Updated on 2023-06-29
Useful tips before you play Naraka: Bladepoint, read first then purchase.


Hello everyone, today we'll be explaining to you, what exactly is this game called: “Naraka: Bladepoint", and because I played the beta for 60 hours. So, today I'll tell you everything you need to know and why I think Naraka is the best battle royal game compare to others like PUBG etc. In PUBG, you can use the shotgun, AWM, MK14EBR and more. However, in NARAKA, you only can use the long sword, lance, bow etc. So, from the weapon list, you can see the huge different battle systems compare with other battle royal games. By the way, guys, here is another really helpful article "HOW to WIN in Naraka: BladePoint ? Come & Read!!!" if you guys are interested.


About Naraka: BladePoint

Naraka is a 60 players battle royal game, which means you can only win the game when you or your team is alive at last. And Naraka will be launching on PC on 12th Aug 2021, and you can download it from Steam. And Naraka has also been confirmed available for ps5, but the release date is not yet. 

Trailer for Naraka: BladePoint

Battle System for Naraka 


Announced first off, I would like to say, That I have never been a massive fan of battle royal games except for PUBG being the only game from this genre that I enjoyed. And now I feel the same way with Naraka. Because of its unique gameplay, most of you think Naraka focuses on melee combat, creating these crazy, intense moments from hack and slash and fighting games. It can't even look like it's all about.

Smashed button no sense, but it has a critical death that gives the chance to turn any fight around this because of rock, paper scissor mechanics having some regular attacks charge attacks the blue ones. And finally, the Barry, the red one which only works against charged attacks. This is what makes the combat system so good because it's not always about who hits first. But mostly about who adapts better taking advantage of the combat and chances making the combat. The Naraka system feels so intense, exciting even when you lose. But that's not everything. We also have weapons that can be as helpful. And deadly as melee weapons, so you can kill enemies from a distance if you have good aim. Still, you can also use it before engaging in finishing a player who tries to run away from you. If the gameplay doesn't look exciting enough, Naraka's movement is as good as the combat with really high mobility and verticality with any character you can climb. It's like assassin's Creed style, but the way faster and, most importantly, you can also use a grappling hook to move anywhere around buildings, trees, and even players. Keep in mind, you can't abuse it because It's a constable object, so remember that. About constables, the rest of the loot in the game is good and having enough stuff is ready to give you a lot of loadout combinations, RARity skills and equipment to feel like every game is different. Loot wise also, at the release, and they will be already adding a weapon to the pool. So expect more and more like the game. 


If you come from another royal battle game, you won't feel lost with the loot. And other mechanics because it's. Actually, very similar to those. In other games, you could even tell the token of the best battle royal.

naraka sword

Ideas from each game like Apex Fortnite. And even? Hyper escape with the revive mechanic, in case you remember the game. Of course, in general, the Battle Royale mechanics is similar to all the games? But Naraka is competitive. And from the beta or damage, you could only play ranked games. You also have some upgraded system that. "Affects the gameplay a little bit. And you'll be locking more stuff by just playing. So don't worry too much about it.

DIY Your HERO in Naraka

And that I mostly forgot to mention it, but Naraka has some unique characters called' Heroes ', which have their abilities and ultimates. So not only that, but you can also highly customize your hero, not just using skins like most games but also modifying the entire face, including skin tone and hair. Here are some funny photos:


Best characters & skills you need to know before you play Naraka

Video for you to watch first


naraka matari

Matari has been an incredibly strong character in solos throughout the beta because of her stealth abilities and mobility. Her ultimate, Unseen Wings, allows her to become invisible. When invisible, Matari is very hard to grapple with and can deal out a lot of damage –fortunately, a recent rebalance has reduced her stealth duration. Her F skill is teleport, which is excellent for mobility and escaping unfavourable fights. She can also use her ultimate to escape, too, making her a slippery foe to face.


Telmulch is broadly a well-balanced character who is a solid contender in most scenarios. However, if you're fighting another Telmuch, your ultimate, Zephyr Prison, won't hit them, which is quite the inconvenience.
Zephyr Prison creates a barrier around Telmulch that blocks all ranged attacks
and impedes enemies heavily. His F skill, Zephyr Wind, summons three wisps that can be launched at enemies or used to block projectiles.


naraka kurumi

Kurumi is particularly strong when played in a squad, thanks to her support skills. Her F skill creates a healing link between herself and a teammate, though she
can't attack while this is happening. She can teleport to her teammate and push
back nearby enemies. Her ultimate, Sacred Circle, places a circle that removes debuffs. Her substantial heals make her an excellent pick for trios, but she's not as well suited to solos.


naraka tianhai

Tianhai's ultimate, Titan's Call, turns him into a giant Vajira who can grab enemies and smash them into the ground. If you can land it in a team fight, this is an incredibly powerful skill, allowing you to take out other players with ease. His F skill, The Divine Bell, reflects ranged projectiles and grants him resistance to physical attacks.

Tarka Ji

naraka tarka ji

Tarka Ji could throw powerful fireballs with wild abandon in the first beta using his F ability, Inner Fire; however, this isn't quite as powerful anymore. Inner Fire allows Tarka Ji to block melee attacks and, using the Gigaflame talent, cast a fireball that deals with substantial area-of-effect damage. Tarka Ji's ultimate, Blackout, covers him in flames and improves his agility. He's not the most powerful right now but shouldn't be underestimated either.

Viper Ning

naraka ning

Viper Ning's F skill, Yushan Enigma, releases a blast of energy that knocks enemies
back. Twilight Crimson's ultimate is a five-second channel that marks all
visible enemies and stuns them once channelling is complete. Unfortunately, her
ultimate is countered by Matari's invisibility, even though lore-wise, that
doesn't make much sense as Viper Ning doesn't see with her eyes – hopefully, this will be patched.

Yoto Hime


When using Spirit Slash, you'll be able to throw your blades at opponents, as well as to teleport you to the enemy's location to slash them again. You'll also be able to block projectiles and defeat enemies while active resets the cooldown clock, which is handy.

Using Ominous Blade summons a massive blade that she'll swing three times. You can also fling the blade around like a projectile, and using it near Cairns increases its damage. Enemy health bars will also be revealed when taking damage from it.

FAQ Time

When will Naraka be available on PC?

Naraka will be available on 12th Aug 2021.

Where can I download Naraka: BladePoint?

You can download Naraka: Blade Point on Steam.

Can I play Naraka: Blade Point on PS5?

Sorry, you cannot play Naraka: Blade Point on PS5 yet, but it will release the PS5 version in the future.

Before you purchase Naraka, you must read.



Sadly not everything is perfect in this game, and some things will put some players off. So, I'm going to be honest about this as well. The main big problem is the fact that is Naraka is not free. It will not be as expensive as a triple-A game because it costs just $20.00 (Slightly different in different regions). But sadly, I feel like most games from this. Genre should be free to play if they want to have a chance to reach more Players. And to compete with another royal battle game, the game is worth the money, and I think most. People will feel the same way if they like it. Suppose you see a game free to play, maybe in a week or something, so you have time to give it a try. You may like it. 

Need More Weapon

I also feel like the game needs more weapons. But it's already taken care of because they just announced that they would be adding a new weapon right from the start.


So there's not too much to complain about it, especially when they are well balanced from what I can see. And, what I found the last thing I want to say is that I feel like the game is competitive like really, really competitive, don't get me wrong, I like it because I am addicted to this kind of game that motivates you to improve with ranks and those kinds of stuff. I even made it to the top 100 euro player in Naraka on solo queue during beta. But the main problem I have with this is that the game should have a casual mode or quick play for players who only want to play for fun or those who don't want to commit to the competition fully. Aside, I could even play with my friends. Because of this, I hope the final game or in the future has some casual modes. That can make everyone enjoy the game.

In conclusion

Naraka is an excellent battle royal game. I enjoyed it so much for the beta and hope Naraka keeps improving. If you decide to try it out, please go ahead because it's an addictive and exciting game because of its unique gameplay. And if you want to know more about the Naraka, I will be covering it, and I will help you with some tips and guides to starting with a high advantage against other players, so don't forget to subscribe to us. I will keep updating and release some good advice for you.