Three easy ways to find a "restroom near you!"

By momoka

Many of you have trouble finding a "nearby restroom" when you go out. If you cannot find a restroom nearby, you may have to endure for a long time. At that time, is there a convenient way to find a route?

In this article, we will introduce three easy ways to find a "restroom nearby.

Search for nearby convenience store restrooms

The total number of convenience stores in Japan is 56,919 as of January 2022.
Finding a nearby convenience store is more convenient than searching for "nearby restrooms. Access to

You can search near your current location, or search by place name and station name.

How to search for nearby restrooms on Google Maps

If you are in such a dire situation that you "don't have time to look for an app," the best thing to do is to search for "restroom" on Google Maps.

  • Open the Google Maps app and type "restroom" in the search window that appears at the top.
  • Tap Search on the keyboard.
  • Select your destination.
  • The route from your current location to your destination and the time required will be displayed. The navigation screen will switch to the navigation screen, so follow the voice guidance to your destination.

However, even Google Maps does not capture all public restrooms. If you are far from a station or city center, the restrooms shown on the map may not be nearby. In the unlikely event that you cannot find a nearby restroom on Google Maps, try the following

Use "@Toilet" to search for a nearby toilet

@Toilet" is an application created by "Stoppa," a company famous for its anti-diarrhea medicine, that searches for a nearby toilet from your location.

When you suddenly need to go to the restroom while out and about, you can easily find out where it is. In the event of an emergency on the way to the station, you can check whether there is a restroom in the station ticket gates.

<Functions and Features

Tapping the "EMERGENCY!" button activates the GPS function and displays a map of nearby restrooms. You can also see the nearest restroom from the list showing the distance from your current location and the name of the building, so you can decide which restroom to go to depending on the degree of emergency.

Searching for a nearby restroom with "unchique

From the "Menu", click on "SEARCH"!

Click on the "Open map of current location" button added at the top!

A page with a map centered on your current location will open.

  • 50 markers are displayed in order of proximity to the center.
  • Click on a marker to go to the detail page
  • Below the map, 10 markers are listed in order of proximity

Clicking on a marker opens a detailed page. Drag the map to display latitude and longitude.

  • Click the "Search by map location" button at the position where you dragged (moved) to search again.
  • You can also search by directly entering latitude and longitude and clicking.