mangahato closed? Introducing 22 alternative sites to mangahato (save recommendation)!

By momoka

mangahato is a website where you can read manga for free.

As of December 2022, the mangahato site has been closed.

In this issue, we will introduce a free manga website as an alternative to Manga RAW.

How to use MangaHato? What are its features?

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MangaHato has the following features

Many advertisements.

Many of the works on MangaHato are relatively minor.

Although MangaHato is a foreign site, there are many Japanese users.

Although MangaHato is an overseas site, there are many Japanese users.

Characteristics of MangaHato (1) Many advertisements

Illegal sites rely on advertising revenue in order to publish manga for free.

There is no limit to the number of advertisements that can be placed on the Web.

Therefore, as long as there is space, ads are placed as long as there is space, which has the disadvantage of slow loading to display the ads in addition to looking depressing.

Characteristics of MangaHato (2) Many minor works

Many of the manga published on MangaHato are minor, lesser-known works rather than famous ones.

As for genres, most of them tend to be shounen manga of different world reincarnation and romance series.

MangaHato's Feature 3: Although it is an overseas site, there are many Japanese users.

It is said that the site is in English and is not run by a Japanese person.

However, some parts of the site are written in romaji, and it can be said that the site is intended for Japanese users.

How to use MangaHato

Using MangaHato is simple. First, search for the manga you want to read.

There are six ways to search for manga on MangaHato.

Select from the list of manga

Select from popular manga

Select from manga that have already been serialized.

Select a manga by reading it first.

Keyword search

Narrow down the search

Once you have found the manga you want, click on the title to go to the manga page.

The usage of MangaHato is similar to that of domestic manga sites and is not particularly difficult.

However, we do not recommend using MangaHato because the manga are published illegally.

Paid manga sites instead of MangaHato

Manga Kingdom

We recommend the website " Manga Kingdom" as an alternative to Mangahato.

Manga Kingdom is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Manga Kingdom offers a wide variety of genres of manga, from the most popular to the rarest. Manga Kingdom also updates serialized works from time to time, so you can read the latest stories right away.

Advantages of Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom is the best value for money.

Up to 50% point reduction every day

Up to 80% point reduction for a limited period of time

At Manga Kingdom, you can read manga not only in normal display, but also in slideshow format. This allows you to read manga more smoothly. Moreover, point redemption

is quite reasonable, and you can read manga almost for free, so please give it a try.

Manga Kingdom Official Website


As an alternative to mangahato, the following sites and services are available.

I would like to recommend eBook instead of mangahato.

An eBook is an electronic book. There are sites and services that provide content from various genres, such as books and manga, in digital format. eBooks offer the following advantages

  • One of the largest e-book sales services in Japan, handling over 800,000 e-books, mainly manga
  • More than 2,800 free manga titles available at any given time.
  • Low prices: eBooks are often less expensive than books and manga. Therefore, one of the advantages of eBooks is that you can enjoy a lot of content.

(Various campaigns including sales, unlimited reading of all volumes, and other unique measures! PayPay is available, and Yahoo! Premium members can save even more! First time log in only! You can use it up to 6 times! Half-price coupon] distribution!

To use eBooks, you will need an e-reader, and there are a variety of e-readers available, including Kindle and Kobo. Choose the device that suits you best from among them and enjoy eBooks.

eBook official website

As an alternative to mangahato, we would like to recommend is a website where you can buy and read manga. The site offers a wide variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. Furthermore, allows users to purchase the entire manga so that they can enjoy the story all the way through. offers the following advantages.

The vast number of manga available on can be freely browsed by the user.
It is Japan's largest site selling full comic sets. You can buy complete sets of popular manga such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, etc. is the largest site for selling complete comic sets in Japan. Therefore, one of the advantages of is that you can enjoy the latest comics right away.

Currently, approximately 3 million customers visit the site each month. The store has been repeatedly introduced on TV and in magazines, and has been ranked No. 1 in Yahoo's rapid-rising search rankings, attracting attention from various media.


The next site we would like to recommend as an alternative to mangahato is " Sukima.

Sukima is a site where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Sukima offers a wide range of manga from a variety of genres, from the most popular to the rarest of works. On Sukima, you can also read the latest stories right away, as the serialized works are updated as needed.

I want to read all the manga I've finished!

I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day! (I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day!)

I want to read original manga that I can't read anywhere else!

...... is recommended for those who want to read original manga that you can't read anywhere else!

Over 32,000 popular manga are available for unlimited reading.

More than 2 million registered members!

DMM Comic Rental

We would like to recommend DMM Comic Rental as an alternative to mangahato.

DMM Comic Rental is a website where you can rent manga. The site offers a variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse freely. In addition, DMM Comic Rental offers a huge number of manga to rent.

DMM Comic Rental offers the following advantages.

You can read from the comfort of your own home (unlimited number of comics to rent, maximum rental period of 20 nights and 21 days).

Earn DMM points worth 1% of the rental price (can be used for services within DMM).

Free manga sites that can replace MangaHato

In this article, we have thoroughly researched the free manga sites still in operation.

Alternatives to MangaHato 1. myanimelist

Welcome to MyanimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Join the online community, create anime and manga lists, read reviews, explore the forums and follow the news.

Official website: myanimelist

2.4chan, an alternative to MangaHato

4 Chan is a simple image-based message board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.
    4 Chan

Official site: 4 Chan

Alternative to MangaHato 3. Nyaa

  4 Chan
BitTorrent community focused on East Asian media including anime, manga, music, etc.
Official site: Nyaa

MangaHato's alternative 4.13dl

Official website: 13dl

Manga download sites that always appear at the top of searches such as "work name zip

The site covers a wide range of genres including "manga," "magazines," "novels," and "adult comics.
The site also provides links to download the entire collection, as well as backup links in case a link is deleted, so users who want to download manga for free are sure to have looked at this site.


The corresponding uploader is as described above. The link display is easy to read and the preliminary links seem to be updated daily. The site is very active with daily postings.

It is recommended to download from "Rapidgator" or "TakeFile", so it is convenient to purchase a premium account. They can also handle broken links.

MangaHato's alternative 5.(**) Shoveled.

Official website: Shobon

A manga, novel, and adult comic download site that is quickly updated following "".

The name of the site is strange, but there seem to be quite a few people using it.

There are no image previews, which makes it hard to see, but in fact, if you mouse over the title, you can preview the image.

6.Book Share ZIP instead of MangaHato

Official website: Book Share ZIP

Manga, magazine and novel download site.

It uses an unusual uploader, but most of the loaders are supported on the PLG side.
The links are neat and tidy, and you can download without entering the article page.


It seems to have a good amount of traffic, seeing as how it's updated frequently.

Alternative to MangaHato 7. MANGARAID

Official site: MANGARAID



This is another frequently updated manga download site.

What we have found so far is that the lineup of the site is almost similar.
However, the linked uploaders are different.
I don't know if they're re-uploading, but it's possible that the main comic files themselves are all identical.


8.Dl-Zip.Com instead of MangaHato.


This site has strategy books and setting books.

It has a lot of core magazines, so if you are looking for something unusual, this is the place to go.

Many major uploaders are supported, so it is easy to use. instead of MangaHato" has been entirely and mainly translated into Japanese, and the categories have been subdivided into smaller ones.

The unique feature of "" is that you can search by author.

The "author" tag is embedded in the sidebar, and the title can be easily extracted, making it easy to find the desired work.

MangaHato's alternative 10.

MangaHato is a site that provides links to download manga for free.

This site is very generous in its "response to requests" and "response to broken links.

Basically, download sites and reach sites generally do not respond to broken links or requests at all, but the site's operator leaves comments and other positive management can be seen.

Alternative to MangaHato 11. MANGA

MANGA ZIP" is a site that provides links to download manga for free.

In addition to manga, the site also offers music, movies, and other music, so it can be used for a wide variety of files. There are no ads or deceptive links, and it is easy to use, but the links to old manga are broken all over the place.
 See the link below.

MangaHato Alternative 12.


This page shows you how to download "MANGA314" manga.

There are links to various files other than manga!
Here is the title
  • General comics
  • General fiction
  • Adult Comics
  • Adult Novels
  • Magazine
  • Weekly
  • Doujinshi

We cover all the basic books such as

Alternative to MangaHato 13. ZIP RAR DL MANGA

ZIP RAR DL MANGA" is in Japanese, and the site is simple and easy to read.

The number of works is relatively large, about 17,000 works, and the number of updates per day is large, so it can be said that the site is quite easy to use.

14.A-z MANGA, an alternative to MangaHato" is a site with 4.5 million pv accesses per month.

The search function is compatible with Japanese, so there is no need to search by changing the title of the work to English.

Also, compared to other sites, "A-z MANGA" has almost no advertisements, as you can see when you access the site.

In addition, images and other data are compressed so that the site is light and easy to view.

    A-z MANGA

Alternative to MangaHato

The search is supported in Japanese, so there is no need to go through the hassle of renaming the works to English and searching.

In addition, compared to regular sites, "" has almost no advertisements, as you can see when you access the site.

In addition, since images and other data are compressed, the site is lightweight and easy to view.

MangaHato's alternative 16.CMCZIP.COM

Although this is a relatively new site just opened in May 2018, the number of contents is already 6,000 works and the update speed is very fast.

The search function is Japanese compatible, so there is no need to search for works by renaming them in English.

In addition, images and other data are compressed, making the site light and easy to view.

The categories are well organized, the layout of the site itself is easy to read, and honestly speaking, there is not a single flaw.

Category List

There is also a list of categories in the sidebar on the side. on behalf of MangaHato" is a site where you can download manga for free.

There are many categories with dozens of items.


Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Doujinshi, Drama, Sex, Fantasy, Gender-Bender, Harem, Perverted, Historical, Horror, Female, Martial Arts, Mecha, Mystical, N/A, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Science Fiction, Youth, Shotakon, Girl, Girl Love, Boy, Boy Love A slice of life, smut, sports, supernatural, tragedy, yaoi, yuri, etc.

Summary of MangaHato

MangaHato is a website that publishes manga illegally.

The reason why it is called illegal is because it copies and publishes manga without the manga artist's permission, which constitutes copyright infringement.

It is true that the site offers free reading, but it is difficult to read due to many advertisements, and there are not that many works.

Operation of such illegal sites is punishable by copyright infringement, but it is not illegal to use illegal sites as a user.

However, by using an illegal site as a user, you are indirectly allowing the illegal site to operate!

So, if you are going to use illegal sites, please use the free trial period of legitimate comic sites and enjoy them.