Volume Master Review

Updated on 2022-10-25
The Chrome Extension Loudness Master raises volume levels by 600%. It is a volume booster extender that is highly regarded and secure.

The Chrome Extension Loudness Master raises volume levels by 600%. It is a volume booster extender that is highly regarded and secure. All music and video streaming services, including some of the most well-known OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, are compatible with Volume Master. Because Master Volume employs a tried-and-true sound injection technique, it is absolutely safe for your speakers.

Volume Master

How to Use Volume Master

  • Use the download button below to install the Volume Master extension, or visit the Chrome online shop to purchase it.
  • To rapidly access the extension, pin it.
  • Open a new tab and start playing any audio or video.
  • To activate the addon, click its icon.
  • After enabling the extension, you will see a slider bar to set the sound levels.

Volume Master

Details of the Volume Master Extension

  • Accessibility is a category.
  • 2,000,000 installations
  • 18,068 votes total
  • the 1.6 version
  • Date Updated: 1/6/2022
  • Listing Languages: Deutsch, English, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu (UK)
  • Obtaining Permissions: The author has made it clear that they won't be collecting or using your info.

Contact Developer

Email : [email protected]
Privacy Policy : https://www.petasittek.com/chrome-extensions-privacy-policy
Website: https://www.petasittek.com/
Address: DlouhaPrague 11000CZ

Information Regarding Volume Master

When playing games on your laptop or computer or watching your favorite YouTube videos, it may be necessary to turn up the volume past its maximum. To increase the sound volume to the optimal level, use the safe and practical Volume Master extension. You'll be glad to know that The Volume master extension can increase music bass by up to 600% if you enjoy listening to music. Every Windows version supports the extension without issue.

Using APO effects and sound injection methods, Volume Master is renowned for raising audio levels. A straightforward and secure Chrome extension called Audio Booster can boost the sound on your computer or laptop by 600%.

Volume Master Extension's main characteristics

  • 600% more volume is required.
  • Speaker extension that is completely secure.
  • simple to use UI.
  • A straightforward slider bar can be used to change the volume levels.
  • Free and 100 percent secure.
  • functions on all audio and video streaming services.

Answers To Common Questions About Volume Master

1. What is the Volume Master Chrome extension?

A reliable sound amplifier extension is volume master extension. On all content streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, you may quickly improve sound quality. It has a 600% increase in sound power.

2. Is my speaker safe when using the Volume Master extension?

Yes, your speakers are completely safe when using the Volume Master plugin. It increases the volume of the sound on your laptop and PC using a very secure sound injection technology.

3. Does the Volume Master software work on iOS and Android smartphones?

Volume Master is not presently offered for iOS or Android. To improve sound, utilize the Volume booster pro app on your Android phone.

4. How can I adjust the volume in a specific Chrome tab?

The safest tab volume controller is the Volume Master Chrome extension, and it can boost sound volume by up to 600%.