Updated on 2023-06-29
Here we go guys, here is the list for the best free fun games in 2022.

Hi, what's going on, guys? Today I'm going to tell you about the best free games of 2022. In the previous topic, we talked about some popular video games like Triple-A games, so I will talk about some free games that are good for fun. If you subscribe to our blog, you will see the best review topic for gaming.

OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns

OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns

One million fatal guns kickback. Inaction in this fast-paced over the top, roguelike first-person shoot your way through a robot hijack. Space station collecting more and more. Powerful guns as you go. There are over $30 million differently.

Hit N' Rush

hit n rush

Named guns at your disposal hidden rush is a third person. Multiplayer Battle Royal Shooter is set in a post-apocalyptic future on the planet earth. Choose your character, the rusher, to compete against other rushers and fight. "Against the mutants. Rovers loot the best weapons and find shelter from the deadly pulse.

The Legend of Karl

the legend of karl

The legend of Karl is a 2. 5Dd hack and slash platformer. You'll master various weapons while exploring the deep diabolical world. A quest is struggling between good and Evil. "fight for justice and what you believe". In a parallel universe, numerous worlds exist, live and die in their own space and time. They have their own stories, and history's some think they are all on their own, and some wonder beyond their limits. There are two worlds, the spirit and the human are experiencing something more in this parallel universe. These two worlds are affecting each other, reflecting each other with every move and happenings even though. They do not know the existence of one another.

Tadpole Tales

Tadpole Tales

Tadpole tails is tiny 2D hand-drawn. Clean them up about a tiny tadpole clinging rivers and fighting pollution. In this journey, you get to play as three different froggy forms based on your health with a wave, like patterns of enemies.

Royal Crown

royal crown

Royal Crown, you are now summoned to Royal Crown. A fantasy battle royale to see who was most fit to survive. Survive an adventure through a beautiful fantasy Tale themed fantasy battlefield.

Old School RuneScape

Old school Runescape is the best retro fantasy MMORPG on the planet. Old school is Runescape, but older this is the open world, you know, and love but as it was in 2007, saying that it's even better than that old school is shaped by used players with regular content fixes expansions voted for by the fans.

Stories of Liane

stories of liane

Stories of Liane, an experimental narrative-focused walking simulator experience that explores dark settings and stories through multiple perspectives 300 years into the future earth, is uninhabitable. Only the most powerful have escaped searching for a home for humanity stories of Leanne is an experimental experience that explores the narrative. And visuals of a dark dystopian atmosphere through multiple perspectives and settings, this is a collection of stories from several characters to explore humanity's future.

Evil Inside - Prologue

evil inside

In this dark future, Evil inside the prologue, it's a shorter version to have a first contact and a clear idea of what you will be facing? It's a first-person psychological horror game after the death of his mother and the arrest of his father for it. Our protagonist, Mark, tries to contact her through the spiritual board, which explodes mysteriously and causes. Mark to fade away. That's where it all began a series of paranormal events will torment him while. He tries to gather the fragments of the. Spiritual board and thus find what is happening.

Let It Flow

let it flow

Let it flow. What happens when you let your YouTube community make a game? You're looking at it, chat tells me what to make, so I build it for them? I have no choice but to fulfil theirs. Wishes don't judge me

Mad Ball

mad ball

Mad Ball is a Physics-based aerial baseball game with online multiplayer dedicated servers in the US and Europe. A mix of many sports, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf and the NFL, maybe even more added melee. You hit and push a giant ball using your bat in your body using a technique known for many sports. Using your body rotation, add power to the hit. Flicking your mouse, move it as fast you can. Control the amount of energy you add to your swing. The same way you can aim up and downwards. 

Tube Tussle

tube tussle

Tube Tussle, grab your friendly fish mates, bring your tube and water sprayers and hop into the pool in this family-friendly Battle royal. Spray your opponents into oil spots to lock them up and knock them out of the match. But beware, spraying water also pushes you in the opposite direction and can put you in a sticky situation. Dodge oil, sharks, buoys, krakens and more to be the last. Fish standing, customize your character. To not only be the toughest hustler.

Stay in the Light

stay in the light

Stay in the light is an immersive First—Person horror game with a combination of unique features Real-time Raytracing and a random dungeon generator. For being hunted by him, a creature. Slattering in a mysterious dungeon with only items, a mirror torch and. Some chalk, you must survive this hellish place. There are treasures to be found.

Super Raft Boat

Puzzles to solve and clues to uncover to Raft boat: The world's been flooded, and all you have is your super raft boat. You keep sailing, hoping to find an. Island while fighting off the creatures of the sea. From the clear skies to the sea of the damned, can you reach the final island?

Etched Memories Demo

Erased memories demo waking up in the. Wretched of a stormy night. A grey feline named biscuit finds his mom, nowhere in sight, feel what it is like to be biscuit as he searches for his mom through the memories he has clung onto travel through a vast forest and rummaged. Through items and docents to learn about the events that transpired. Unlock mechanics as you experience essential story moments.


battleship apollo

Battleship Apollo 200 years have passed since the beginning of colonization and the events of Haiti's star. The Hades Galaxy is now more unstable than ever, obsessed with being the first to uncover the most profound secrets of the universe. The corporations are spending vast resources to gain the slightest. Technological advantages, massive battleships are more significant than anything seems before being built in shipyards all around the galaxy as one of many battleships commanders. You have a critical role to play in the war ahead.

The Perfect Tower II

the prefect tower 2

The perfect Tower 2 mixes an incremental and a tower defence game with idle elements. Build a town and explore a variety of regions to unlock different mini-games and tons of upgrades. Choose if you want to play an inactive or more active build by focusing on the upgrades that suit your playstyle and build the perfect tower. 



Castlehold is an innovative competitive strategy game featuring the new Active Resource Control system. Build your army, lead your troops into battle and see how you stack up against your opponent in fast-paced, strategic combat. Controlling or denying enemy gold generating villages on the Battlefield is the key to victory. You must decide when to hold on to your villages, enabling you to deploy stronger, more expensive troops when to advance, take the enemy's villages, and strategically retreat.

Evo Wave

evo wave

EVO Wave is a 3D platformer featuring LAI-6, an A.I. with a goal to restore the world following the passage of MagnaVex, which brought the world back to a retro era. Repair the Evo Core to progress through the different graphic periods of video game history!


If your favourite game is not included in this list, just let me know, and we can update it in the future.