Twitter Video Ranking] meyou

Next is meyou.

meyou is

Twitter Search
Twitter Ranking
Twitter summary
This is a website to publish information.

It is a very useful and capable site to find popular accounts on Twitter and search trending words on Google.

Twitter Video Ranking】togetter

Next is "togetter.

It is a kind of news media site that summarizes the hottest tweets and articles on Twitter.

About Tweets

Number of PVs
Number of Likes number of likes
and other information, so you can determine the level of attention to your tweets.

Twitter Video Ranking] TwTimez

Next is TwTimez.

TwTimez will be a site that summarizes the most popular tweets on Twitter.

In order of momentum

In order of momentum
In order of popularity
New Arrivals
can be searched by tweet status.

monstics closed? Can't see it?

We have been introducing a replacement site for monstics.

Although it is said to be currently not viewable, it is not actually not viewable, but a new URL has been issued and it is back in operation as a separate site.

That URL is "

You can access monstics by copying and pasting this URL.

What is monstics?

To begin with, monstics is a website that compiles videos posted on Twitter.

There are various other sites besides monstics, but it is said that it is rare to find a site that collects videos as beautifully as monstics.

Clicking on the thumbnail of a video allows you to play it, and you can also right-click to save the video.

Many people must have loved monstics because they can save videos with a single click.

However, monstics was shut down along with the site, either because it had been exposed before or for some unknown reason.

Currently, monstics is back up and running, but many people are unaware that monstics is back up and running.

By the way, if you access past monstics, you will be redirected to access the new monstics.

If you know the past URL, why don't you try it?


This time, we have introduced a replacement site for monstics.

Now, monstics is back, so you may be able to use monstics again.