How to use Rawkuma: How to download comics on Rawkuma!

By momoka

Are you looking for a good free successor site to replace Rawkuma after Rawkuma closes?

Rawkuma is an illegal website operated overseas.

It is still in operation as of December 2022, although it has been revived and closed repeatedly.

Pirate sites such as Rawkuma allow you to read manga for free, but there are many dangers associated with their use, including the leakage of personal information.

In this article, we will explain the dangers of successor sites and pirate sites where you can safely read manga instead of Rawkuma, and why you should not use them.

If you are looking for a safe site to enjoy manga, please take a look.

What is "Rawkuma?"

    Rawkuma is a free manga site.

Rawkuma" is a [ illegal] site where you can enjoy manga and comics for free.

The site contains many comic versions of web novels such as Narou and Haarumen, which are published for free on the web.

The latest stories are published immediately after they are released, and the site is popular among people who like manga because of the large number of stories published.

Dangers of Rawkuma

To begin with, operating a pirate site like Rawkuma is illegal. In some cases, it is punishable by penalties.

As a case in point, on September 24, 2019, the operator of a pirate website called Manga Village was arrested.

On June 2, 2021, he was convicted by the Fukuoka District Court to three years in prison, a fine of 10 million yen, and an additional fine of approximately 62.57 million yen.

Nevertheless, pirate sites continue to operate because they can earn large amounts of income from advertising and other sources.

If you use pirate sites because you can read for free, there are the following dangers.

Danger of virus infection

Simply accessing pirate sites can cause your computer or smartphone to become infected with a virus and break.

As a result, you may have to pay for repairs, which in some cases may end up costing more than purchasing the comic. It is safer to use official sites than pirate sites.

Risk of being directed to malicious sites

Pirate sites display a large number of advertisements.

Simply clicking on those ads may result in a request for money for some reason.

For example, the following cases have actually occurred.

Example of leading to a malicious site

  • A member was asked to pay a virus removal fee even though he/she was not infected with a virus.
  • A member was asked to pay a membership fee even though he/she had not registered as a member.

New cases occur every year.

There is a risk of problems that should not have occurred if you had read the authorized version, and you may lose time in dealing with them.

Leakage of personal information

Membership registration screens appear frequently on pirate sites, but becoming a member of a pirate site is extremely dangerous.

In many cases, pirate sites misuse the personal information obtained through membership registration.

For example, there is a danger that your credit card information will be misused and you will end up spending more money than you know you have.

Social networking accounts are no exception.

Battery and capacity drain

Simply accessing pirated sites can be a significant drain on battery and data capacity.

This is because some pirate sites contain scripts that generate virtual currency on their own just by accessing them.

Generating virtual currency consumes a large amount of battery and data space.

As a result, there are cases where the CPU usage reaches 100% and the device stops working or the battery runs out.

Legal manga sites instead of Rawkuma

Manga Kingdom

We recommend " Manga Kingdom " as an alternative to Rawkuma.The site is called "Manga Kingdom.

Manga Kingdom is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Manga Kingdom offers a wide range of manga in various genres, from popular to rare works. Manga Kingdom also updates serialized works from time to time, so you can read the latest stories right away.

Advantages of Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom is the best value for money.

Up to 50% point reduction every day

Up to 80% point reduction for a limited period of time

At Manga Kingdom, you can read manga not only in normal display, but also in slideshow format. This allows you to read manga more smoothly. Moreover, point redemption

is quite reasonable, and you can read manga almost for free, so please give it a try.

Manga Kingdom Official Website

As an alternative to Rawkuma, we would like to recommend

Mangenvolume. com is a website where you can buy and read manga. The site offers a wide variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. Furthermore, allows users to purchase the entire manga so that they can enjoy the story all the way through. offers the following advantages.

The vast number of manga available on can be freely browsed by the user.
It is Japan's largest site for selling full comic sets. You can buy complete sets of popular manga such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, etc. is the largest site for selling complete comic sets in Japan. Therefore, one of the advantages of is that you can enjoy the latest comics right away.

Currently, approximately 3 million customers visit the site each month. The store has been repeatedly introduced on TV and in magazines, and has been ranked No. 1 in Yahoo's rapid-rising search rankings, attracting attention from various media.


The next site we would like to recommend as an alternative to Rawkuma is called "Sukima.

Sukima is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Sukima offers a wide range of manga from a variety of genres, from the most popular to the rarest of works. On Sukima, works in serialization are also updated as needed, so you can read the latest stories right away.

I want to read a complete manga right up to the end!

I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day! (I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day!)

I want to read original manga that I can't read anywhere else!

...... is for you!

This is a service where you can read more than 32,000 popular manga as much as you want.

More than 2 million registered members!

DMM Comic Rental

We would like to recommend DMM Comic Rental as an alternative to Rawkuma.

DMM Comic Rental is a website where you can rent manga. The site offers a variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. In addition, DMM Comic Rental offers a huge number of manga to rent.

DMM Comic Rental offers the following advantages.

You can read from the comfort of your own home (unlimited number of comics to rent, maximum rental period of 20 nights and 21 days).

Earn DMM points worth 1% of the rental price (can be used for services within DMM).

How to use "Rawkuma

This section describes how to use "Rawkuma" to watch manga.

Step 1: Search for the title you want to watch.

  Search for the title you want to watch on "Rawkuma".

  1. Search for the title you wish to view on "Rawkuma".
  2. In the search field on the top tab, enter " Title by English name" to search.
  3. Or select a category from the tab above and search for a manga title.
  4. [The Manga List tab lists manga titles.
  5. [The SHOUJO tab lists mainly shoujo manga (girls' manga).
  6. [The SHOUNEN tab lists mainly shounen manga.
  7. [The KATAKANA menu allows you to search by the first letter of katakana characters.
  8. For a more detailed search, select [ SEARCH ] and select detailed criteria to perform a search.
  9. Manga covers and titles are displayed, so click on the image you want to view.

 Click on the image you want to view.

Step 2: View the manga in your web browser.

  Step 2: View the manga in your web browser.

  1. A list of chapters will be displayed, so select the number of episodes you wish to view.
  2. [Click [Prev CHAP] to go back to the previous episode and [Prev NEXT] to go forward to the next episode.
  3. In the chapter tab, you can select the number of episodes in a scrolling format.

How to download manga from "Rawkuma

You can also download manga from "Rawkuma".

Note: Downloading is at your own risk.

Download Procedure


  1. Search for the manga title you wish to download and click on the image.
  2. Select a chapter
  3. Click the red button [Download] in the upper tab