Local Channels on Roku

Updated on 2022-01-24
Roku is one of the smartest hardware of digital media players that enables its users to watch local TV shows on the channels available in their areas.

If you are one of the admirers of local TV channels, you must have heard the name Roku among all the other popular streaming options.

Wondering what local channels are available on Roku and how can you get access to it? 

Stay with us till the end of this article as we are going to reveal some of the smartest ways to access all our favorite Roku shows and videos easily.

But let’s start with the basics first…

What is Roku?

Simply put, Roku is a brand of digital media streaming devices that let users stream and watch their favorite content on different smart devices. Some of the most popular Roku devices include:

  • Roku Express
  • Roku TVs
  • Roku Streambar
  • Roku Ultra

What we love about Roku is it has a little something for every viewer out there. Whether you’re a sports fan looking to watch your favorite sports shows or want to kill your time enjoying movies or documentaries, Roku has got you covered. 

That is because Roku works seamlessly with major streaming sites, such as Netflix, Sling, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu  as well as other shows and videos from the Internet. 

Not only this, but Roku also has a range of local channels available for you. Not sure what those channels are? Here we go…

What local channels are available on Roku?

Roku users can watch a variety of local channels, including:

·         Boston 25

·         News 12

·         WPXI Channel 11 News

·         WBRC Fox 6 News

·         WTVF News Channel 5


All these local channels can be watched very easily if you have Roku’s Subscription.

We know what you’re thinking…

How to get these local channels on Roku? The good news is the process is easier than you think.

How to get local channels on Roku?

All you need to do is connect your Roku TV to an HDTV antenna. These antennas are small and affordable (also easily available) devices, which allows you to watch local TV shows from up to 100 miles away. 

However, the number of channels will vary according to the place you live in. As the antenna might not be able to catch the signals of all the channels from different places.

For avid viewers, this could be a major limitation though as they only get to watch those channels that their antenna is able to catch for them. 

Can you get ABC, NBC, CBS and HGTV, and Fox on Roku?

The answer to your question is yes.

All the channels such as NBC, ABC, HGTV, and Fox are available. You can also place an antenna to maximize the number of local channels available over the air.

However, its limitation to working with Google and Alexa will compel you to think about some other third-party applications so that you can enjoy your favorite channels more freely and easily.

You will also be relaxed as there is no need to buy different devices for multiple users. 

Here’s how this works…

Watching Local Channels on Roku Using Third-Party Apps:

If you are looking for one of your favorite local shows and it’s not available, perhaps the area where you live does not display that show.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered.       

You can also avail a fantastic option that is much simpler and easier. You can watch and download all your favorite local Roku shows and videos using any third-party software that is designed to help you get rid of all those antenna-catching signal difficulties.

The best part is you can watch all your desired content anywhere and anytime even with no internet connection.

All you have to do is to choose the best downloader and you’re all set to enjoy not just local Roku channels but pretty much any content available on streaming sites and social media platforms.  

Here are some of the best downloaders you can use to watch local Roku channels without any hassle. 

MyStream Downloader:

The first downloader on our list is the MyStream downloader.

With MyStream video downloader, you can download all your favorite shows, movies, videos from a plethora of different websites including Roku. 

Its simpler and user-friendly interface attracts its users the most and even a child with zero technical knowledge  can operate this tool without any help or assistant. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of its amazing features.


  • Supports different streaming websites and social media platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Funimation, Paramount Plus, and more
  • You can download videos in FHD quality of up to 1080p, 4K, and 8K
  • You can select subtitles and languages according to your default settings and preferences
  • Download multiple episodes and entire seasons using the batch mode downloading feature
  • Accelerated downloading speed to help you finish your downloads within minutes
  • Save movies in MP4 format and watch them on any device 
  • There will be no annoying ads to ruin your offline viewing experience
  • You can set audio tracks according to default settings
  • Download subtitles as SRT files
  • There is an in-built browser to make video search a breeze for you
  • Organize your media library by saving the metadata of your downloaded videos and movies
  • There is an online downloader to let you download videos from YouTube, Twitch, and other social media sites


KeepStreams Video Downloader

The second most impressive video downloader on our list is none other than KeepStreams. This software has gained massive popularity during a year or so because of its features that lets users download  their favorite videos from pretty much any streaming website or social media platform they can think of. 


Let's have a quick look at some of its amazing features.



  • Supports most OTT platforms and major streaming websites
  • You can also download anime from your favorite anime streaming sites, such as Funimation and Crunchyroll
  • With KeepStreams, you can download your favorite sports videos from major sports streaming platforms like ESPN Plus
  • KeepStreams also allows you to save playlists and videos from major social media platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo


Y2Mate DRM Downloader: 

The Y2mate video Downloader is another intuitive and user-friendly video downloading solution which is quickly becoming everyone's favorite due to its simple user interface and features. 


  • With Y2Mate DRM downloader, you can save and download videos from over 1000+ websites 
  • You get to choose your own video quality that typically ranges between 720p to 4K, or even 8K
  • With Batch downloading and lightning speed features, you can download your desired videos in batches, that too in a flash
  • This downloader also allows you to save and convert your files into MP4. That means you can watch your downloads videos on different devices without any difficulty
  • Ad-free downloads
  • Choose audio tracks and subtitles according to default settings
  • With Y2Mate DRM downloader, you can download subtitles SRT titles. Not only this, but you can also remux them into your videos
  • Use built-in browser to find your favorite videos from different websites and streaming platforms
  • Save metadatas of movies and videos
  • There is an online downloader to let you download and play your favorite videos from popular social media platforms

BBfly Video Downloader: 

Are you looking for an all-inclusive downloading solution that lets you download your desired videos from multiple streaming platforms and social media sites? Look no further. 

BBFly video downloader comes with a range of extraordinary features that suits the downloading needs of most Roku users. With this downloader, you can stream and watch most local Roku channels, that too in the highest possible quality of 1080p.  

Isn’t it incredible? Let’s check out some of its most valuable features:


  • Supports more than 100 websites and streaming services
  • You can save your downloads to your devices so that you can enjoy them offline later on
  • This downloader comes with a country-specific support
  • Downloads will be saved as MP4 files
  • High-speed batch downloading feature 




FlixPal is the talk of the town due to its ability to  access various platforms and websites, including Roku. It also has the added advantage of having no ads when downloading videos and the most customizable and adjustable subtitles that you can select based on your language preferences and choices. 

Some of its key features include:


  • Supports over 200+ websites offline
  • Download series of videos and entire seasons using FlixPal’s exclusive batch downloading feature
  • Your downloads will be saved as MP4 files, meaning you can watch them on different devices
  • FlixPal also supports streaming from live sites, such as Twitch
  • What your downloaded videos anywhere and anytime, even without the internet
  • Download anime from popular anime websites
  • Ad-free downloading
  • Ultra-speed downloading with GPU boost

Sling TV:

Another useful toolkit that allows its users to access all their favorite live TV and sports channels at affordable prices is Sling TV which also offers its users the benefits of watching live TV channels according to their choices and selection.

 However, it limits its users to only personal usage and the antenna placement can again be not a very good idea.


•        Compatible with major streaming devices

•        Frequent promotional deals

•        Partial access to local channels

•        Selection of many popular channels

•        Limited accessibility in different areas

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is another smart solution that allows you to get access to 85+ broadcasts, cable, and regional sports networks. 

The only downside is Sling allows its users to access local channels partially. Also, you can find some of their packages confusing. 


•        Unlimited recordings

•        Cloud DVR

•        Multiple Users and Devices

•        Voice Control

•        Dark mode

•        Free trial


If you are one of those who stick to watching the news, documentaries, and all the other information contents only, HayStack can be your best buddy.

Haystack provides its users with all the news from local and current events of the world from across 300+ channels.

All the channels like ABC, CBSN, AP, and CNET can be accessed easily. Let’s look at some of its other features to learn more about it.


  • Live coverage for breaking events
  • High-rated on Roku, FireTV, and more



Roku is one of the smartest hardware of digital media players that enables its users to watch local TV shows on the channels available in their areas.

However, if any of you does not find your choice of Roku channel or movie then selecting the third party application is the wisest decision you can make.

From all the video downloaders discussed above, MyStream Video downloader is our most favorite due to its unlimited access to various online websites and the feature that allows you to watch your favorite Roku shows anywhere and anytime.