What is the trick to cancel the Switch Watcher setting? Easy explanation of how to not be found out by parents!
By momoka

Did you know that the Nintendo Switch, which is very popular not only among adults but also among elementary and junior high school students, has a function called "Mimamori Switch"?

"Mimamori Switch" is a function that the game by linking the parent's smartphone app and the Nintendo Switch .

While this is a convenient and reassuring feature for parents, there are also many children who would like to enjoy the game without restrictions.

So this time, I will introduce how to cancel the watch setting without telling the guardian !

[Brief explanation] What is the secret trick to canceling the switch monitoring setting?

If you use the Switch's "Mimamori setting", you can only play the game within the time set by the guardian .

However, if you can unlock the settings yourself, you can enjoy the game without restrictions.

From here, we will introduce how to cancel such Mimamori settings without permission .

Is there a way to cancel the switch watch setting without permission?

With the Mimamori Switch app, settings are made using a PIN set by the parent in the app .

So if you know the PIN number decided by the guardian, you should be able to easily cancel the watch setting.

Furthermore, even if you don't know the PIN, there are some tricks to unlock the settings.

Tip 1: Get a PIN with the Mimamori App

The simplest method is to obtain your PIN from the Mimamori Switch app .

The procedure is very simple.

① Open the smartphone app
② Tap "Settings" → "PIN"
③ A 4-digit PIN will be displayed

It's a very simple method, but you may need to be careful because you need to operate the parent's smartphone without permission .

Among them, there are also strong people who guessed many PINs and unlocked them over a long period of time .

This method takes a lot of time unless you can guess a few 4-digit PINs, so you might want to avoid it.

Trick 2: Get the master key

It seems that there is also a way to use the Mimamori Switch function without using the app.

If the Switch itself and the Mimamori app are not linked, you can cancel the Mimamori setting by obtaining a "master key".

Click here for instructions on how to obtain a master key

① From the menu of the switch body, select "Settings" → "Watch Settings" to display the PIN input screen ②Press the
"+" button and select Help
③Confirmation code and serial number are displayed
④Call the technical support center Call and give the confirmation code and serial number and a master key will be issued.

This method allows you to change your PIN.

However, Nintendo's official website says that "parents should call" , so please be careful if you are interested.

Trick ③: Initialize the switch

This method allows you to cancel the Mimamori setting without obtaining your PIN .

Click here for instructions

① Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the switch
② Press the power button and the center of the volume control button (between + and -) at the same time
③ If you do not release the volume control button, the switch will be initialized. Ru

If you use this method, you can cancel the watch setting while the save data of the game remains .

However, since the switch itself is initialized, information other than save data will be reset.

Trick #4: Disassemble the Switch

When the switch body is disassembled, it will automatically enter a state like initialization and the watch setting will be canceled .

Click here for instructions

① Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the main unit
② Remove all the screws on the back and sides of the switch
③ Remove the screw on the inside
④ Remove the wire connecting the main pack and power pack
⑤ Remove the wire Wait for a few seconds and connect again ⑥Return
all the screws and start the main unit

It seems that you can cancel the watch setting by this method, but in addition to the need for tools, disassembling the main unit may lead to damage or malfunction.

It 's also not covered under warranty, so it's a pretty big risk .

Trick 5: Change the time zone

The time zone is the setting of the time frame according to the region such as "Japan" or "America" ​​in the time setting of the switch body.

Click here for instructions

① Open "Settings" → "Date and Time" from the main menu (you need to enter your PIN here)
② Select "Time Zone" and change the display from Tokyo to another area

A 4-digit PIN is also required to change the time zone, so some people may wonder if it's the same as the trick #1 introduced earlier.

However, if you change the time zone, you can return the game usage time to the full time limit .

You don't have to worry about sending notifications to your smartphone app because you don't cancel the Mimamori setting itself!

Parents can't find out the secret trick to canceling the Switch Watch Setting?

Even if you can use the methods introduced above, it doesn't make sense if your parents find out.

The method of obtaining the PIN is the simplest, but it is necessary to spy on the parent's smartphone, so there is a risk of being found out at that time.

Even if you can do it several times without getting caught, if you repeat it a few times, your parents will get suspicious and find out .

Also, the method of issuing a master key is very likely to be found out because parents have to call.

Also, even if you can initialize or disassemble the Switch by yourself, there is a possibility that the guardian will find out if the data is lost or it breaks down .

Is it possible that the switch is damaged?

If you disassemble the switch by yourself or initialize it repeatedly, it may lead to data loss, malfunction, or damage to parts .

It seems that damage or failure due to personal reasons is not covered by the warranty, so in the worst case, you may have to buy the switch itself again.

Various other unexpected problems may occur, so think carefully when trying tricks, and do so at your own risk.

What is Switch Watch Setting? Briefly explain the function!

In the above, we introduced how to cancel the Switch Mimamori setting, but from here, we will briefly introduce the Switch Mimamori function.

What kind of function is Mimamori setting?

Also, see what to do if you forget your PIN !

What is Switch Watch Setting? Easy explanation of how to do it and its functions!

First of all, I will briefly introduce how to use the Switch Mimamori setting.

[Things to prepare]
・Switch body

・Guardian's smartphone or tablet
・"Nintendo Mimamori Switch" app
・Guardian's Nintendo account

When setting, please go in an environment where the Internet can be used .

Next, let's look at the detailed setting method.

Setting method

① Turn on the power of the main unit and open "Settings" from the menu
② Open "Watch Settings" → "Watch Settings (Parental Restrictions)"
③ Download the app on the parent's smartphone or other device ④ Open the app and protect
⑤ A 6-digit registration code will be displayed on the app screen, so enter it on the switch screen
⑥ If the displayed account is correct, select " Link "
⑦ Return to the app and follow the announcement set to

You can easily set it up by downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet .

There are few difficult operations, and it is easy for anyone to use.

What can you do with Switch Watch Setting?

From here, I will explain what you can do with the Mimamori setting.

First , on Nintendo's website, you can set restrictions on software purchases and billing .

and using the smartphone app

・Limit the time and time zone you can play in a day ・
Limit the functions you can use
・Check the time you played and the software you used

You can use functions like above.

In addition, it is also possible to set the watch only with the switch itself without using the smartphone app.

In that case, only the functions that can be used can be restricted .

What happens to the games that are restricted by Switch Mimamori settings?

Switches that have Mimamori set up will not be able to play at all outside of the set time or restricted time .

In addition , you cannot use any software that is subject to usage restrictions .

However, if you enter your PIN, you can change the settings and extend the usage time.

What if I forget my PIN? How can I check or change it?

As explained above, you will likely need your PIN many times to use the Mimamori setting .

However, when I try to change the settings, I don't know my PIN! Some people may have had trouble with this.

Below are two ways to deal with this.

Method 1: Check with the smartphone app

① Open the smartphone app
② Tap "Settings" → "PIN"
③ A 4-digit PIN will be displayed

Even if you forget your PIN, you can easily check it using the app .

Method 2: Change with master key

① From the menu of the switch body, select "Settings" → "Watch Settings" to display the PIN input screen
② Press the "+" button and select Help
③ Confirmation code and serial number are displayed
④ Call the technical support center Call and give the confirmation code and serial number, and a master key will be issued. ⑤Use the master key
to change your PIN

Even if you are not linked to the app, knowing this method will give you peace of mind in an emergency.

Mimamori setting is quite an excellent function!

How was it?

I introduced how to cancel the watch setting, but it is necessary to be careful as there is a possibility that parents will find out or cause trouble with the switch itself .

It may be a little annoying for children who are restricted from playing games, but recently it seems that there are more than a few unexpected troubles in the game .

Therefore, from the standpoint of parents , it can be said that the Mimamori setting is an excellent function for protecting the safety of children .