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How to Fix Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi

By Yvonne

This article will show you how to fix Roku's Wi-Fi connection problem and how to check the signal strength.

Roku TVs and Roku-equipped devices must be connected to the internet. They must also have a good signal. You must fix the problem if the connection goes down before you can use your device as intended.

Causes of Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi

There are many reasons connection errors may occur. They can stop media playback and sometimes affect the performance of your Roku device.

The most frequent issues include:

  • Poor Wi-Fi signals can cause problems with performance or playback.
  • Service may be temporarily interrupted by a power outage or router failure.
  • Other network devices, such as computers or game consoles, may also be using up network bandwidth.
  • It is possible that the Ethernet cable used to connect wired devices was not plugged in.
  • Rarely, the Roku device might be malfunctioning or failing.

Roku's software is intuitive. It will notify you immediately if there is a problem with your connection or if the device isn't connected to the internet. To quickly establish or restore a connection, you can always look out for the notification.

How to Check the Signal Strength

  1. To access the side menu, press Left on the home screen. Scroll down to Settings.
  2. To enter the Settings menu press Right. To focus on the Network page, press Right one more time.
  3. Two options are available. You can refer to the About page for connection details, or you can use the Check Connection tool. The About page details should be visible to your right. You can find information such as your connection type, IP address, mac details, signal strength and download speeds. This information may not be available or populated if you are not connected to internet. Skip the next step if you aren't connected.
  4. Optional: You can use the Check Connection tool to check if you are connected to internet according to About page. Scroll down to Check connection and then use OK to start the test. An alert will pop up displaying your internet connection status, internet signal strength, and network connection status.

If your internet connection is stable, then you can try streaming media to resolve the issue.

How to Fix Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If the Roku isn't connected to the internet and the connection tool or tests have failed, you can reconnect.

Here are some ways to reconnect:

  1. To access the side menu, press Left on the remote. Scroll down to Settings.
  2. To enter Settings, press Right on the remote. To focus on the Network page, press Right again.
  3. Scroll down to Set up Connection, click Wireless, and then press OK.
  4. The system will scan nearby networks wirelessly. Once it is done, the system will display a list of nearby networks. Click on the network you want to find and then press OK.
  5. Enter your password and scroll down to Connect. Finally, press OK on the remote. The system will connect if your password is correct.
  6. If the connection was successful, the menu will be removed and you'll see the About page with relevant details.

You can try other troubleshooting techniques if the connection is still not working.

How to Fix Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Restart Your Roku Device

Restarting your device is one of the best ways to resolve any technical problem. Restarting Roku for example clears your device's memory and restores it to a new system state.

If devices are left on for too long, bugs and other issues can occur, which could lead to network problems. Restarting your Roku device is a simple way to get rid of these bugs.

Restart Your Roku Device

Reset Your Router

Your router could also be a potential source of network problems. Your router's network settings could be incorrectly configured, preventing your Roku device access to the internet.

It's better to reset your router than try to fix it. The reset button is usually located on the back of most routers. It may be a tactile button, or a pinhole. For your router to reset, hold down the reset button for a few moments until it starts working again. To perform a reset, you can also access your router's admin portal. You can also look up the model number online if you're unsure.

Reset Your Router

How to Watch Videos Without Connection Issues?

Downloading videos and watching them offline is the best way to avoid affecting your viewing experience by connection issues.

The content downloaded using the default option can be watched only on the same device and only for a specific period of time. Moreover, you will not be able to share the content downloaded using the default option.

Y2Mate Downloader can be a great option that can be quite practical and useful in this perspective. It provides you access to an enhanced download option for your content in 1080p video quality and a faster speed.

Y2Mate Downloader

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This article explains in detail how to fix Roku's Wi-Fi connection problem and how to check the signal strength. These troubleshooting methods have provided significant results for Roku users. Moreover, Y2Mate Downloader has been one of the premium options for downloading your favorite content to watch offline without any connection issues.