Marketing through videos is viral and gains a lot of customers' attention. Brands mainly make these videos to reach out to a lot of people. When the video periods are small but highly engaging, that would be of paramount importance to the audience. The better the content, the better it gets with the customers. These videos contain a graphic design that is moving with texts on them.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are graphical images and texts written on them that are moving swiftly. They have a piece of peppy music in the background and make the audience engaged. This is the best marketing tool and can be made with symbols, texts and background scores. These are pretty different from the traditional videos and are made according to creativity. Motion Graphics have been helpful to make the business of the brands' boom, which is why these motion graphic videos are so much in demand now.

Using Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are very much in demand among big brands now. Some of the reasons behind this are as follows:

  • It converts the most challenging ideas into simple terms, so simple that large brands cannot even think of any other marketing strategy but this! The main thing behind this is the use of eye-catching and crisp texts. This remains etched in the memories of the consumers as the visual graphics are very easily grasped in the human memory. So, the brands always adhere to a mixture of both eye-catching visuals and crisp and short text.

  • The shorter the videos, the better it is for the brands to use that for marketing. The videos, as discussed earlier, need to be brief. Else the people will lose their interest in the video and move over to the next one. Therefore, the most imperative thing in motion graphic videos is the timing and the amount of content that can be accommodated within a short time.

  • The motion graphics can be seen effortlessly without any work or energy wasted. People can sit within the vicinity of their comfort zones and sit back, relaxing and watching the videos. These videos invoke a lot of interest in the listener, and they get hooked on the videos. This is an intelligent way of marketing, and people tend to understand the marketing strategies more when they are at ease, so this is a very beneficial process.

  • This is a budget-friendly approach; one video can be used on many other platforms for circulation and marketing. Big brands can use one video in emails, social media like Facebook or Instagram, blogs, and various presentations. They get massive exposure through this, and that's how their advertising is done. They can use it for a long time and reap the benefits of the investment done only initially.

  • The motion graphics have a specific story to tell when they are made, and the makers purposely make it a point to connect it to the lives of ordinary folks. Once the spectators feel related to the video, their attachment to that increases, and they can better understand the contents. Along with this, the proper use of music and eye-catching text also increases the demand for the video and the product it is endorsing. The emotional connection plays a huge role, and people remember the videos for years to come.

  • Motion graphics set the ideas accessible, and it does not put the ideas of a brand into a cage. They are free to use anything under the sun, set it up anytime, and include anything and everything that entices the audience. The only possible stumbling block is the maker's expertise. They are free to portrait anything that invokes the viewers' minds, which is a fantastic approach. This kind of liberty to work with is available only when making motion graphics, as there is possibly nothing that curbs the intensity of a video.

20 mind-boggling examples of motion graphics

Here are some mind-boggling motion graphics examples that have been creating a massive impact in people's minds. People have seen these examples over and over again, and they have become fans of these videos. All the videos are different and have been used at all intervals for years. 

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Let us check some of them and think about the impact they have been creating over the years.

1. Google

Google has brought about a fantastic motion graphic mainly to make the ordinary folks understand the concept of Cloud Storage. Although the technical bit is quite complex, Google has made it a point to make it easy for people to know with the help of standard 2D graphics. This is accompanied by peppy background music and a voiceover that is quite clear and crisp.

2. Paypal

Paypal has created a different fan base from them after the launching of this video. This video has been made in the simplest of forms, and it has taken the responsibility to make people understand quite a complex financial endeavour. Based on a completely white base and including the simplest of pictures, this video can make everyone understand the app's motive. Paypal has been able to gain quite a lot of users and followers after using this simple video.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox has also used some 2D graphics and made people understand the concept of sharing and storing their essential files. It emphasizes an easy way to make people aware of the app and shows that it is a secure way to keep their files. The music and the colours used in the video are easy to translate, and they are quick to understand.

4. Instagram

Instagram has also used an incredible graphical video to make people understand the varied work of the app. It lets the people know how to take pictures, use them after putting a filter, and then publish that in their account. This has made it easy for people who want to know more about the app.

5. Pepperfry

Pepperfry has not used any voiceover at all, but with the help of graphics and movements, it has made sure to be one of the most accessible motion graphics video examples. It has made people understand how well it has been able to decorate the interiors of their houses for years. Ordinary people have been able to understand the importance of this website.

6. Bing

Bing has successfully made people understand how it has become a much better version of the browser than it used to be. The inclusion of the correct pictures and graphics has made it very successful.

7. Cisco

Cisco has also made a fantastic video citing all the ways it can help with the solution. Using a perfect voiceover, this motion graphics video examples has made people understand the various ways in which this company has been helping us.

8. Deloitte

This video provided by Deloitte has shown very simply what all technical processes are involved while an average person goes back home. Most people can relate to this video, so people now understand how and what Deloitte does as a company and how much benefit it provides to people.

9. Coca-Cola

This is a beautiful video that shows the entire economic journey of Coca-Cola as a brand and also portrays whatever it has done throughout its journey. Starting from the beginning until it began to generate considerable revenue, the video provides incredible work. It can be rendered as one of the most fantastic motion graphics animation examples we have seen.

10. British Council

British Council has made this excellent motion graphic video to make ordinary people understand social media and how It takes our help to spread messages worldwide. This has been very beautifully and easily demonstrated, and we are sure that anyone would be able to grasp the point of social media from this video.

11. Skype for Business


Skype for business has brought about a revolution in the world economy as it helps people conduct long-distance meetings from the computer. A lot of companies can connect and collaborate and also work business for a successful future.

12. Red Bull

Red Bull has made a fantastic video using motion graphics where they have transformed an interview into a video, making it exciting and unique.

13. New York Times with Pfizer

This video was done to help in making a health issue awareness. This video talks about pneumonia which can be dangerous for people above age 50. Through the use of bright colours in this video, it could be conveyed very easily.

14. Reddit Mobile App

This video shows the various options provided by the Reddit app and how they can be accessed on the phone—from where to strike a conversation to save the creative ideas it gives the information. People will grow a different interest in the Aww option, and the shower thoughts option as these are additions that most of us were never aware of before.

15. ESPN

This motion graphic video does not involve any cartoon or hand-drawn pictures, but it has real-time soccer artists and their virtues. The one of the accessed motion graphics video examples that has been so well done that people who are fond of the game will fall in love with the work done. There are incredible instances in the exciting video, and that is the reason why the sports lovers are going to have a fantastic time seeing these motion graphic videos,

16. American Express

This is a beautiful video that can talk about the virtues and the benefits of a credit or debit card. It also talks about the various other things it does, such as technology careers and social media. This has, in turn, raised their sales as well. This is a new approach to educating ordinary people about the new company's virtues and is indeed an amazing one.

17. Quadro

Quadro has provided us with a beautiful video with all the guidelines on working with this. Done with simple graphics, this video has a sweet way of making people understand how the entire thing would work for them,

18. Bitcoins by Duncan Elms

Duncan Elms has very successfully been able to make people understand the concept of bitcoins. While this was a new concept to the people, they have made the people aware of what happens when people use it and how it is ruling slowly in the world economy.

19. 100 years of Armenian Genocide

This is a video that the 2viente has made in commemoration of the people who were victims of the Armenian Genocide. Although dark and grim, this video gives an insight into how things had been at that time.

20. Royal Mail

This is a video that makes people aware of how the Royal Mail works and what all it can do to flourish the sellers' business. People might only be inclined to use the privately-owned courier services, but this will let them be open towards the process of how Royal Mail works. When they see the different stages of how mail moves here in the simplest of the forms, they will understand how the entire system works here.


These are a few motion graphics examples that are making everything so easy for the people around. The concept of working with such freedom of creativity is so endearing that anything and everything can be made with so much ease. The inclusion of aspects from an average person's life makes it even more relatable because these types of videos are gaining so much popularity. These have helped in spreading the business and have also become very popular in recent times.