What is Enime? Recommend a site to watch Enime for free!

By momoka

Enime" is an abbreviation for "Enime", an adult animated video.

In this article, we summarize how to watch Enime "Enime" for free!

In addition, we pick up Enime recommended by this site and explain its charm.

How to choose a recommended Enime streaming site

When you get hooked on Enime, you want to watch one after another and find yourself staying up all night. Have you ever had such an experience? Enime has such an addictive quality.

However, the unit price of Enime is higher than that of pornography, and if you watch many of them in a day, you will go bankrupt. Even if you rent it, the more you rent, the more damage it does to your pocketbook.

So, in this article, we will introduce you to a site where you can watch many interesting and erotic anime for as little money as possible.

Before that, I will explain what to look for when choosing a distribution site. If you want to watch Enime, these are the points you need to keep in mind.

Never use illegal free upload sites.

This is important. This is a point that you must follow. Do not watch Enime on free illegal sites just because they are expensive.

It is true that you can watch all kinds of movies on free sites, and you can even watch uncensored Enime on foreign sites. However, all Enime uploaded on free sites are illegally uploaded videos, except for official sample videos.

It is illegal to upload copyrighted videos, but it is also illegal to download and watch them. Downloading illegal videos may result in a police investigation.

There are also malicious scam websites that direct users to sites that post free videos. Some dangerous sites can infect you with viruses just by clicking on them.

A double-speed function makes it easy to search for erotic scenes.

You can feel safe if the site is a major site that has TV commercials in Japan. In addition, all of the pay sites we will introduce hereafter have explanations in Japanese and secure payment systems, even if they are overseas sites.

Among the safe and secure sites, choose a site that offers a full range of functions. One example is the double-speed function. If a site allows you to watch Enime in fast forward, you can enjoy the best part of Enime.

Have you ever had the experience that you were looking forward to watching Enime but fell asleep because the story was boring? Have you ever had such an experience? With the double speed function, you can skip the beginning of the story and find the scene you want to watch.

In addition to the double-speed function, this page also explains how easy it is to use the site, such as how easy it is to search Enime and how extensive the reviews are.

Choose a site with a good points system and campaign.

We prefer sites that are legal, safe and secure, easy to use with double-speed functions, and sites where you can watch as much Enime as possible at the lowest possible price.

If the site offers unlimited viewing with a monthly subscription, you can rest assured. However, if new releases or Enime you want to watch are not available for unlimited viewing, or if you do not have time to watch Enime, you will have to pay for the months you do not have time to watch.

Choose a site that not only offers a fixed price, but also allows you to earn points based on the amount of your purchase, has limited time campaigns, or allows you to watch Enime at a reasonable price.

The following introduction to Enime distribution sites also explains how to watch Enime at a reasonable price.

Recommended Enime streaming sites


  Number of Movies

Number of Movies

Approx. 2,010 titles (approx. 900 subscriptions)

Usage fee

Single subscription 792 yen~ (Subscription 2,189 yen/month)

Free Trial

31 days

Double speed functionality


Point System


Number of Movies


Site functionality


Overall recommendation


Monthly fee is charged to your points and you can see more than just Enime which you can watch as much as you want.



Features of U-NEXT:

  1. More Enime than FANZA!
  2. Subsku has about 900 Enimes available for unlimited viewing!
  3. Subscribe to more than 30,000 pornographic movies as well as Enime!
  4. Earn points with your monthly fee!
  5. 31 days free trial is available!


You can watch R18 videos on U-NEXT of H-NEXT. Enime is also available on H-NEXT. If you want to watch erotic movies on H-NEXT, we definitely recommend you to subscribe.

For 2,189 yen per month, you can watch as many as 900 Enime and more than 30,000 erotic videos as you want. The lineup of works is comparable to that of amazon PrimeVideo.

You can accumulate up to 3,600 points for the monthly fee. So you can subscribe to Enime, which is not included in the unlimited viewing, for less than 3,600 yen.

In terms of single price, FANZA is cheaper. Functions such as double speed are not available on H-NEXT. However, the cost performance of the subscription plan is overwhelming, and with a 31-day free trial, U-NEXT is the only choice for those who spend more than ¥2,189 per month to watch EniMe.


  Number of Movies

Number of Movies

About 190 Movies (13 subscriptions)

Usage fee

Single movie: 8 US dollars ~ Approx. 930 yen ~ (Subscription: 49.5 US dollars ~ Approx. 5,800 yen ~)

Free Trial

No free trial

Availability of double-speed function


Point system

No point system

Number of Movies

Number of Movies

Site functionality


Overall Recommendation


You can enjoy uncensored enimes safely and securely at a low price of about 1,000 yen per one.


Caribbean.com Highlights:

You can enjoy uncensored Enime safely and securely.

View uncensored Enime both by downloading and streaming.

Various genres of Enime, from rape and humiliation to gag series

Viewing uncensored Enime is relatively inexpensive if you rent or buy.

Long-established sites of uncensored erotic videos also have a wide variety of uncensored Enime


If you are looking for uncensored erotic movies, Caribbean.com is the best choice for you. such as Ai Uehara.

Caribbean.com is famous for its great uncensored erotic videos of famous actresses such as Ai Uehara.

Caribbean.com is also a safe site to watch uncensored pornographic videos. However, uncensored pornographic videos are illegal in Japan. Therefore, Caribbean.com is a distribution site located overseas and fees are paid in US dollars.

Subscription fees start at about 5,800 yen per month, which is expensive to say the least. Moreover, only 13 Enimes are available for viewing. Those who want uncensored Enime are required to purchase them individually.

Caribbean.com also offers rentals. You can watch streaming videos for 10 days after purchase, which is recommended for those who say that it is enough to watch Enime once or twice.

You can also view 30-second sample videos, making it easier to choose the uncensored Enime you prefer.

Net Comic."


Number of Movies

About 1,340 Movies

Usage fee

From 500 yen for a single item

Free Trial

No trial

Availability of double-speed function


Point system


Number of Movies


Functionality of the site


Overall Recommendation


With your first purchase, no matter how expensive, you get 50% of your purchase price in points!!!



Points of Interest of "Net Comic

Motion Animation has more selection than FANZA!
The latest works are also well lined up!

  Motion animations!

Full of motion animations! Easy-to-use site with samples and double speed!

Enime is also surprisingly well-stocked. Although there is no subscription service (unlimited viewing service), you can view more than 1,300 single titles. In particular, the selection of motion animations exceeds that of FANZA. Approximately 140 motion animations are available.

Sample animations are available for all enimes, and some of the longest samples are over 2 minutes long. Prices start at 500 yen for a single item, which is not very cheap. However, points are given.

We especially recommend points for the first purchase. For the first purchase, no matter how expensive, 50% of the purchase price is given as points.

In other words, if there are six Enimeis you want to see, and the total price of four is 5,000 yen and the total price of two is 2,500 yen, you can buy four on your first purchase and use points to buy the other two.

This is a super deal. If you want to watch Enime on Netcomic, you can stock up on the ones you want to watch and buy them all at once on your first purchase.

Enime distribution sites we do not recommend

*Please use the site at your own risk, as most of the material is uploaded illegally.

Anime Erotic Talent"

AnimeEroTalest is a so-called "compilation site" that posts links to illegally uploaded R18 anime sites and blogs.

The biggest advantage of this site is that it is completely free to use, but not all linked sites are 100% safe, so AnimeEroTalest is recommended for users with a certain level of Internet literacy.

AnimeEroTalest is a very well-known site and has one of the highest number of Enime video listings!

One of the features of this site is its extensive category search, which allows users to narrow down their search to only those videos that match their preferences.

Another feature of AnimeEroTalest is the "excellent mark".

If you are not confident about using the site, you may want to pay attention to the "excellent mark" and use AnimeEroTalest.


ANIRUTO, like Anime Erotic Talest, is a compilation site that collects Enime links.

The structure of the site is simple: click on the "Watch this video" button, and an uncensored anime will play.

Compared to Anime Erotales, the number of Enime videos distributed is not as large, but there are fewer advertisements displayed, so you can enjoy Enime videos smoothly.

Nevertheless, there are cases in which the linked sites are not always safe, so it is recommended to use the site while keeping a good antenna to detect unnatural movements of the linked sites.


We have summarized how to watch Enime for free in this article.

We would like to recommend safer Enime viewing sites than free sites.

You can enjoy many Enime for free.