Expose the anti-threats and distributors of the chat Tanuki BBS [V-kei Otanuki, V-kei first generation].

Updated on 2022-09-26
Anonymous forums are well-known for chatting tanuki, V-kei otanu, and V-kei firsts. Popular threads and anti-threads, fluff, Spoon, Tweety, voice imitations, singers, etc.

What is Zodan Tanuki BBS?

Chit-chat Tanuki is one of the anonymous bulletin boards that started around 2007. Users are mainly women, and many of them are bangyas (band gals).

The content of the chit-chat includes sex and sexual topics. The contents of the chit-chat range from sex and sexual topics to anti-act threads about real people, and the mannerisms are not good. Not all of it is outrageous, as there are also question threads and shirk threads. There are also many trolls.

If you abuse punctuation at the end of words, abuse the three-point reader, or put in strange line breaks, you will be called a pansy (general public) and may even be banned.

There are also derivative boards such as the V-kei Otanuki board and the Flea Market board.

Difference between the Chat Tanuki board and V-kei Otanuki board

Non-V-kei chatting is specialized in Chat Tanuki, while V-kei chatting is specialized in V-kei Otanuki. Other Tanuki boards are also introduced.

List of Tanuki BBS

Tanuki BBS (Original)

You can find other Tanuki BBS here.

Tanuki BBS

V-kei Otanu @ Tanuki

Fudan Otagya/BL/Cos/Cos/2D/Creative writing

Vkei Otanu@Tanuki

(Old) BBS of V-kei Tanuki

BBS of (old) Gyaku Gyaku & V-kei Noodles (ω・ω・ω)

(V-kei first Tanuki's BBS)

V-kei Kotanuki's BBS

Tanuki's BBS for Ria only.

V kei Kotanuki BBS

Job Tanuki @ V-Kei Tanuki

Night work jobs, staff recruitment, etc.

[Job Tanuki @ V-kei Tanuki

V-Kei Meng-♂Sen Tanuki

We're looking for a job at V-kei Tanuki!

V-Kei Meng♂Sen Tanuki

V-Kei Banga BBS

Noodles & Gagas are....... Sorry!

V-kei Banga BBS

V-style old tanuki

I wish you all the best and hope to see you all again!

V-kei old tanuki

Practice area at tanuki

Tanuki for Tesuto
Threads on this board will be automatically deleted in 12 hours

Practice @ Tanuki

Popular Threads on the Tanuki Discussion Board


TwitCasting is a service that allows live streaming on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Various types of distribution can be performed, including video distribution, radio (still images and audio only) distribution, game distribution, and high quality distribution using a PC.


Fuwachi is an application that allows you to watch and live-stream live for free from your PC or smartphone. You can earn and redeem points by throwing money from viewers.

You can enjoy free video and radio live-streaming and viewing in high quality. Fuwachi has many users in their late 20s to 40s, a higher age range than other live-streaming apps such as 17 (Ichinana) and Pococha.

Spoon (spoon)

In the midst of the live-streaming boom, "spoon" is a radio streaming app that allows users to stream live without showing their face and using only their voice. Spoon ".

The main thread of the thread is Red, which exposes the distributors you don't like.

Voice Actor

A thread for voice actors of V-oriented otanu.


Threads for singers.

Voice Imitation

Threads for voice imitations.


Youtuber threads.


Encounter threads.


Encounter slips.

Con Cafe

Con-cafe is an abbreviation for concept café. It is a restaurant where the working staff dresses in cosplay, decorates the interior, and offers a menu based on the concept of the restaurant.

Maid cafes are also a type of con café. Con cafés include "cosplay con cafés," where people dress up in costumes that match the concept, such as students, Kunoichi, witch girls, etc., "collaboration con cafés," which are collaborations with anime, and "animal con cafés," where people can meet animals, such as cat cafés.


Threads for comedians.

Reality (REALITY)

Threads of reality.


Threads about Johnny's.

Underground Idols

BBS of Underground Idols.

Men Underground (Men's Underground Idols)

Men's underground idol thread.

Topia (topia)

Topia is a live karaoke streaming smartphone application that allows you to sing with a virtual avatar. Anyone can create a 3D avatar with their smartphone and move it with facial recognition. Live delivery is possible using only your voice.

Summary: Let's use Tanuki BBS properly!

We have explained in detail about Tanuki BBS. Let's use the BBS in a healthy way, not only anti-commentary.