How to get LINE Tsum Tsum coin cheat! How to without jailbreak?

By momoka

LINE Tsum Tsum is a game that competes for points by connecting Tsums and earning as many coins as possible.

However, it is possible to infinitely multiply a large amount of coins using a trick called "Cheat". In this article, I investigated how to cheat LINE Tsum Tsum coins.

[Latest information] Get a lot of rubies without cheats! ? / How to play tsum tsum cheat without jailbreak

First of all, jailbreaking is a hassle in the first place, and people who don't want their accounts banned will need tricks.

Therefore, here you can find information on how to get a large amount of rubies and coins without cheating, and the latest 2020 article "[Latest 2020] Is there a way to cheat on LINE Tsum Tsum without jailbreak?" Introducing information about!

What is the safe way to get a large amount of rubies for free?

You can quickly get information such as the latest campaigns among some of the people who have mastered LINE Tsum Tsum (SNS and 5ch bulletin board) .

You can often get a lot of rubies in Tsum Tsum's limited-time campaign !

It's free and you have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try before cheating and taking risks?

[No jailbreak] How to cheat on LINE Tsum Tsum

The fastest way to efficiently level up, collect coins, and collect rare characters in gacha is to collect Tsum Tsum's "Ruby" .

Of course you can get it if you pay, but did you know there is a way to get it without paying?

I want to get rubies for sure, even if it's a little steady work! I'd like to introduce a recommended method for those who say.

[Absolutely safe] How to get unlimited coins!

For those who want to cheat absolutely safely (those without illegality), it is recommended to search Google for "Tsum Tsum bulletin board" and exchange hearts between players.

If you receive the heart within an hour, you will receive 200 coins, so if you make a friend who wants to exchange hearts, you will be able to get almost infinite coins.

As you can see in the image, Tsum Tsum occasionally conducts a campaign to double the coins that come with heart receipts, so that timing is especially targeted.

Procedure to cheat with LINE Tsum Tsum in jailbreak

In order to use LINE Tsum Tsum for coin cheats, you need to prepare in advance.

However, if you use cheats, you will need to jailbreak the OS, and jailbreaking has disadvantages such as lowering the security of the OS, so do so at your own risk.

Preparations before cheating

  1. Jailbreak your iOS device.
  2. Install "LINE No Detct", an application for avoiding jailbreak measures.
  3. Install "Breakthrough" from the jailbreak app store "Cydia".
  4. Install "iGameGuardian" from the jailbreak app store "Cydia".

LINE Tsum Tsum cheat procedure

  1. Launch "LINE" Tsum Tsum from the home screen, and launch "iGameGuardian" from the jailbreak app store "Cydia".
  2. First, go to the appropriate stage of "LINE Tsum Tsum" and play appropriately to earn a small amount of coins.
  3. Start "iGameGuardian" and "Search" the number of coins earned in ②.
  4. Return to "LINE Tsum Tsum" again from the background and earn a little more coins.
  5. As before, search again from the "Search" column of "iGameGuardian" and narrow down the results to some extent.
  6. Enter the numbers you searched for in ③ and ⑤ in the "memory" field and tap "Goto".
  7. After searching for "Goto", several strings of numbers will appear, so look for the notation 45 and 3 respectively.
  8. "Save" the sequence containing the numbers 45 and 3 respectively, and change the "3" part to "8" and the "45" part to "1".
  9. If you return to "LINE Tsum Tsum" and restart the game, it is successful if the Tsum Tsum time is stopped.
  10. Finally, change the "8" in the sequence you just changed to "6", return to "LINE Tsum Tsum", and play until the game time limit.

Reference source: Kakun

In fact, this method hasn't changed since 2015 and is still possible today!
It's easy to understand, and Mr. Ka-kun explains it in the video, so if you want to use it as a reference, go ahead!

Disadvantages of jailbreak

I have introduced how to use cheats with LINE Tsum Tsum for jailbreak, but using cheat jailbreak with LINE Tsum Tsum may cause troubles and problems.

Here, I will introduce what kind of disadvantages there are when using cheats with LINE Tsum Tsum for jailbreak!

① Possibility of account suspension “BAN”

If you use a tote with LINE Tsum Tsum, your LINE account may be banned.

An account ban means that your account has been suspended and you will no longer be able to use LINE services. Please note that using cheats may be a violation of LINE's service, and your account may be banned due to a violation of the contract!

②Possibility of criminal prosecution

Also, it would be nice if it was just a LINE account ban, but depending on the case, there is a possibility that you will be criminally prosecuted for Internet violations.

Until now, there have been many cases of cheating and violations of such apps, and many troubles that could be criminally prosecuted. At first glance, cheats are a function that anyone can use, but actually use them at your own risk!

(3) Fear of virus infection due to weakened security

Also, using a tote with such a LINE Tsum Tsum may put your smartphone or device in a very dangerous situation.

This is because cheating exploits vulnerabilities in smartphones and applications. On the contrary, if the vulnerability is used to target the security force of your iPhone or Android smartphone and lead to the leakage of personal information and data. There is also

Therefore, when cheating, not only trouble but also security measures are required.

About jailbreaking iPhone

Do you know the history of iPhone jailbreaks? ?

In fact, Steve Wozniak, the developer who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, was the first to jailbreak an iPhone.

He was a pioneer of jailbreaking and enjoyed breaking out of jail.

How do you say it, it just looks like Apple is allowing jailbreaks (laughs).

Tsum Tsum cheat situation in igg, binary, jailbreak application

Game administrators such as Nintendo and SONY, not just Tsum Tsum, ban cheated accounts.

Many game companies detect cheating with a simple mechanism, and if they detect an impossible increase in score at once, they seem to suspect the possibility of cheating.

And if it can be confirmed that the numerical value is actually rewritten, it will be BAN.

Even Tsum Tsum can be banned, so be careful when jailbreaking.

Arrest cases for cheating

Finally, here are some examples of people who have been arrested for cheating.

Cheating can give you an edge in the game, but it can also lead to big losses later in life.

Even if you think you'll be fine because you won't get arrested anyway, you may actually get arrested, so don't cheat.

What law punishes cheating?

Cheating can result in arrest for three offenses:

  • violation of copyright law
  • Unauthorized creation/sharing of private electromagnetic records
  • Crime of obstruction of business such as computer damage

Among them, the most severe punishment is violation of the Copyright Act, which can be punished with a fine of up to 5 million yen, imprisonment with work of up to 5 years, or both.

Arrest example ① LINE Tsum Tsum

In July 2021, LINE Tsum Tsum actually arrested someone for violating the Copyright Act.

Let's think calmly before committing not only cheats to increase coins and rubies, but also acts that violate the terms of service because there are arrests on behalf.

Arrest example ② Puzzle & Dragons

A college student who released a cheat tool for the game "Pazudora", which is said to be a pioneer of app games, has been arrested.

It is a tool that can tamper with the status of monsters, and the official website has announced that the developer has been arrested and the account using the cheat tool has been suspended.

Arrest example ③ Monster Strike

In app games, people have been arrested for using cheat tools in the popular game "Monst", which is on par with Puzzle & Dragons.

They used cheat tools to illegally obtain monsters, and even sold the data via online auction sites.

It was announced that he was arrested not only for cheating but also for RMT (Real Money Trade).

The act of buying an account on SNS etc. is also an act of RTM, and it is a violation of the game rules, so there is no possibility of being arrested, but be careful as there is a risk that the account you bought with much effort will be banned.

Arrest example ④ Nyanko Great War

Arrested persons have also been confirmed in "Nyanko Great War".

It turned out that this was also selling illegally acquired data like Monst, and it was announced that the seller was arrested and the purchaser was sent documents.

Don't buy fraudulent data with money because there is a possibility that documents will be sent just by purchasing.

Arrest example ⑤ Shironeko Project

Arrests have also been made in the "Shironeko Project".

In the case of the Shironeko Project, a 19-year-old person was arrested for spreading the cheat tool, not the creator of the cheat tool.

You can get arrested for cheating, so don't get involved if you don't want to risk your life.


Cheating is fun because you can increase LINE Tsum Tsum coins and rubies, but keep in mind that if you make a mistake in how you enjoy it, your account will be banned.

Even if you don't cheat, you can save enough coins with small tricks.

At that time, please do not disturb other people (^^)

As far as danger is concerned, the author personally recommends that you follow the rules fairly.

Cheating is fun because you can increase LINE Tsum Tsum coins and rubies, but keep in mind that if you make a mistake in how you enjoy it, your account will be banned.

Even if you don't cheat, you can save enough coins with small tricks.

At that time, please do not disturb other people (^^)

As far as danger is concerned, the author personally recommends that you follow the rules fairly.