What is Share Buying with Cowshare? Why is the Couché app so easy?

By momoka

The #sharebuy on #cowshare, which is especially popular in TIKTOK these days, is to use an app called COWSHARE to make a shared purchase.

You use a coupon on the #Cauche app and you get a super cheap deal!!! And no shipping charges, great!!! Many people think this is a great idea.

In this article, we will show you the features and how to use the Cowshare app.

What is Cauche?

Released in 2020, Cauche is a shopping app that combines "buy" and "share". By sharing and buying with other users, users can save money on popular products.

The reason why Cowshee can sell products at very low prices is because the target number of users is set for each product, and if the minimum number of users is reached within 24 hours, the purchase is complete.

Recommended for

  1. People who just want inexpensive items
  2. People who are sensitive to the latest fashion trends
  3. People who often use online shopping

How does COUCHE work? Why is it cheaper?

Kauche is a system that allows you to get products at a lower price by sharing a common purchase with friends and family, saying "I like this" or "Let's buy together".

In other words, by sharing with friends and family, advertising costs can be reduced and a single product can be purchased at a lower price because more than one person is buying it.

According to COUCHET, when the public spreads a product through social networking and messaging applications and quantifies the influence that causes others to purchase, on average, one person's purchase of a product leads to the spread and purchase of an additional 1.56 people.

How to use Couché

Tap the Share Buy button

Once you have found a product you wish to purchase, check the share purchase requirements. When checking the target number of people for each product, check the "Number of people required" box. In most cases, the number of people is set to a smaller number, such as two, so the hurdle is not so high.

Check the discount rate as well, and if all is well, proceed to the product purchase page.

Tap "Share Purchase" on the product page and proceed to the payment page.

Find the product you want

After downloading the app, launch the app and check the products you are interested in.

When you open the app, you will see tabs for time sales and rankings, so tap the category you are interested in to search for products.

If you have a specific product you want to purchase, you can easily search for it by entering keywords in the search window that appears at the top of the app.

Enter your address and payment method.

You will be taken to the product payment page, so please enter the following information

o E-mail address

o Name

o Postal code

o Address

o Phone number

o Payment Method

Once all fields have been completed, the purchase of shares is complete.

Share your purchases on social networking sites.

You need to reach the target number of purchasers within 24 hours, so please be proactive and share on social networking sites. If the target number of buyers is successfully reached within the time frame, the transaction will be completed.