SF Colony Simulation "RimWorld" and Recommended Mods

By momoka

Introducing the popular SF colony simulation "RimWorld", which many of you may already know, and recommended mods that raise the hurdles of daily life.

Game overview

  • Genre : Sci-Fi Colony Simulation
  • Release date : October 17, 2018
  • Developer : Ludeon Studios
  • Available for purchase on Steam(3,600 yen)
  • Latest version at time of writing : 1.3.3287
  • Play in Japanese : Yes
  • Wiki : Japanese version available

20:30 postscript : It is currently not possible to purchase from Australia on Steam. Users who have already made purchases are not affected, and only new purchasers are affected. It seems that the manufacturer is not aware of the details of the situation, but while the console version was decided not to be released by Australian regulators a few days ago, the Steam version continues to be sold in a similar case. It is said that the reason why the sale of the Steam version is restricted has not been confirmed.

It is a game that builds and develops a village of characters with the goal of rebuilding a spaceship and escaping from an unexplored planet where a spaceship crashed.

The title has been extremely popular since it entered early access on Steam in 2016, and I think it's so well-known that I don't even need to introduce it now, so in this article, I won't introduce the game, but I personally like it. I will introduce how to play and recommended mods.

For an introduction to the game itself, see this article from IGN Japan., but to summarize it briefly here, the early stages of the game are centered on survival, where the character survives by securing food and beds, but from the middle stage onwards, the village is protected from attacks while developing and developing. The main game is to build a spaceship and escape.

Even the official video of this work strongly emphasizes the element of a base defense game, and I think that it is often played as a game to protect the village that was built up when watching YouTube etc. (Actually, in the vanilla state) I think it's a good game to play that way), but I'm not a base defense game . It's playing as a miniature garden game where you increase the demands you make on the village and somehow make it possible for the pawns to live in the village .

Below, I will introduce the recommended mods that I use to play in that way.

Recommended Mods

RimWorld is a game with a huge amount of mods, ranging from small mods that change the rules or add hairstyles to mods that completely change the game. I also play around with various mods, but the one I would especially recommend is " Dubs Bad Hygiene(with Japanese Submod)” “ SeedsPlease" Yayo's Combat 3 [Adopted]" [JPT] Soft Warm Beds(Built-in Japanese)" is 4 points.

Dubs Bad Hygiene

"Dubs Bad Hygiene" adds three additional requirements to pawns: thirst, bladder (excretion), and hygiene (body cleanliness), along with facilities related to these (water, toilets, bathing facilities), and agriculture. This is a mod that adds sprinklers and heating and cooling equipment for. For details, please refer to Submod for Japanese language [1.3] Dubs Bad Hygiene Japanese translation added” has an explanation in Japanese.

Pawns will have 3 more needs besides vanilla food, sleep, and entertainment that they will try to meet every day, so just putting this in makes RimWorld a pretty rewarding game.

For example, pawns will go to rivers and ponds to drink and bathe in water if there are no facilities in the village, which will greatly reduce their working time. However, at the very beginning, such problems can be managed by digging wells and installing simple toilets. However, if you try to create a water supply and sewerage system that can handle a large number of people, research will be required and a large amount of resources will be required to create the facilities.

In this way, there is a good balance from when the village is small in the beginning to when the population increases and the village grows in size. increase.

Seeds Please

"SeedsPlease" is a mod that requires seeds as items for farming. In vanilla, if you set the farming zone and crops, you can start cultivation from scratch, but in this mod you need to plant seeds.

Being able to start farming without any restrictions in vanilla makes it too easy for me to procure food.

Seeds are implemented even for plants that don't grow from seeds like potatoes, but that's a nice touch. In addition, this mod supports a wide variety of mod crops other than vanilla crops ( Mod introduction pagefor a list).

Yayo's Combat 3 (Continued)

"Yayo's Combat 3 [Adopted]" is a mod that makes a wide range of changes to combat, including reviewing battle animations and defense rules, and one of its features is the addition of ammunition for ranged weapons. Ammunition is set for each skill level and purpose. For example, in vanilla, if you make a bow, you will be able to shoot unlimited arrows, but with this mod, you can only shoot the number of arrows you carry.

Ammunition can be easily produced at craft workshops and precision machine tools, so there are no strong restrictions in terms of resources, but even if you don't have to think about defense, hunting becomes difficult and food procurement becomes a hurdle. .

Added on August 23, 2022 : This mod is " Yayo's Combat 3 [Abandoned]", and it seems that the update has ended.

Added on September 22, 2022 : Successor Mod " Yayo's Combat 3 (Continued) "” has been published. The link in the heading has also been changed to here.

[JPT] Soft Warm Beds

"[JPT] Soft Warm Beds" is a mod that turns a vanilla bed into a bed and requires a futon to sleep comfortably. I think that the three mods so far are probably quite widely known to Japanese RimWorld players, but I think this is not the case (although there are people who added Japanese) It means that it is known to some extent ...).

The vanilla bed doesn't use any cloth when it's made, but as I wrote above, the bed is just a stand, and the pawn needs to sleep comfortably on the bed. You have to lay out a futon. The performance of the futon varies depending on the material, and cloth and animal hair are excellent materials for the futon.(There is a table in the image of ). According to the author, it seems that the idea was to make use of materials that would no longer be used as the game progressed. I feel).

In addition, RimWorld official forumHowever, it seems that some people raised the question, "Isn't it strange that the bed only uses wood?" I have a reply.

When you actually use this mod, at the beginning of the game, you can only get animal skins to make a futon, and the pawn will spend a considerable period of time without sleep. However, it is more persuasive than just making a wooden bed in a shack on undeveloped land and getting a good night's sleep. This is a mod that I personally like a lot.

With just the four mods mentioned above, RimWorld should be a pretty tough game just to live normally. Furthermore, if you add a mod that allows children to be born, you can enjoy a very tense game in terms of population and food production even without enemy attacks. it's recommended.