What is an insta-word? How to do it in style!

Updated on 2023-02-01
In this article, what is a popular insta-word? We will show you how to do it in a stylish way.

In this article, what is a popular insta-word? We will show you how to do it in a stylish way.

What is an Insta-Word?

Send a one-word message to people who responded to your survey.

The popular one-word feature on Insta-Word allows you to reply with a one-word message to the person who pushed your survey.

What I mean is that it is popular on Insta to post stories that disappear in 24 hours, asking people to choose either A or B, for example.

Those who choose one or the other in the survey will receive a few words from the contestant as a thank you. If you have a growing number of followers on Instagram and want to do this, give it a try.

How to do a single word on Insta

How to do an Insta story word is very simple. Let's do it together.

First, tap your icon in the upper left corner.

Next, you can either choose a photo or take a picture in KA or Mela mode.

After choosing a photo, tap the icon with a smiley face in the square.

Tap the "Questionnaire" icon among the various icons displayed.

After tapping "Questionnaire," tap "Yes" or "No" and enter "Describe," an emoji, or your favorite words.

Finally, tap the "Stories" button at the bottom of the screen to post the survey.

You will then see a list of users who have responded to the survey, so take a screenshot of that list.

On that screenshot, you will see a message that reads "Thanks for being a good friend! I will continue to support you!" and then post that again to your Instagram story and you're done.

How to make your Instagram one-word stylish

There are four main ways to express a single word that is popular on Instagram in a stylish way.

Image processing in reply to an Insta one-word.

This way, the letters are erased by processing!

Press and hold the black marker in the middle of the pen on the Insta story to fill it in, then one tap of the eraser to match the size of the icon will erase it in a circle.

Utilize special fonts

You can use a special font to express your message in a single word. If you write your message in a special font, it will catch the viewer's eye more easily. Search the Internet for "special fonts" and you will find many sites where you can copy and paste your message.

Use stamps

Another stylish way is to use GIF stamps in Stories. Replying with just text is fine, but a little embellishment with a stamp can make it more fashionable.

Specifically, you can underline each message or put a stamp on it. if you search for "LINE" or "namemoji" from the Stories stamp button, you will find many simple yet stylish stamps.