Topaz Video AI crack version is dangerous! Cheap alternative software recommended!

Updated on 2023-08-07
Using a cracked version of Topaz Video AI is illegal and dangerous, and we recommend you use the legal and safe alternative Y2Mate Video AI. It also carries with it the risk of malware infection, functional instability, and lack of support and updates.

Video editing technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, and software has emerged on the market to meet a wide variety of needs, such as improving video quality and adding effects. Among them, Topaz Video AI is gaining attention for its outstanding features and high-quality editing results.

Using a cracked version of Topaz Video AI is very dangerous from a computer security and legal point of view. A cracked version is an illegal copy, which means that you are using the software without a legitimate license. This entails the risk of infection with viruses and malware and can lead to serious problems such as leakage of personal information and loss of data. Furthermore, it is an infringement of the software developer's rights and may result in legal action.

Therefore, we present a safe and legal alternative to video editing software. Available at a reasonable price, these software packages combine excellent functionality and reliability, and avoid the risk of using cracked versions.

What is Topaz Video AI?

Topaz Video AI is an AI technology-based PC application and video quality enhancement tool from Topaz Labs, USA.

It was known as the flagship video quality enhancement application of Topaz Video Enhance AI, and its successor, Topaz Video AI v3.0, was newly released on October 20, 2022. The current (as of July 2023) latest version is v3.3.

Topaz Video AI Feature List:

Video Enlargement and Enhancement

Enlarges older video footage to 8K resolution video and enhances it while reducing noise and irregularities. Advanced AI model improves every frame.

Highly Sensitive Noise Removal and Clear Output

Effectively removes noise while enhancing video detail. Minimizes flickering and unevenness by removing noise for each frame.

Shake Reduction

Easily corrects camera shake from handheld shooting without conventional methods, avoiding distortion and cropping.

Smooth Slow Motion Video Creation

Generates smooth, non-scary slow motion video from normal video.

Deinterlacing Video for the Digital World

Converts interlaced video to progressive video without loss of clarity using deep learning AI.

High-quality frame rate conversion

Generates new smooth frames from camera-captured frames and performs more natural and smooth frame interpolation.

What are the dangers of the CRACK version of Topaz Video AI?

Using a cracked version of Topaz Video AI carries the following dangers.

  • Security Risk: Cracked versions usually have security protections removed from the original software, which increases the risk of infection with viruses and malware. Downloading and installing cracked versions of software may harm your personal information and computer system.
  • Unstable Operation: Cracked software is modified without a valid license and is likely to be unstable and cause unexpected errors or crashes. This may result in difficulty or loss of work progress or data storage.
  • Legal Risk: Using cracked versions of software is a violation of copyright laws. Software developers require that you have a legitimate license, and use of cracked versions may result in legal action. This includes the risk of fines and litigation.
  • Lack of support: Cracked versions of software do not have a legitimate license and therefore do not receive support or updates from the developer. New features or security updates may be missing and the user may have to solve problems themselves.
  • Lack of reliability: Cracked software is unreliable and may not perform as well as the fully licensed version. This may reduce the quality and efficiency of the editing process.

Alternative to Topaz Video AI Crack: Y2Mate Video AI

Y2Mate Video AI, an evolution in the video editing world, is the ideal choice for creators seeking high-quality video editing, offering a rich set of features and ease of use as a superior alternative to Topaz Video AI.

Y2Mate Video AI Features

Advanced AI technology allows you to efficiently perform a variety of editing tasks, such as video enlargement, image quality enhancement, and noise suppression. In addition, it enables high-quality editing, such as automatic slow motion creation and image stabilization.

Y2Mate Video AI is also easy to use, and its intuitive interface makes it suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced users. Anyone will be able to enjoy professional video editing without the need for complicated operations.

With a legitimate license, "Y2Mate Video AI" is also safe in terms of security and reliability. It is the best choice for a safe and great video editing experience while avoiding the dangers and legal risks of cracked versions.

Topaz Video AI vs. Y2Mate Video AI


Topaz Video AI

Y2Mate Video AI

AI Technology

Highly trained models

Advanced machine learning algorithms

Main Features

Video Enlargement/High-picture-quality Enhancement/Noise Reduction

Image enlargement, image quality enhancement, slow motion


User-friendly UI

Intuitive operation and simple design

Image stabilization

More natural image stabilization

Easy stabilization and stabilization

Frame Rate Conversion

Smooth frame rate conversion

High quality frame rate conversion


Deinterlacing by Deep Learning

High quality de-interlacing


Pre-set recommended settings

Automatic optimal settings

Japanese Language Support



Security and Reliability

Download from official sources

Secure and reliable software


Official license required

Authorized license required


299 USD

Monthly: $29.9

Annual: $89.9

Lifetime membership: $129.9

How to use Y2Mate Video AI

Install the software

Y2Mate Video AI Official Site

Install Y2Mate Video AI on the official website first.

Select videos to process

Add individual videos or entire folders to the task list. When you select a folder, all videos contained within it will be added automatically

Select an enhancement mode

Option 1: "Auto" - automatically analyzes and enhances video and audio to their highest potential.

Option 2: "Video Enhancement Only" - focuses on enhancing video quality and clarity.

Option 3: "Audio Enhancement Only" - Focuses on enhancing the audio to provide a richer auditory experience.

Select an output folder and start working

Select the destination folder. By default, it will be saved in the same location as the folder you entered. Click "Start" to begin the process.


Using a cracked version of Topaz Video AI is illegal and dangerous, and we recommend using the legal and safe alternative Y2Mate Video AI. cracked versions of Topaz Video AI are subject to copyright laws, unfair competition laws, breach of contract, and possible criminal penalties, and are not safe. It also carries the risk of malware infection, functional instability, and lack of support and updates.

Y2Mate Video AI, on the other hand, is legal and safe video AI software that provides high-quality video downloads and full support. You can also take advantage of regular updates and special offers. We recommend Y2Mate Video AI to anyone seeking a safe and secure way to enhance video quality while avoiding illegal activities.