10 Free Movie Trailer Maker to make a Game Changer Trailer

Peter Parker
Updated on 2021-12-23
Create the best movie trailer and add professional-quality intros to it. Here, you can now make your own trailer to tell your brand's story, endorse your products free by trailer maker online

When we hear the word trailer, we usually imagine movies releasing their video trailers before the final release. However, it’s not just the movies, but every product releases its trailer nowadays to attract buyers. Or we can define a trailer as the preview of any product. In other words, it’s a commercial promotion of the product, which one creates using creative and technical expertise.

Why is a Trailer Important?

In today’s world, trailers are an important tool for marketing campaigns. With its help, a brand or company can get a pre-sold audience or buyers who want to try the product or see the movie. Usually, a trailer maker lets you pick the eye-catching scenes from the movie or USP of products and puts them in the promotion. Trailers that show the action and suspense scenes from the movie usually acquire a more presold audience. Whereas the trailer that’s a bit sluggish and even doesn’t expose much fails to do so.

Indeed, the main motto of a trailer is to make the audience or customers aware of the product and encourage them to try it. For movies, they help in making the audience aware of the themes and genre of the plot. Besides, the trailers also show a glimpse of the performances from lead actors, which boost the film campaigns. Also, it gives some insights about the movie and creates a craving among the audience to watch.

 In the trailer of Southpaw, you will find a prelude to the story where in the starting; a boxer had a happy and enriched life. However, he lost all but eventually made a hard-hitting comeback and regained all.

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Create 10 Stunning Trailers with the help of these trailer maker apps

Be it for documentary, movie, game, or even app, but you need a stunning trailer to market them. Nevertheless, many trailer maker applications can help you create a wow-worthy video for promotion.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Coming from one of the most reputed software brands, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular software for trailer production. It does not just support conventional video formats but special formats like Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, etc. as well. At present, one can use this software after paying $20.99 every month. For trailers, one usually needs to add visual effects to it and, this software lets you do that. Besides, basic stuff like color correction and transition between multiple shots are also doable.

Coming from the family of Adobe products, Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful, feature-packed movie trailer makers available for PC. If you’re a fan of Adobe applications and enjoy working on them, then it’s ideal for you. It lets you trim videos at 4k, 8k, and VR resolutions with high precision and controls. Also, there are massive stock motion graphics templates that will help you in adding infographics to trailers.

However, you need a high-end system to utilize this app efficiently for your trailers. Moreover, it can be a bit tricky to learn for beginners without a proper trainer. 


At present, one can use this software after paying US$31.49 every month. However, the yearly plan is only US$239.88, which is US$19.99/monthly only and is the most value for money plan.


  • Lumetri Support

  • VR Rotate Sphere 

  • VR Audio Editing 

  • Effects 

  • Video Titling & Graphics 

  • Transitions

  • Multiple Formats Support, Video Types

  • Excellent Stabilization

  • Approachable speed

  • Apparent, Flexible Interface

  • No Keyword type for media

  • Needs added application like speed grade

2. HitFilm Pro

With striking features like behaviour effects, layering options, compositing, HitFilm Pro is a one-stop movie trailer maker for fulfilling your video editing needs. Additionally, it also comes with animation effects which are ideal for making a great trailer. If you have a science fiction movie, then it can be helpful to create the trailer.

Nevertheless, it features more than 880 VFX and presets that one can use on any layer or clip. The 3D space feature lets you perfectly unify 3D objects and layers in the same space. With this 3D feature, you can add helicopters, spaceships, or anything to your trailer. However, one must be an industry professional to utilize all the options and extract value from this software. Also, the subscription price is on slightly higher ends unlike its counterparts available in the market. 


The pricing for this video editor starts at $349 for twelve months, but considering the features, it’s all worth it. However, there are no monthly plans to subscribe to HitFilm Pro at present.


  • Built-In Rigging & Animation Tools

  • True 3D Space 

  • Professional Visual Effects 

  • Import 3D Animation

  • VFX Library 

  • Audio image 

  • Puppet Tool

  • Customisable workspace

  • MAC and PC Compatible

  • remarkable List of compositing tools

  • Need powerful computer

  • Basic transitions and audio effects

3. Filmora

Another popular and premium selection of software for video editing is Filmora. It supports 4k resolutions so; you can create high-resolution video trailers. Moreover, this movie trailer maker comes with an abundance of transitions, filters, openers, and end-credits templates. All this will enable you to customize and carve out a perfect trailer.

The best part about Filmora is it is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of experience. However, it embeds a huge Filmora watermark in the projects in its trial version. Also, the interface becomes laggy in some video file formats, even if they’re compatible. 


At present, it’s offering a trial period but, afterward, one has to pay $39.99 for twelve months. Besides, there is a lifetime plan of $69.99 as well.


  • Develops Color Matching

  • Video and image management

  • Dark mode permits you to edit videos

  • Keyboard shortcuts by new hotkey instructions

  • Slow Motion & Time Effect

  • Amazing Learning Opportunities

  • Lots of features, effects, transitions, and overlays

  • Multitask Editing

  • Video Stabilization

  • Add up to 100 dissimilar tracks in the timeline

  • It requires numerous logins

  • could be slow though editing 4K or Full HD videos

  • Lack of some supportive shortcuts

4. Final Cut Pro X

If you’re looking for an iconic video editor on a macOS platform that has set standards in the industry, then Final Cut Pro X is the way to go. The awesomeness can be interpreted from the fact that it created cult movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Cold Mountain, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a trailer template but allows you to save your project and use it as a template. 


At present, the pricing is $299 only for six years but, you can also try it for free. Besides, there are no yearly or monthly plans for using Final Cut Pro X.


  • Power of Skimming 

  • Ken Burns effect 

  • Placeholder Generator Clip 

  • discover and replace text in titles 

  • Flow Dissolve

  • Works super fast on the Apple M1 Mac series

  • simple to use and learn interface and layouts

  • Lot of suppression capabilities and features

  • Cinematic openers and transitions are near

  • does not have a huge variety of transitions

  • IS one-time purchase software

  • only accessible on only Apple devices

5. Adobe Spark

Undoubtedly, Adobe has some of the best video editing applications for all platforms. Adobe Spark is a trailer maker online app with a handful of complex tools and features. Yet, it is easy to learn and work. Also, educational programs across all online platforms are compatible with it. So you’ll find better community support in Adobe Spark.

Besides, it has thousands of unique templates, which will make your trailer look different. You get access to Adobe stock where the images are free but come with Adobe watermarks. It features two orientations for videos that are landscape with 16:9 and square with a 1:1 ratio. Moreover, a trailer creator can play with a plethora of customization options. However, most of the templates have awestruck designs and, you don’t need to customize them much.

The pricing for small businesses or individuals is different from large-scale ones. Nevertheless, most trailer creators go with the individual plan that protects them from the hassle of buying the licenses every time. 


Surprisingly, Adobe Spark is free to install and use. However, one has to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud plan, which costs $9.99 every month or $99.99 each year to access the full version of this software.


  • Web-based + iOS and Android apps  

  • Mobile friendly 

  • Ideal for straightforward yet professional-looking designs

  • Very user-friendly

  • suite of apps for creating simple graphic and video projects

  • It lets you create videos

  • Extremely easy to use

  • It’s both web-based and mobile

  • Assists with single-page website design

  • Pages have no e-commerce functionality

  • Videos are only 30 seconds long

6 InVideo

With a decent number of tools and options, InVideo is a great online editor that can let you edit your trailers quickly and easily. There is a plethora of masks, stickers, and vector shapes that you can use as per your creativity. One can access its gigantic library of 1M images and videos by paying a small fee. After finalizing the edit, one can directly export the trailer to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The free trailer maker plan allows you to download your videos in 720P with an embedded InVideo watermark.


The subscription of this app starts at a nominal price of $20. To use the Stock media library, one has can subscribe at $360 yearly in Unlimited Plan while the business Plan costs $180. Besides, the monthly subscription of the Unlimited plan is $60 and $30 for the Business plan.


  • Logo Revealers

  • Blank canvas

  • Background music

  • Text to speech

  • Ready-made videos on anything and all at your service

  • Video in any language is probable

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to make the ideal video

  • No high-end editing on your part

  • Videos can appear random, devoid of personal touch

  • voices in the auto voice-over choice sound automatic

7. Wave.video

A simple but powerful video editor is what describes this trailer maker online app the best. The user interface is so responsive that even non-professionals enjoy working on it. Besides, you can take advantage of its gigantic stock that has 400 million copyright-free images and videos you can use in your trailer. So, Wave.video records might be supportive to you if you don’t have any specialized video.


The subscription of this app starts at a nominal price of $20. To use the Stock media library, one can subscribe at $360 yearly in Unlimited Plan while the business Plan costs $180. Besides, the monthly subscription of the Unlimited plan is $60 and $30 for the Business plan.


  • Royalty-free video clips and images 

  • Social media local shares 

  • Video embeds 

  • automatic captioning 

  • Custom domains 

  • SEO boosting rich snippets 

  • Reseller right

  • Multiple user logins

  • Auto-resizing for 30+ video formats

  • simple to use

  • Easily resize for use on any social channel

  • No Video Editing Software

8. Renderforest

With the step-by-step official tutorial feature, Renderforest’s features are easy to learn. Besides, this trailer maker online application comes with a massive library of 100 thousand copyright-free images and videos accessible only to paid users. One can share the video rendered in Rederforest on Facebook and YouTube directly. When it comes to customization in the themes, one can only do basic changes in colors and texts. Not many options, but it also helps to keep up the superiority of graphics. However, the template page was insufficient and, in complex categories, the prompts are not very useful. Also, it’s difficult to create any filter or effect from scratch.


The video maker of Renderforest costs a one-time payment of $19.99 only. However, one has to pay $5 for presentation and promo videos every time you make one.


  • Up to 30minute videos

  • admission to 500k+ Stock videos

  • 200+ money-making music tracks

  • No watermarks 

  • Ease of formation of videos with music or other audio

  • Syncs music videos to audio

  • Provides a nice and easy wizard to get started

  • Have added video concepts that can be chosen

9. CyberLinkActionDirector

An award-winning trailer maker app that lets you do powerful editing tasks in your videos is what describes CyberLinkActionDirector the best. This mobile app is presented on the Android platform and enables you to do easy tasks like a Pro. On Google Play, CyberLink has above 1 million downloads and a 4-star score rating. Besides, you can add various filters, transitions, and beauty modes to your videos, but one has to purchase their package. Though, some effects are free to use.


The installation of CyberLinkActionDirectoris free on Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $24.99 per product.


  • Stock Content from Getty iStock

  • Pro equipment

  • Object Segmentation

  • Soundtrack Fitting

  • New AI Audio Tools

  • Fastest understanding

  • apparent interface

  • Loads of special effects

  • 360-degree video capabilities of any video editor

  • Number of options can make border overpowering

  • Weak color matching

10. Adobe Premiere Clip

Like Premiere Pro, the Premiere Clip is also an industry-leading video editor but on the mobile platform. This iOS-centric trailer maker app is for people who want to create a trailer by shooting from their iPhone. The interface is easy to use and lets the user trim, accumulate, and export videos with few touches. Moreover, the app is free to install with some in-app purchases. However, there are some boundaries in the app that can be a little trying to handle.


Adobe Premiere Clip app is free to install and use on the Apple app store with some in-app purchases.


  • VR Rotate Sphere, VR Audio Editing

  • Real Time Project

  • Motion Graphics Templates

  • Free & Multi Platform

  • Use Media Browser to import clips

  • High-quality video and audio editing

  • Correct and suitable work with various Windows OS, MacOS

  • Built-in non-linear video editing

  • hold up for a assortment of formats like  Flash Video, HD and HDV

  • Video content editing in real time

  • moderately resource thorough system necessities

  • Software works free only for 30 days

Things to keep in mind while making a video trailer

Video editing software and footages of your movie, game, or app are what you need to create a video trailer. Depending on your first choice, you can choose any video editing app from the given list.

Use the three-act formation to generate the trailer

An ideal way to tell a riveting story about your app, movie, or game is via a three-act story structure. In this method, you have to introduce the main character or feature and ground in the starting. In the end, there should be a climax, in which you should be focussing on the USP of your game or app. 

Showcase the most stunning feature or scenes

You should pick the unforgettable scenes from your movie and arrange them in the game trailer. It will help in creating enthusiasm and convincing the audience to watch the movie.

Step by step tutorial of making a video trailer

Step 1: Open the Adobe Premiere Pro software on your computer. Import and prepare the footages you’ve selected for your trailer.

Step 2: Now, you’ve to select and Sift on the timeline the scenes you want to include in the trailer. For this, you can take the help of keyboard shortcuts like E to Add Edit, F to ripple Delete. In the meanwhile, the playback can be a little choppy depending on your system capability. 

Step 3: On the timeline, you have footage selected which you’ve to combine to build the story. Sidewise, you also have to check the soundtracks and select, as per the scenes on the timeline. On the Effect Control tab, you can play with the setting and add infographics from there. 

Step 4: After building the story, the next step is to color correct the trailer. On the middle top, you’ll find the Colour Tab. On clicking it, you’ll have various options like Brightness, Exposure, and others. Play with these settings and check what suits the trailer best. 

Step 5: Afterwards, you’ve to Colour grade the video. For this, you’ve to go to the Adjustment layer present in the new option under File Tab. Afterward; you’ve dragged and dropped the adjustment layer on the timeline. In the right section, you’ll find many options to color grade the game trailer.

Step 6: By now, you’ve finished all the visual edits. It’s time for Sound editing for which you’ve to go to the Audio tab on the top. In the Parametric Equalizer option, you can choose audio presets as per the requirements. 

Step 7: Now, you’ve to import Titles and Extras from applications like After Effects. In the Light Leak option existing in the Editing tab, you can choose how the Title will appear in the trailer.

Step 8:  Your trailer is ready in the Adobe Premiere Pro and you can import it. For that, you’ve to go to the Media option in the File tab present on the top right corner. Finally, choose the resolution and format appropriate for your trailer.

In the massive Internet world, this was a handy dandy list of trailer maker apps. These applications are currently leading the industry, but an ideal trailer maker shouldn’t just be something powerful and feature-rich but should be easy to use as well.


The movie trailer application allows you to do the task without wasting a lot of time and money on making them. The movie video editing application helps you to choose, depending on your funds, the gear you're using and how serious you want to use it. Check our in-depth reviews of enthusiast-level video editing software to see which is the correct one for you. Which of the top 10 movie trailer apps are you going to select? Let us know in the comment section.