Lemino Downloader Comparison: An in-depth look at the features and functions of the top 8 companies!

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Lemino is the successor service to dTV, which was announced in March 2024. It will offer approximately 180,000 contents, and in addition to movies and dramas, it will also distribute sports, live music, etc.

So, in this article, we will introduce 8 popular Lemino downloading software that are available for free and useful for video downloading.

Please compare prices and features to find the right software for you.

Lemino Download Function Limitations
Building Collections
Privacy Protection

The Lemino Downloader feature is only available on the Lemino app and is not available on the PC version of Lemino. With Lemino Downloader, you can save all Lemino videos on your PC and save your favorite videos in bulk without worrying about the space on your phone.

How to Choose a Lemino Downloader

DRM Removal
In Lemino, some video content is protected by DRM, which restricts downloading and storing. In order to keep downloaded videos from turning black, the Lemino downloader must have the ability to remove DRM.
Ease of use and operation:
The ease of use and usability of the Lemino downloader is an important factor. Check for an intuitive interface and simple controls to ensure a pleasant user experience. A downloader that is easy for beginners to handle is a good choice.
Download speed and stability:
Download speed and stability are essential for stress-free content downloads. Choosing a downloader that offers fast download speeds and consistent performance will save you time and ensure a pleasant download experience.
It is important to choose a Lemino downloader that is reliable. Make sure that adequate attention is paid to security measures and privacy protection. It is important that the software is safe to use.
Updates and Support
Long-term use requires regular updates and good customer support, so make sure your Lemino downloader is compatible with the latest technologies and offers support you can count on in the event of a failure.
Pricing and licensing terms:
Finally, review the Lemino Downloader pricing and licensing terms. Compare the plans and license terms offered to see if they fit your budget and find the most cost-effective option.

The 8 best Lemino downloaders!

Remove DRM restrictions
Download Speed
Batch Download
Subtitle Download
High Quality Support
Save format
In-Browser Detection
5620 yen/month
7500 yen/year
10000 yen/Lifetime
2899 yen/month
8249 yen/year
13574 yen/Lifetime
3500 yen/month
7350 yen/year
15850 yen/Lifetime
2199 yen/month
4199 yen/year
7399 yen/Lifetime
2980 yen/month
8918 yen/year
9373 yen/Lifetime

StreamFab Lemino Downloader

StreamFab Lemino Downloader
Japanese support
free trial
super fast
email support
batch download
save as MP4 & MKV
Annual Plan

StreamFab Lemino Downloader is a download tool focused on Lemino entertainment. This tool is an excellent option for seamlessly downloading videos from Lemino.

One of the features of StreamFab Lemino Downloader is its Japanese language support. To ensure that users can comfortably use the software, it can be operated in Japanese. In addition, users can download videos in 8K resolution, allowing them to enjoy the highest quality video experience.

In addition, the high-speed download engine allows users to quickly download high-quality video and high-quality audio without long waits.

A free trial period is available, making it easy for first-time users and those interested to try it out. The fast download engine allows for quick downloading of even large video files.

If you wish to download multiple videos at once, you can also use the batch download function. Downloaded videos are saved in MP4 and MKV formats, so you can enjoy them in your preferred format.

If problems or questions arise, StreamFab Lemino Downloader offers email support. It is well backed up so that users can use it with confidence.

StreamFab Lemino Downloader also supports Lemino rental videos. You can easily download high-quality videos and enjoy your favorite content to your heart's content.

  • DRM can be removed
  • Download new episodes automatically
  • "Downloader" not "Recorder"
  • Batch download & fast
  • Download up to 100 videos per day
  • Up to 3 free trials

StreamGaGa Lemino Downloader

StreamGaGa Lemino Downloader
High Quality
Free Trial
Bulk Download
DRM Restrictions Removal
Lifetime Plan Plan

StreamGaGa Lemino Downloader is the ideal tool for easily enjoying high-quality entertainment content. This downloader is favored by many users for its notable features.

First of all, its high quality video experience is worth seeing: with a resolution of 1080p, you can enjoy your movies and videos with clarity and crispness. For those seeking the best viewing experience, StreamGaGa Lemino Downloader is the one to choose.

It is available for the reasonable price of $23.9/month. A free trial period is also offered to first-time users and interested parties. This allows you to check the functions and quality of the service before deciding to use it on a full-scale basis!

In addition, the accelerated download engine allows for quick downloading of even large files. The batch download feature is also very useful for those who want to download multiple videos at once.

StreamGaGa Lemino Downloader also features DRM restriction removal, allowing you to enjoy content without restrictions. It is an excellent tool for freely playing your favorite videos.

The StreamGaGa Lemino downloader is an easy and effective choice for those seeking high quality entertainment content. Its attractive features will allow you to enjoy content at your own pace.

  • Download Lemino without region restrictions
  • Batch download Lemino videos to MP4
  • Automatically remove ads from Lemino download
  • Reserve download
  • Free trial is limited to 3 bottles

CleverGet Lemino Downloader

CleverGet Lemino Downloader
4K High Quality
Subtitle Download
Super Fast
No DRM Restrictions
Annual Plan

CleverGet Lemino Downloader is a download tool specialized for saving Lemino digital content.

Once you purchase CleverGet One, you can easily download not only Lemino, but also Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Discovery Plus, Lemino, and 1000 You can easily download from more than 1000 websites.

Downloading videos while accessing Lemino in an internal browser is highly secure!

If you copy the URL of the video, the copied URL will be automatically pasted into the URL field of the software.

You can also add videos by dragging and dropping video thumbnails into the software. If you want to download videos by playlist, simply paste the URL of the playlist.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI
  • MP4/MKV format (1080P)
  • Download videos by YouTube playlist
  • Only 3 videos available for free download

4 Y2Mate Lemino Downloader

Y2Mate Lemino Downloader
100 platform
GPU boost
ADs free
Lifetime Plan Plan

Y2Mate Lemino Downloader is a download module developed by a Chinese software vendor exclusively for Lemino that removes the protection (DRM) of content distributed by Lemino and allows users to download video files (MP4) with up to 4k resolution.

The quality of the content to be downloaded is high because it is the same as the source from which it is distributed.

Only sources that do not include advertisements, overlays, ending wipes, etc. can be retrieved.

Unlike recorders, it does not playback, so downloading is fast. Moreover, doing other work on the computer while downloading does not affect the content.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Smartphone version available
  • High fees

5 KeepStreams Lemino Downloader

KeepStreams Lemino Downloader
Over 500 sites supported
Subtitle download
m3u8 to MP4 conversion
Annual Plan

KeepStreams Lemino Downloader is a Lemino-specific download module developed by a Chinese software vendor that removes the protection (DRM) of videos distributed by Lemino and Lemino's content, allowing you to download video files (MP4) at resolutions up to 4K The module is designed for downloading video files (MP4) at resolutions up to 4K.

KeepStreams is also easy to use and the quality of the content you download is high because it is the same as the source from which it is delivered.

With rapid download speeds, there is no need to wait long periods of time for video downloads.

Compared to recording software, the convenience of doing other work on the computer while downloading does not affect the content.

  • Compatible with many video sites
  • Save live feed
  • Purchase only the modules you need
  • Download subtitle files
  • Video parsing takes time
  • Sound shift problems

6 4Videosoft Screen Capture

4Videosoft Screen Capture
Video Editor
Free Trial
Screen Recording
Windows / macOS support
Annual Plan

4Videosoft Screen Recorder allows you to record videos played on your PC desktop or PC browser. It is one of the few recording software that can record Lemino without blacking out and save in the highest quality 720p.

Easy editing functions are included for those who want to customize their recorded videos to their own liking.

The fee is ¥3,500 for the one-month version, while the free version allows users to record up to 3 minutes of video.

This is an average market price for capture software, so the cost performance is not too bad. Recorded videos are saved in .mov format.

  • Specified Window Screen Recording
  • Specified Window Screen Recording
  • Recording Andorid and iPhone screens
  • windows version only
  • Free trial up to 3 minutes

7 HitPaw Screen Recorder

HitPaw Screen Recorder
Video Editing
Free Trial
Screen Recording
No Delay
Annual Plan

HitPaw Screen Recorder is a lightweight and easy-to-use recording software. The ability to set video shape, opacity, resolution, brightness, and contrast is also very useful.

However, the success rate is somewhat lower with regard to Lemino recordings, although free accounts can only record up to 10 minutes.

The screen may go black or the audio may not come on.

Metadata is stored for favorite videos to help build a multimedia library!

  • Remove background
  • Reserved/timed recording
  • Slow updates
  • Sometimes there is a sound shift problem

8 VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter
url download
sound only extraction
video editing
Annual Plan

If you want to record Lemino videos, we recommend VideoProc Converter, a professional video downloader.

Even beginners can easily use the software to download videos by simply pasting the URL of the page into the software.

When we tried several software programs for recording video on video websites, we often found that they were not fast enough and the frames were choppy, and the video was not smooth. VideoProc Converter" can record video and audio in high quality and is easy to use, so anyone can record their work.

Quality and resolution choices are flexible, ranging from 144P to 4K, with support for UHD and other resolutions.

In addition to video recording, other functions such as editing recorded videos and downloading videos are also available.

  • Multifunctional
  • Flexible recording range
  • Japanese interface
  • Save speed slow
  • Lemino screen recording can go black

In this article, we introduced eight downloaders for downloading videos and rented videos from Lemino. Of these, the most recommended is the StreamFab Lemino Downloader.

StreamFab Lemino Downloader specializes in Japanese entertainment, and its main attraction is that it allows users to download high quality videos in 8K resolution. It is also available in Japanese, so users can use it without stress. A free trial period is offered to first-time users and interested parties. Furthermore, for the reasonable price of $21.9/month, users can get high quality content. all of these advantages make the StreamFab Lemino downloader stand out for its reliability and convenience compared to other downloaders. It is the best choice for those who love Japanese entertainment.

Best Lemino Downloader -- StreamFab
StreamFab Lemino Downloader offers the ability to remove DRM restrictions. This allows you to enjoy content without restrictions. It provides a more flexible viewing experience than other downloaders. It is equipped with a high-speed download engine that allows for quick downloading of even large files. It also has a batch download function, which provides the convenience of retrieving multiple videos at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to undo a drm in Lemino?
Let me conclude. Even if it is for "personal use," downloading a distributed video using a "downloader" is a violation of the law (illegal) of "Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the Copyright Law" because it automatically enables acts that are prevented by "technical protection measures. However, since the "Copyright Act" does not contain a penalty provision for "Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the Copyright Act," the penalty does not apply. However, if the downloaded video is transferred or lent to another person, the penalty under "Article 120-2, Paragraph 1 of the Copyright Law" will be applied and "imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine of not more than 3 million yen (or both)" will be imposed. Therefore, music, movies, and TV programs should be played and enjoyed only.
Why can't I download Lemino?
Account Status: Downloading may be restricted due to account login status, access privileges, or payment information issues.

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