Free ARKit Vtuber Test model: iPhone vs Webcam in VseeFace

Updated on 2021-07-14
The difference beween IPhone Vs Webcam Face Tracking in Vtubing is well explained in this article, and how to set up your best arkit for vtubing.

What is an ARKit?

ARKit is one setup combining device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display facilities to undertake the task of building an AR experience, which can be done by using the front or rear camera of an iOS device.

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How do I use ARKit on my iPhone?

Download and import the “Unity ARKit Plugin”. Select iOS to switch platform. ...

Step 1: Create an Apple ID, go to and enroll your account as a developer.

Step 2: Download the latest version of Xcode (version 9.0 or higher).

Step 3: Check that iOS build support is included when you install Unity3D.

What You Should Know About VSeeFace

VSeeFace is a face and hand tracking VRM and VSF Avatar avatar puppeteering application for virtual youtubers that focuses on robust tracking and great image quality.

VSeeFace is similar to Luppet, 3tene, Wakaru, and other related apps in terms of functionality. VSeeFace is compatible with Windows 8 and higher (64 bit only). Using the VMC protocol, VSeeFace may send, receive, and combine tracking data.

Difference beween IPhone Vs Webcam Face Tracking in Vtubing

There's a lot of hype going around, specifically around YouTubers and iPhone face tracking. Today's article we're going to be comparing iPhone facial tracking?

In VC, face versus the high quality facial tracking. That you can get in easy face just using your webcam and stick around to the end of the video because there's going to be a bonus thing. 

Avatars vs VTuber Stuff


Before you export your model, you need to make sure that your model has these extra settings enabled.


As I know sometimes, some people set up here in VC face, you have to go "Intense", the webcam settings and you have to enable "The high quality tracking with Wink".

And here you can see a direct side by side comparison between iPhone facial tracking as well as Webcam facial tracking these are running. At the same time, in parallel and the only thing that has been modified is basically the head movement. 


So that it's a lot easier to see the face. Just so that you can see, here are two instances side by side now once again, one thing we Would really like to reiterate is that in no way do? I ever advocate that you need to spend some resources in order to be a successful VTuber.

But there are definite examples of.People that have.A png as their vtuber model and they're way more successful. It's a similar thing to what was happening a while ago, where?

People would spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their cool streaming setup with like RGB lights expensive microphones set up before they even stream.

Day one and then they're like, "Where are all the people viewing the most valuable asset that you have in your streaming career on Twitch or YouTube or wherever you make content.


If you decide to get iPhone tracking one thing in particular, which can be difficult is phone placement because where your iPhone is actually placed.


Of your iPhone facial tracking, what I've Done? Is I developed a great test model?That will allow you to see which blend shapes are activated, so you can better know what distance you need to be from your iPhone because a lot of people won't end up getting like a really fancy headset like what I have to hold your iPhone. But instead they'll just have their iPhone like either mounted to their monitor, or they'll have it taped to test model.


That is all about today's article on facial tracking of ARKit between iPhone and Webcam. Got more interests in Vtuber and Vtubing?

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