Must-see for foreign movie lovers! A collection of foreign movie sites where you can watch foreign movies for free.

By Kaya

Here are some recommended sites for movie lovers to enjoy foreign movies for free. We have picked up sites where you can watch foreign films of various genres for free. From now on, you will be able to fully enjoy watching foreign films at home.

Points for enjoying foreign films for free

There are many sites where you can watch foreign films for free. We will compare safety and ease of use, recommend sites by genre, and explain how to identify sites where you can watch in high quality.

Comparing Safety and Ease of Use of Free Sites

Safety and ease of use are important factors when using free foreign movie sites. A secure site has a low risk of virus infection and no risk of leaking personal information. Easy-to-use sites have simple screen designs and offer smooth video search and playback.

When selecting a site, please refer to user ratings and reviews. It is also important to check the terms of use and privacy policy to ensure that the site is operated properly.

Recommendations for genre-specific foreign film sites

Free foreign film sites are available in many genres to enjoy. Action, drama, comedy, science fiction, horror, anime, and more are all available. Find the right site for your favorite genre and taste.

You will also find a wide variety of films, including new releases, topical titles, classics, and indie films. It is important to compare foreign film sites by genre in order to find the site where you can watch the films you want to watch for free.

How to identify sites where you can watch movies in high quality

Picture quality is an important factor in enjoying movies. There are many free foreign movie sites that offer high picture quality. When selecting high quality, check the video resolution, playback speed, and screen size.

In particular, sites that offer HD (High Definition) and 4K (Ultra High Definition) videos are suitable for movie viewing. However, the Internet environment and device performance are also important for enjoying high-definition video. Check your Internet speed and the performance of your smartphone, tablet, or computer to enjoy comfortable movie viewing.

Selected! Top 5 Free Movie Websites

Among the many free foreign movie sites, here are five that we particularly recommend. We have carefully selected popular sites that movie fans can't get enough of, foreign movie sites with a wide variety of genres to enjoy, sites with attractive original content, foreign movie sites with selectable subtitles or dubbing, and foreign movie sites that can be selected based on user reviews.

A must-see popular site for movie fans: Goo Movies

Goo Movie is one of the most popular free foreign movie sites in Japan and is supported by many movie fans. With a wide range of films, from new releases to classics, Goo Movie offers a wide variety of content for movie fans.

Goo Movies also offers extensive movie information, trailers, ratings and reviews, allowing users to find out information about a film before watching it. The site is also a great place for users to interact with each other and is recommended for movie lovers.

Foreign movie site with a wide variety of genres to enjoy: Tubi

Tubi is a site where you can enjoy foreign films of various genres such as action, drama, comedy, science fiction, horror, and animation for free. The site is also available in Japan, making it a must-see site for fans of foreign films.

Tubi - Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

The site offers a wide variety of films, from the latest releases to masterpieces and indie films. The picture quality is also high, allowing you to enjoy watching movies in comfort.

Site with attractive original content: Crackle

Crackle is a site that offers not only free foreign movies, but also original content. Crackle offers a wide variety of movies, from classics to new releases, but its unique original content is particularly noteworthy.


Crackle's original works have attracted attention for their original stories and appealing characters, and have many fans in Japan. In addition, subtitle and dubbing options are available, allowing viewers to tailor their enjoyment to their own needs.

Foreign movie sites with subtitle and dubbing options: U-NEXT

U-NEXT is a free foreign movie site available in Japan that offers a choice of subtitling or dubbing. It offers a wide variety of movies, from new releases to classics and topical works.


The site is especially appreciated for its choice of subtitles and dubbing, and is recommended for those who prefer the dubbed version. The high picture quality and comfortable viewing environment are also attractive.

Foreign movie site selected by user reviews: Filmarks

Filmarks is a site where foreign films can be viewed for free, but it is also characterized by its extensive user reviews. Many movie fans post their impressions and ratings of films to help viewers choose the right film.

Filmarks | 映画情報サービス

Filmarks also introduces highly rated and talked-about films in a ranking format, which can be helpful when you are not sure which film to watch. By utilizing user reviews, you will be able to find a film that you like.

By using these free foreign movie sites, you can enjoy various genres of films at home. We hope you will use the sites we have introduced here as a reference to find and enjoy your favorite foreign films. Your movie-viewing experience will be more fulfilling.