What are the requirements for TikTok Live? What you need to do to get a permit!

Updated on 2022-09-28
Explains what the requirements are to be able to stream ikTok live, and discusses specific initiatives to meet the requirements for TikTok live streaming.

What is TikTok Live?


TikTok Live is a feature that allows you to stream live on the TikTok application. In recent years, it has become a very popular TikTok content, used by celebrities, models, and other famous people.

By live-streaming from a computer or smartphone, you can communicate with users in real time through comments and other means.

It is very attractive to be able to communicate with followers and other TikTok users in real time while showing your face.

TikTok users watching a live event can also use the "gifting" feature to send online money to the distributor hosting the live event.

There are also a number of TikTok accounts that are actively hosting TikTok live events and successfully monetizing them with donations from live viewers.

Benefits of TikTok Live

Advantages of TikTok Live include

  • Real-time communication
  • Gain new fans
  • Earn money through gifting

and more.

Below are the advantages of TikTok Live one by one.

Real-time communication

TikTok Live allows you to communicate with viewers at a closer distance through live streaming .

The ability to interact with celebrities, such as celebrities and models, with whom you would not normally have the opportunity to interact, through TikTok Live is a great attraction.

Viewers watching TikTok Live send comments, to which the broadcaster responds in real time, creating two-way communication.

The TikTok Live broadcaster can see the real reactions of viewers, and viewers can take direct action against the broadcaster.

Gain new fans

TikTok Live may appear in TikTok's "Featured Column" and will be featured on the app as a "Top Live" live event.

TikTok also has a search function to find TikTok live shows that are being streamed, providing an opportunity for many users to become aware of the TikTok live shows.

For TikTok live streamers, it will also be a chance to showcase the raw appeal of an individual, such as their personality, which is difficult to convey in regular posts.

Collaboration with other TikTok Live distributors can also be a great way to gain fans of each other's work.

Collaboration with other distributors on TikTok Live can lead to a synergistic effect if they are distributors of the same genre, or to the development of new fans if they are distributors of different genres.

Making Money with Gifts

TikTok Live allows users to earn money with the Gifting feature.

This feature is called "TikTok LIVE Gifting".

  1. Users purchase "coins" that can be used on TikTok
  2. Users use "coins" to purchase "gifts" that can be given on TikTok Live
  3. Viewers give "Gifts" to streamers during TikTok Live
  4. The broadcaster converts the "Gifts" received into an item called "Diamonds""
  5. " Withdraw the "Diamonds" as cash to your account

The above steps are used to generate revenue.

To organize from the standpoint of the live viewing user and the distributor

  • Live viewing users

"Get coins on TikTok" => "Buy gift" => "Present gift to live distributor (coin tossing)"

  • Live streamer

"Convert the gift received into diamonds" => "Redeem diamonds" => "Withdraw to account"
And so on.

In fact, some popular Tiktokers make a living from this gift (coin tossing).

Requirements for obtaining a TikTok Live permit

Despite its many attractions, TikTok Live is not for everyone.

Here are the TikTok Live terms and conditions and permissions you need to know about when using TikTok Live.

Be at least 16 years old.

The terms of use for TikTok Live stipulate that you must be at least 16 years old.

[TikTok] Item Policy

Official TikTok Standards.

In order to use TikTok Live, you must meet the standards set by TikTok.

First, please see the document released by the TikTok official below.

Although there are no clear criteria specified

  • Proven track record of creating high quality content
  • Number of followers

and the number of followers.

Based on the above, what kind of efforts are necessary for users who want to start TikTok Live?

In the first place, we need to consider

  • What is quality content?
  • What are its indicators?

We will discuss "What you need to do to gain authority on TikTok Live" in the next chapter!

What you need to do to get TikTok Live authority

Get (and increase) followers

First, among the criteria set by TikTok, the number of followers is likely to be an easy-to-understand indicator.

If it is the number of followers, it is easy to understand as an indicator and the goal seems clear.

In fact, a quick check of the latest information on the Internet shows that the number of followers ranges from 300 to 1,000. (*As of January 2022)

Originally, the number of followers required to obtain TikTok Live authorization was considered to be a very high hurdle, such as 1,000 or 5,000 followers.

Recently, however, there have been more and more clear reports of TikTok Live permissions being granted even for a few hundred followers.

While some people are trying to get thousands of followers to get TikTok Live permission, others are getting permission to go live with only a few hundred followers.

Taken together, this information suggests that there is a "number of followers < quality content" relationship regarding the importance of TikTok live standards.

Streamers should focus on creating quality content if they are likely to win TikTok Live awards even with a small number of followers.

The expertise in creating quality content will continue to benefit social networking sites in the long run.

In other words, rather than attracting attention with extreme posts or forcing followers to follow you by aggressively following you, the ideal form to aim for is to "naturally increase followers if you keep quality content in mind.

Posting Quality Content

So what is good quality content on TikTok? Let's consider the following.

The main indicators of good quality content on TikTok are

  • Total number of views
  • Total play time
  • Likes! Number of

are listed below.

Total Views

In other words, the total number of views.

  • Content of a certain guaranteed quality is consistently posted.
  • Content with a certain level of demand from viewers is being posted.

The content must have a certain level of demand from the viewers.

Even if the number of views is not extremely high for so-called "buzz videos," by continuing to post content of a certain quality, the total number of views will increase and the account will be evaluated.

Also, even if you post a large amount of content, if it is not viewed at all, the total number of views will not increase and will not lead to evaluation.

The important thing is to keep posting content that viewers are looking for.

Be careful not to increase the number of posts to the extreme in order to increase the number of views, as this will in turn lower the quality of the content.

By focusing on quality rather than quantity and continuing to post, the number of viewers will naturally increase, and the number of views will grow in proportion to that.

Total Playtime

The length of viewing time can be attributed to

Longer time viewers spend on the content = higher retention rate
Fans (followers) who constantly check posts
Longer viewing time also means that viewers will watch the video without skipping it immediately, which means that the content has a high retention rate.

This is the kind of high-quality content that is unique to TikTok that makes viewers want to watch to the end.

Also, longer total playback time means that there are fans who are constantly checking the posts .

While the average viewer will often skip until they get to a video they are interested in, fans (followers) who are interested in streamers should check the posts frequently and watch to the end. By doing so, you will increase your chances of getting it.

Let's try to create content that will make people enjoy the video for even one second longer.

Likes! Number of

Likes! count is the most obvious indicator of quality content .

"Likes" are literally what viewers give to content they "like" after watching a video.

In addition, "Likes" is one of the few forms of communication that can be expressed from the viewer to the broadcaster, so the "Like" number of "Likes" for a broadcaster is the number of

Good points
Areas for improvement
The total number of views and total playback time are important indicators for the broadcaster to consider.

While total views and total playback time can be accumulated through continuous evaluation, this does not work well for "Likes". does not work that way.

Even if you intend to continue posting content of a certain quality, the number of "Likes," which realistically reflect the viewer's impression, will fluctuate. " number fluctuates.

Likes!" number should be used as a clue to the response to your content, and should be applied to your video creation through trial and error.

However, if you are too concerned about the number of "Likes! number, you may end up imitating other distributors, which may diminish your own ideas and individuality.

With "evaluation comes later" in mind, focus first on creating content from the viewer's perspective and then on demonstrating your own ideas and individuality!


In this issue, how to gain TikTok Live authority?

By gaining a better understanding of the benefits of TikTok Live, many people will become interested in TikTok.

And as you learn about " What to do to acquire TikTok Live rights," you will have a good opportunity to think about " What is quality content?"

If you are aiming to acquire the rights to TikTok Live, please refer to this content and learn how to create quality content at the same time.