How to Fix Warlander's Check Storage Error!

By momoka

Warlander players are unable to participate in the game due to a Check Storage message.

Here is a possible solution to this problem.

Warlander: "Failed to create game storage" error

For "Failed to create game storage," please see

The suspected cause is OneDrive synchronization, so the only way to get through the error is to turn off the Documents folder backup.

Try turning off "document folder backup."

1. launch the OneDrive application.

2. click the OneDrive icon in the notification.

3. click Settings > Sync & Backup > Manage Backups.

4. turn off "Backup" in the "Documents" folder.

Warlander: "check storage" error

You are trying to play the game "Warlander" but are getting a "check storage" error message and are unable to play. This error occurs because the game does not have the required storage space.

There are several ways to resolve this issue

1. Make sure that the device on which you are installing the game has sufficient storage.

2. Delete unnecessary files and applications other than the game to free up storage space.

Connect an external storage device to the device on which you want to install the game, and install the game there.

4. Check for game updates and update to the latest version.

Other Methods

Some players are unable to launch Warlander due to a "check storage" message on the screen. This is very often caused by the One Drive. If you too are experiencing this and have the One Drive app installed on your hardware, try this method.

First, open the One Drive app and click on the gear icon (Settings).

Next, select the Sync and Backup tab. There you will find an option to manage backups. Click on it.

You will now see the Manage Folder Backups window. If there is an option to stop backups under folders, select it. This should solve the problem.