How to record and download videos from "free" cartoons and save them to your PC!

By momoka

All-you-can-view anime is an anime video streaming service provided by U-NEXT Inc. for a monthly fee of 440 yen (tax included).

Unfortunately, the download function of " All-you-can-eat Anime " is compatible with the " All-you-can-eat Anime app " for smartphones.

Downloading is not available on PCs.

In this article, we will introduce several free methods for those who want to record and download videos from all-you-can-eat anime and save them to PC.

Advantages of Recording/Downloading Videos from All-You-Can-Enjoy Anime

Recording and downloading videos from all-you-can-eat has the following advantages

Watching without worrying about communication costs

The major advantage of download playback is that once downloaded, the video can be played offline. Since playback after downloading does not require data transmission, you can enjoy videos and music even in places where there is no Internet connection.

Improved viewing experience

With streaming playback, there are cases where the video may be interrupted or the sound quality may drop in places where the Internet environment is unstable. With download playback, there is the advantage of not having to worry about this.

Download function of "All-you-can-eat Anime

Anime Unlimited has a download function (offline viewing) that allows you to download the data of works and watch them.

Compatible with "All-you-can-eat Anime App

The download function is compatible with the "All-you-can-eat Anime app" for smartphones.

Downloading is not available on PC.

Download quality cannot be selected.

In normal video distribution services, you can choose the quality of the video to be downloaded (high quality/standard/low quality, etc.), but you cannot choose the quality of the video in "All-you-can-eat Anime".

The average file size of a 24-minute movie is 200MB, and the capacity varies depending on the movie.

The destination cannot be specified.

You cannot specify the destination for downloading works. They are stored on the phone's storage.

Therefore, please note that it is not possible to save to an external SD card.

After 48 hours from the second device

For copyright reasons, the number of devices that can download is limited to one per account.

If you wish to download to a second device, you can do so after 48 hours have elapsed since you downloaded to the first device.

Recording and Downloading Videos from All-You-Can-Enjoy Anime on PC

To record and download videos from unlimited access on your PC, you will need a special download software.

why do i need recording software - drm limitation

Because of this DRM technology used by all-you-can-eat anime, we often encounter black screen recordings of all-you-can-eat anime.

DRM is a generic term for technologies that protect the copyrights of content expressed as digital data and control and restrict its use and reproduction.

DRM is a technology that places certain restrictions on the reproduction and playback of content so that it can only be used by authorized means. A technique is often used to encrypt content so that it can only be decrypted in an authorized playback environment and cannot be decrypted by duplicated data or in an unauthorized environment.

StreamGaGa free version recommended

StreamGaGa is a software that allows you to record videos from video streaming services.

When you purchase new software, you may ask yourself, "Will this software work properly?" or "It's a trial version, so there might be some limitations that prevent me from enjoying it. When you purchase new software, you may wonder, "Will this software work properly?

With StreamGaGa, you can try out up to three free trial versions of each application, each with the same functionality as the purchased version. Full HD and 4K downloads are also available in the trial version.



StreamGaGa" to save video


How to use the recording method
  • Select a video site or enter the URL
  • Log in if the site requires login
  • Select a video
  • Analysis in progress will be displayed
  • Click Download after analysis is complete
  • When the download is complete, the folder where the video was saved will open.
  • To see the videos being downloaded, open "Downloading" from the menu on the left.
  • You can download 5 videos at a time.
  • To see the videos that have already been downloaded, open "Download".

When the download is finished, you can open the folder in "Download". If you create a new folder and move them to it, it will be easier to see where they are saved.

Select a video site or enter the URL

If the site requires login, log in

Select video → Analyzing

End analysis→Download

During downloading and confirmation screen after downloading

You can open the file here.

The free version has only 3 download opportunities. You must purchase to use the next one!

From now on, you can record "All you can watch anime" on StreamGaGa!

In this article, we have shown you how to record and download videos from All You Can Watch Anime for free and save them on your PC.

We especially recommend the free version of StreamGaGa.

If you want to enjoy "all you can watch" more, download "StreamGaGa Free Version" and give it a try!