Top 10 Hololive Vtubers and 5 Apps Bring You the Best Experience

Updated on 2021-07-27
Hololive English has been one of the prime Virtual YouTubing platforms. You can become good Hololive YouTubers to achieve the best results.

YouTubing has been branching out these days, and the concept of VTubing or Virtual YouTubing has been growing consistently. VTubers have been a “species” that began making news ever since the concept gained momentum in Japan.

The Virtual YouTubing has grown a little more consistently during the current COVID-19 pandemic to be precise. The VTubing concept has now been gaining more attention with the developments by the subgroup Hololive English created by Virtual YouTuber agency Hololive. In this article, we mainly talked about Hololive and relevant apps and software it involved, let's dive in.

What is Hololive?

The virtual YouTubers have been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years. In fact, the concept was made popular by Kizuna AI in Japan in 2018. The concept has been receiving a lot of traction of late with a new group of YouTubers referred to as Hololive.

Hololive is a group of virtual YouTubers created by Cover Groups. Hololive features a hundreds of Virtual Reality girls who stream live on their channels. In fact, Hololive may even have access to bizarre situations that may be vaguely sexual in nature, something like Hololive Hentai .

In essence, Hololive is a Virtual YouTuber agency. Some of the popular Hololive YouTubers under the group include Shirakami Fubuki, Tokino Sora, and Minato Aqua. The Hololive community has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube as of September 2020. These Hololive YouTubers are part of Hololive English.

Top 10 Hololive YouTubers

Well, having understood that the Hololive English and the concept behind it has been popular and powerful, we will now check out the best Hololive YouTubers who have been popular with Hololive.

Some of the popular Hololive members and Hololive YouTubers worth the mention include

1. Takanashi Kiara

An upbeat and full of energy VTuber, Takanashi Kiara offers you multilingual presentation and other excellent options. She can speak in English, Japanese, and German.

takanashi Kiara

You would find her offering you an excellent set of options such as ales of and Atelier series, as well as Super Mario and Zelda. She also loves anime songs and nostalgic video game soundtracks.

2. Watson Amelia

Talking foxes, magical squirrels, superhuman dogs – that includes a few of the discussions that love to hold on her channel. She went on to find details about Hololive and then decided to convert herself as an idol.

watson Amelia

Watson is into Apex, Counter-Strike, and Valorant. She also discusses things such as Grand Theft Auto and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

3. Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura has been considered to be one of the shortest members of the Hololive group. She has been able to make a name for herself based on the attitude that she shows and the kind of sounds that she makes.

gawr gura

Gaw Gura loves the things such as Resident Evil and Borderlands and rhythm games like Taiko and Rhythm Heaven. One of the huge options you would find her excel is in her capability to sing. You should find her singing the classic song Ride on Time by Tatsuro Yamashita to believe it.

4. Mori Calliope

She is the first apprentice of Grim Reaper, and that should be the right way to introduce her. She has also been known to be the best consummate rapper. If you are looking for one VTuber who fires straight away, she is the one.

mori calliope

She is into Japanese for the most part of her VTubing exercise, but she also loves speaking in English as per the info on Hololive wiki. In fact, she has been learning Japanese, and you can even learn along with her if you ardently follow her stream.

5. Ninomae Ina'nis

If you are looking for a Hololive VTuber who is also an intellectual, Ninomae Ina'nis should be what you should focus on. She is treated to be one of the excellent talented artists as well in addition to being a Hololive VTuber.


She is fond of Final Fantasy XIV, NieR, and Apex Legends. While she is fluent in English, she also speaks Korean and Japanese. She is too fond of some exciting anime sites such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Demon Slayer, and Made in Abyss .

6. Shirakami Fubuki

She is a fox girl and claims to live around the mountains. She also has a room that she uses as her second room background. She has been one Hololive YouTubers to have highest subscriber count. She is known more for her short skit videos.


She has been considered to bee the queen of memes. Her memes showcase the influence of both western and eastern culture. She loves talking to people and love it more if you respond to her.

7. Minato Aqua

Minato Aqua, as the name indicates, is a marine maid. While she tries to be the best, she does have a few issues such as awkward and clumsy nature. She is always at the receiving end of the jokes and pranks from other members.

minato aqua

She loves playing competitive PVP games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, League of Legends, and Apex Legends. Her representative emote has been one of the best attractions she comes with.

8. Natsuiro Matsuri

Natsuiro Matsuri is a part of the Hololive members of first-generation. A member of the cheerleading club, she is a fan of festivals and events. She loves a wide range of the games such as simulation games, mobile games, horror games and shooting games.

Natsuiro Matsuri loves singing and even arranges the karaoke streams quite often. She is also an expert in the realm of shooting games. You would also find her to be a great teacher.

9. Akai Haato

She cannot handle horror and gets scared to hell when she witnesses horror scenes. Hololive WiKi claims that she was very introvert and has now become quite sociable. She even plays the fool at times to make her audience happy.

akai haato

She does exhibit an air of superiority at times. She does things as if on whims and is seen to be extremely self-centred. A few of her actions and words appear to be extremely childish in nature.

10. Murasaki Shion

Murasaki Shion is a black magician and a part of the Hololive 2 nd generation. She is quite smug and has a penchant for the pun. You would ideally see her as a little annoying brag. She collaborates with other streams.


She is fond of Nintendo games. She cannot handle horrors and loves playing casually. Though you find her smug, she can be caring as well.

Top 5 Hololive Apps And Software That Bring You Best Experience

If you are interested in becoming Hololive members or capable VTuber, there are a few good apps and Hololive software tools that can help you become one through a few simple steps.

Here we listed top 5 Hololive apps, for more Vutber apps, you can learn more in: Top 11 Vtuber Apps that is trendy and great for advanced Vtubing experience.

1. Hololive Test

This Hololive app can be one of the excellent options to capture your face and track it. The tool can further be used to mimic your expressions and thus help create a virtual avatar. The capable Hololive app does come with a screen recorder option and can be used to record your actions. This can be your best bet for the best 11 virtual VTuber software.

2.  Hyprmeet

Available for both Windows and macOS, Hyprmeet has been one of the best VTuber software options you can check out and can be the best Hololive app you an rely upon. An easy to use tool and offers an intuitive interface among the best VTuber software options.  You can customise your anime character in any of your favourite forms. The simplicity is what further makes it one of the exciting software options.

3. RoboVox Voice Changer

A voice changer software is one of the excellent options for creating a VTube video. You can create a host of voice effects using the tool. Many Hololive YouTubers and Hololive users find it the best free voice changer ever. It does support a real-time recording and also supports your saved files.

4.  Hololy

This is one of the excellent options for a Hololive app that can fulfil your dreams in providing you with a truly wonderful experience in taking photos and videos together. You can indeed be a part of the team like Tokino Sora and Shirakami Fubuki. The perfect AR camera app, you would find it a great choice ever.

5.  Meitu

Meitu has been one of the best video editing apps for Hololive YouTubers. You have access to a great deal of filters and pre-sets you can put to use in this Hololive software. It does provide you access to a wonderful set of features such as facial attribute analysis and facial detection. You can change the outfit and background of your characters as well.

The Concluding Thoughts

If you are really wondering how to become a VTuber like Kizuna AI , the tips, ideas, and Hololive software recommendations in the above discussion should help you get access to the best performance. Check out the top Hololive members and Hololive YouTubers and emulate them to achieve a better degree of success.